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You see me now a veteran of a thousand psychic wars
I've been living on the edge so long
Where the winds of limbo roar
And I'm young enough to look at
And far too old to see
All the scars are on the inside
I'm not sure if there's anything left of me

Don't let these shakes go on
It's time we had a break from it
It's time we had some leave
We've been living in the flames
We've been eating up our brains
Oh, please don't let theses shakes go on

You ask me why I'm weary, why I can't speak to you
You blame me for my silence
Say it's time I changed and grew
But the war's still going on dear
And there's no end that I know
And I can't say if we're ever...
I can't say if we're ever gonna to be free

Don't let these shakes go on
It's time we had a break from it
It's time we had some leave
We've been living in the flames
We've been eating out our brains
Oh, please don't let theses shakes go on

You see me now a veteran of a thousand psychic wars
My energy's spent at last
And my armor is destroyed
I have used up all my weapons and I'm helpless and bereaved
Wounds are all I'm made of
Did I hear you say that this is victory?

Don't let these shakes go on
It's time we had a break from it
Send me to the rear
Where the tides of madness swell
And been sliding into hell
Oh, please don't let shakes go on
Don't let these shakes go on
Don't let these shakes go on

Veteran of the Psychic Wars- Blue Öyster Cult

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So, at the risk of offending, I really have issues with The Lovely Bones. MM had it on while we were eating dinner (said it was the best thing on, and she was probably right), and once again I was struck by just how much it annoys me. Don’t get me wrong, cinematically it was very well done, and the performances were fine, some more than fine, really good in fact, but it's the ending, not how it ends per se, but when they’re going through his victims. I always get so angry! Why do you ruin a perfectly good drama by buggering up something as simple as serial killer psychology 101? And I realize this is not the movie’s fault, it’s the book's, and I could forgive that if it wasn't a 2002 novel- they can't even claim that it was a lack of 'common' knowledge about serial killers and psycho/sociopaths. I just think you can rework it so that it isn’t GLARIINGLY obvious when you do the film. I know some ppl would take it as an insult to the book and its author, but I also think that to make a film, esp one like that, stay true and real in the way a good drama should things like that should be taken into consideration. I mean for me it took a film from being this deep emotional, almost psychological, thing to being a, well, farce is a bit harsh, but it stripped its credibility.
On another note, I saw Priest Friday, and can I just say ‘m a little more in love with Paul Bettany. :) Seriously, that man is awesome, the things he can pull off- by that I mean the range of characters, and he does them all so very well. *sigh* That said, I don’t think the Clan was as impressed, of course they just look at me when I go ,‘OMGs that’s Paul Bettany,’ instead of, ‘oh that looks awesome/cool/fun/interesting,’ so… Anyway, good movie, I enjoyed it, a rarity in these parts, most of the movies the Clan want to watch leave me kinda going, ‘oh’ or more often ‘gods, it’s finally over!’ That doesn’t mean it was great cinema, but it was fun and exactly what it was supposed to be a nice bit of intense, fast paced, escapism, so yeah, good stuff.
AND! Last night. OH MY GODS last night, we FINALLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY got to watch Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think ‘m in love! I mean, I love those boys already, I mean, seriously, Shaun of the Dead owns my soul. But THAT was bloody BRILLIANT! Of course Pup and MM looked at me scarily for most of it, probably ‘cause I started out going wide eyed and dreamy, whispering “Comic Con” and making little mrphle noises and squeaking at everything, lol. And then understanding the geek speak and everything… and I am torn between being very grateful and somewhat horrified that I didn’t understand the Klingon, yet recognized it as such. *shivers* I feel like I have a huge gaping hole in my geekhood… I mean, I know a few words of Elvish, and a bit of Minbari, does that count!?!?!?! I would really love to know more Minbari, but most of my odd language skills are limited to written languages like Enochian and most of the “wiccan/pagan” alphabets and ‘m currently working on my Ogham. *makes pleading eyes to the gods of geekdom that they won’t take her geek card away* Anyway, Paul, wonderful, beautiful, want more NOW! I could seriously watch that on repeat for a very long time, lol!

See, ‘m trying not to rant more about SPN, be pleased… at least if it lasts, lol.

So, I gave in and ordered Island, the book, should be here by the end of the week… hopefully I can sit down and finish Keeper of the King before then, and yes, ‘ve been reading that for, like, ever, but ‘ve been busy and fic and dresses and shite and I know how it ends, so not on the priority list even if I am trying to get back up to Siege Perilous- I hate reading multiple books at once, unless it’s my travel books, I make a point of not reading those unless ’m travelling, but that’s like Science of Discworld (do I get geek points for that!?!?!?) and stuff.

My BB is killing me, or maybe my brain is… I just can’t settle. I sit down to work on it and I get distracted… and not even by the shiny, quite often by the dull and somewhat annoying. :( ‘m a little worried about that. Just like ‘m a little worried about the hypomania yesterday. I mean, I know it was because I forgot my meds for a whole day, but still it shoulda been a depression I was fighting off not a mania; unless the meds are fucking with my cycles, which they could and probably should be doing, ‘m just not used to it so it’s kinda freaky… Anyway BB… I think I hit a turning point t’other day going over it. I actually think as in know I can do this, it’s not a matter of, ugh, 30k never. More of a ugh in general, lol. Seriously, though, the pieces that seemed so scattered are coming together and I can see where they fit, there’s still a couple large holes that need to be sorted and the entire last 1/3 to half of the fic needs to be written, but I truly believe once I get there it’ll be ‘easy’ in comparison, lol. So, yeah, the BB isn’t good, but ‘m calm and actually confident about it now. In other words, good things. :D

So now, I shall leave you of an explanation as to where my poor scattered brain is…
I keep putting on these songs out of the 6 hrs of music on this particular playlist:

Weekend Irish
Almost Irish
Get Your Irish On
A Walk in the Irish Rain
Celtic Girl (a song for my Arthur)
Kiss Me I’m Irish (yes, those who are exposed to my random Twits Tweets, I am still squeaking at the line for no apparent reason…I mean it’s one bloody word! The first time I understood, but still? The term “stalker” comes to mind.)
Galway Girl
And just to mess with the selection- End of the World and Ghost Train… of course, they’re by Mr. Irish Bastard *rolls eyes head desk*
with a side of hysterical giggling over Skinhead on the MBTA- "Charlie" is rolling in his proverbial grave and ‘m loving it- Oi! Oi! Oi! :P~

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So, how's tricks?

The ick )

Okay on to other things- fabricy stuff and sewing, much better topic, yes. :)
Yeah, so I made another bodice. :D I picked up a bit of fabric a few days (week+) ago, some luscious dark blue, not navy, more like midnight... I told Arthur it was the colour of Merlin's eyes, lol. Thing is, it really is, that dark blue they turn when he's being all intense, anyway, fabric, turned out there was this fault in the fabric so I had to do some creative cutting but I got it. 'm actually really proud of it, finally got all my adjustments right.
I think I mentioned that Pup and HRH sprung on me that they wanted me to make HRH's graduation dress... and when I wasn't all hoo-rah about it, I got the behind the back insults, so yeah guilt tripped me into doing it. BLEH. Well, I finally sussed how to do the design she wanted since 'm sans pattern and they don't exactly have pattern stores or patterns at the one fabric store I've found, so yeah. Anyway we're at the fabric store (thankfully Fanboy was there, too so I got to distract myself comparing notes on Irish rock/punk bands, while HRH was being indecisive, lol) and I mention an alteration I need to make on her design idea, which somehow turns into her COMPLETELY REDESIGNING THE DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, thank the gods for Fanboy otherwise I might have strangled her, but everytime it got close he cranked Colin up (he stole him and that should tell you just how much I trust/like Fanboy- I NEVER under ANY circumstances let other ppl use my earphones or run off with my music makers, even if by run off I mean still staying in sight usually right next to me, lol) so I could hear my music, lol... I doubt he completely did it on purpose but it was still a welcome respite, lol.
Really there is a point to this story, ok maybe not directly, but still, see after our big to do t'other day Pup's been trying to, well, I don't know, but she's been trying, anyway one of the things that came out of it was that she told me Monday that she was the one who suggested I make HRH's dress and she did it 'cause she thought I'd like it, and she was trying to pay me a compliment... I kinda told her it didn't work, but I appreciated the sentiment. All in all it was kinda nice. Good stuffs. Except that, well, 'm now hip deep in making a dress that I have no clue how to make, lol, but I will fight through it if it kills me and her and any stray bystanders, lol.

I made icons! Lots of them (by my standards, lol), lots of Colin... and his hands for some reason... I think I've found a not-so-new-but-suddenly-very-much-demanding-attention kink, lol. And his neck, 've become obsessed with his neck in OPL, it just kills me.
*points* I mean just LOOK AT IT!
Anyway, icons, yes, I know they're not great or anything, and I think 'm gonna go back to just hoarding my secret collection... I'm just not up to the whole nerve wracking process with sharing them, at least sharing them publicly (and let's just see how long that lasts, why is this the one thing I can be totally fickle about?), you guys might get saddled with them, though, lol.

And yes, 'm avoiding SPN, I don't think I can take the possible badness atm, lol.
Oh, and seriously, ppl, it's no secret that 'm a huge CM fan, yet somehow, somehow, no one bothers to mention ANYWHERE that Sebastian Roche did a stint on CM!?!?! We're just getting there here and Pup thought I was nuts because I look at the tv and go "They're gonna kill Balthy!" Well, I assume he's not gonna last, but I could be wrong... anyway then I had to explain wths I was on about which got me the calm nod and quiet she's-being-fandomy treatment, but it wasn't the hateful one, it was the slightly annoyed humour-the-crazy-woman one, which all things considered, I'm good with, lol.

And as had been noted elsewhere, me and my BB are not getting on. Though I did send some of the main bits off to Arthur and she really liked it, pointed out a couple issues I was already having, but you know, nice to have it confirmed that it was in fact awkward. 'm hoping we can talk some stuff out and get the muses to fill in the blanks. Which reminds me, Rainbow, if you're reading this I'd love to get your input on something ficwise if you don't mind- I need someone who's used to playing in Gwen's brain.

Oh yes, Barleyjuice! (I wish I had better linkage 'cause really that does NOT do them justice. Hrmph.) I have discovered several happy bands through this nifty internet radio thing and well, yes, Barleyjuice, Barleyjuice makes me HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! I even told Pup about them and that I wanted to get some of their albums; they're not exactly mainstream so my parrot's finding it hard to find them, only found one full album, but that's neither here nor there, point is I told Pup and she ordered me one of their albums for my birthday!!!!!!!!!!! *is happy*
*is having way too much fun with her Celtic rock (pub) radio station* And seriously how can you NOT like a band called Enter the Haggis ('s my favourite of theirs).
Though on the, uh, creepy side, I think I now know all the lyrics to (and several versions of) "Black and Tans" and "Broad Black Brimmer", and yes I do know the difference in incarnations and meanings involved; it's still creepy on some level, esp when you're used to being around ppl who DON'T understand the difference, lol.
Here, this is a bit uncouth (and is yet a third band) and I love it: )

Anyway, 'm probably forgetting something, but 've probably tortured you talked your ears off enough for awhile, yeah.

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*SQUEEK* I'm just now getting to watch Körslaget from Saturday, apparently the theme was Melodifestivalen songs, at first I thought it was songs by the directors, which really, the same diff for the most part, lol (that I recognize this in and of itself should scare me, I shouldn't know that much about the Melodifestivalen...)... and... and... and...

ANDREAS DID "SING FOR ME"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It probably has that damn 'outside viewing area' thing but just in case it doesn't Körslaget 's around min 42 :D

herein lie lyrics that you really don't need to see, but they make me happy and it's my LJ, so I posted them anyway :P )

Just finding that out was enough to actually cheer me up a bit. :D

On a side note, much as I'm kinda, sorta rooting for Team Jakob (after Andreas OBVIOUSLY) "Night of Passion" really doesn't lend it self to choral performance, at least his arrangement didn't. :(

There's a bunch of shit going on I could rant about, was planning to yesterday, even, but you know, ANDREAS!!!!!!!!, so bugger that shit!

*runs around singing "Sing for life, sing for joy, sing for every man and woman, girl and boy. Sing a song a simple melody. Sing out loud or just hum. Sing for moments in the past and times to come, sing for history and destiny! Won't you siiiiing foooor meeeeeee!!!!!!!"*

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Woot! Hellllllllooooooooo pppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllsssssssss! *waves- okay so more like flails insanely because she's in a VERY weird mood*

Despite appearances this post is incredibly low on the fandom levels, lol

First, some fandom stuffage. "Last night I had the strangest dream, I'd never dreamed before," umm, no... Last night I finished my [livejournal.com profile] spring_with_xan fic! Well, the main one, I'd had a small little PWP squirrelled away just in case, now, I got both. :P
Also, I bit the bullet and signed up for the [livejournal.com profile] deancasbigbang, just the mini-Bang, but still. Thanks for the input and support guys. I've even had an idea, I had this kinda disturbing post 5x22 fic, Dean's a bit, umm, dark, not evil or anything... think Sammy towards the end of "Mystery Spot". Anyway, I realized that I could actually flush it out a LOT more than I was originally planning, and it would work nicely. I think I might even be able to get it close if not over the 10,000 word mark. *chews lip* Whatever, I'm giving it a shot!
Of course, I also signed up for CasFest because, dude, exchange fic makes me surprisingly happy, lol.

And now for the main part of this post, NO it's not chocked full of Supernatural goodness, more a slight 6 degrees of SPN kinda thing. See, I was signing up for CasFest and they wanted prompts, now I'm lousy at prompts, so I went rummaging through my music collection. Hey, what can I say, sometimes I am a walking cliche, lol. Anyway, I wound up listening to some of my old Excentrics and Getaway Car (two of my favourite bands ever, Getaway Car was the spawn of Excentrics when they split up), and yeah unknown indie bands from DC not likely to be easy to provide lyrics for, right. So I did a quick web search and about had a coronary when I found there were actually places that had their lyrics- floored doesn't begin to cover it, lol.
Now, I know this will come as a shock, but I get picky about how lyrics look, if they are comfortable to read, etc... so I clicked on a couple links, then a couple more. And one of these blessed links had a set of vids from one of the guys' last performances. Not just vids- YouTube vids. So yeah, this led to a helluva lot more clicking and much annoyiing squeeing on Twitter and an unremorseful spamming of Facebook (uber apologies to [livejournal.com profile] half_vulcan who suffered the brunt of my insanity)- oh and LOTS of downloads, lol. See, it seems the lead singer of those groups is still doing some random gigs, so yeah freakout. Then- yes, this story continues- the next day I set about ripping the sound from the vids, but one little vid hadn't dl'd properly, so I went back to YouTube, looked up the song and discovered a different uploader than the ones I'd been skulking around the day before. And this person kept referencing Todd's 40x40 project and these vids were remarkable NEW, like March of 2010 type new. So in the midst of my hyperventilation I manage to do a search on Todd... and I found LOVE. Not only is he still around, but this 40x40 project is him releasing one new/refurbed origiinal song every week for the 40 weeks before his 40th birthday (which is the second week of July for those of you interested, and no, I didn't have to look it up- some things you remember--- random scary thought: I've known him, like actually known him, since before either of us were legal to drink- though I doubt he'd remember me, it's been @ 10 years or so since I saw him last, lol). Yeah, but wait it gets better, see he's offering each song as a FREE download *flails* so yeah I just dl'd 33 heavenly, beautiful and absolutely miraculous songs. *beams cheesily* Anyway, he's releasing them on Cd, too, so when it's all said and done I'm gonna buy it/them because he's Todd and I can't not. He, well, his music makes me unreasonably happy.

Oh, if anyone is brave/insane/curious enough to see what I'm talking about there's one of those nifty music players on the MySpace page, may I suggest Unlucky Stars, Blood Red, or Imperfect Heart, oh 45's really awesome, too... assuming you ppl actually know what a 45 is, lol, and Too Late Tonight... I'll stop now. Really. See, I'm pressing enter. Look. See. I am. Damn you, I said look!
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Okay, I have to share this. I just heard/witnessed the freakiest things, This Old House and Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream in SWEDISH!!!!! I mean, I'd kinda gotten used to the fact that the Swedish version of Sloop John B is apparently ingrain upon Swedes at birth, but those other two, I know, like, one person who I'm not related to who knows Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream and very few who know the others, so for This Old House and Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream to come up within minutes of each other (it was one of those fill in the lyric things) kinda freaked me out, lol.

ETA: Ya know I just noticed the actual graphic for my Mood, and THAT is EXACTLY how I feel- go [livejournal.com profile] goth_clark, knew there was a reason I decided to your theme, lol.


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