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Okay, now that I’m calmer, I’m gonna try to look at this whole mess objectively. We’re gonna start with some of the stuff I’ve already discussed with Mia about Sign of Three and hopefully go from there.

First off, all the theoretical OOCness up until the last 10ish minutes, totally not all that OOC to me.
Just because we don’t see Lestrade have a go at Sherlock after the texts doesn’t mean he didn’t and quite frankly it would’ve ruined the effect of the scene. Later at the wedding, again not OOC because he knows how much this means to Sherlock and how hard he’s trying for John’s sake and I think he was keeping his mouth shut because he believed Sherlock could pull it off.
Mrs. H I felt was more concerned about how hard the whole “losing John” thing would be coupled with not wanting to make a scene at John’s wedding. She’d always been one to give Sherlock his room and trust that he’ll get himself out of it or back on an even keel.
John, well, the whole thing is about John’s trust in Sherlock; his faith in him and his belief that he is his best-friend and that despite it all Sherlock will do right by him.
Basically, I felt like all the wedding brouhaha was just one big show of trust and growth in the characters esp Sherlock.

Now for Sherlock’s OOCness. Again, I feel like a lot of it is taken out of context. When Sherlock comes back he’s thrown for a loop by John’s reaction and that he’s got someone. We’re also shown that in the last two years Sherlock has grown an appreciation, if not outright understanding of the value of companionship and friendship. The whole goldfish scene sums it up right there. Anyway, Sherlock has just come back from this interminable experience, two years gone, and finally coming home, only to find ‘home’ isn’t the way it was. Add to that the addition of Mary to the mix- more importantly the idea that there’s someone as/more important than Sherlock in John’s life. And not just Mary, but actually getting married. Sherlock’s world is even more upheaval than it was when he was “dead”. When he was dead he had an idea(l) to come ‘home’ to, now… now he doesn’t even have that to hold onto. He’s a bloody mess. So, yeah, indulging John’s feelings about unsolvable cases, pushing aside his need to showboat in favour of John… seriously not so surprising to me.

Now, the really OOC part is at the end, when Sherlock is being all lost and his reaction to Jeanine (was that her name?) and just all of it. Molly watching him go, esp when she’s the one who knows best what he’s thinking (I love the understanding she’s garnered about Sherlock and the strength she’s grown in the time he was away). Just felt like they changed shows on me for the last few minutes… very annoying and disconcerting, it was almost surreal.

On to HLV…
Well, what can I say… I spent the first half hour muttering at Arthur about how they’d hurt my brain, done bad, bad things, and basically being a mess. Then I relaxed somewhat only to have my head implode again, then it was okay, okay, oh, yes, thank you, oh bugger, oh, hells no, fuck me, FUCK!!!!!!! Bawling, wtf, ow my head hurts again (though that was after several minutes of wibbling at Arthur, before my brain caught up).
I stand by my earlier reaction, but now, I’m trying to sort it out some.

What was the point of the whole Man with the Twisted Lip thing? I mean, okay not a favoured story, too much pointlessness, but still, it’s not like they went on with the case in HLV, so other than embarrassing Sherlock, getting fandom pissed, giving Molly a chance to bitchslap Sherlock, and introducing Wiggins, which I think they could’ve done any way they damn well pleased. Besides correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Wiggins get introduced in Canon in Study in Scarlet? So really, I do not see the reasoning for using that particular method.

And as upsetting as the entire thing with Jeanine (or whatever her name was, I seem to have given myself a mental block on it, lol) was, I do remember enough of my Canon to know that was in fact how he gained access to Milverton, so I’m trying to slow down my seething over that particular bit of… UGH. I never liked that part in Canon, it always felt so wrong even for Holmes, or maybe because it was Holmes… point is I am trying to separate my hatred of that incident period from the amt it royal pissed me off and sent me raging at Arthur irked me in HLV.

I don’t understand how ‘stupid’ Sherlock was about Mary. I mean, I’d been telling myself he was aware and keeping an eye out rather than hurt John more than he already had esp when she didn’t seem to actually be up to anything. But I really don’t get it. Even with blinders on he should’ve been able to at the least deduce what kind of ‘history’ she really had, even if he didn’t do anything about it because of John.

I think somewhere around there was were my brain just threw up its hands and went off to a corner to die. At least until they got to the point of luring Mary to the ‘empty houses’- which totally torn between suddenly feeling like I was watching an ep of Torchwood and feeling my brain ticking over its info about Canon’s Empty House. Neither was a particularly pleasant experience. :/

Anyway, I did like John’s reactions and Sherlock’s, surprising though they might have been, but I redirect you to the earlier paragraphs about Sherlock’s growth and understanding esp as it relates to John.

I think I need to finish calming down and rewatch the ep before I even start to analyze the last half of it.

I’m starting to think that Sign of Three was just a filler ep to get us to HLV.

And seriously? They’re gonna play the Col. James Moriarty card? I don’t know what to think of that.

Okay, I’m going to go stealthily slit ppls throats on Uto, take out some of this lovely aggression. Still, hate them, still pissed, but more rational, so, it’ll get there.
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