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See, I was trawling screencaps for my [livejournal.com profile] spn_30snapshots table and I was prowling through Marishna's set from 5x04 (that pic in particular) and I just had the unrealistic urge to do untoward things to that shirt (like biting the buttons off and nuzzling against the flesh it exposed)... yes, we've already established how sick I am.
Well, like I said random...

Look-it, tell me that doesn't SCREAM, 'bite my buttons'!
ya know ya wanna bite 'em )

and the gratuitous Mys-needed-to-icon-it-for-no-good-reason-but-then-realized-it-would-be-perfect-for-the-"crave"-prompt-(bonus!) icon:

I was saving this until I got some more sets of caps ready, but I figured I shouldn't let Misha hog all the glory of this post, too, so...
Lie to Me

still bloody gorgeous )


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