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Alien Love Song by Todd Wright DL from the horse's mouth

The countdown has begun,
now my time on Earth is done,
and I must be going back to my family
and these plans they have for me.
I know it won’t be easy.

Hold your head up high, love.
I’ll ask you not to cry, love…

It’s only space and time
that separates your world and mine
from perfect love.
It’s not an ordinary thing
that any other human being
is worthy of.
So belong to me tonight
and the rest of my whole life.

Count back from ten to one.
Close your eyes I will gone,
on my way back to the world that I know,
I guess it’s time to let you go.
But it’s not forever.

Hold your head up high, love.
I’ll ask you not to cry, love…

It’s only space and time
that separates your world and mine
from perfect love.
It’s not an ordinary thing
that any other human being
is worthy of.
So belong to me tonight
and the rest of my whole life.

And baby they’re not so bright and blue
but baby my stars still shine for you.
Everything will be alright
I’ll guide you like the satellites
that spin around your world tonight
and I do
I still be long to you

It’s only space and time
that separates your world and mine
from perfect love.
It’s not an ordinary thing
that any other human being
is worthy of.
So belong to me tonight
and the rest of my whole life.
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(Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel) - Action and Reaction - NC17
Summary: Sam had broken down and called Bobby on the second day, but the older hunter hadn’t heard from him. That didn’t save him from an awkward conversation about what exactly had driven Dean away.
Written for [livejournal.com profile] clwright2 at [livejournal.com profile] deancastiel’s Secret Angel’s IV
Warnings/Squicks: excessive angel growling, random mentions of fandom

(Dean/Cas) - All That I Have Felt, and Feel - hard R
Summary: “Do you feel?” Dean asked with obvious sincerity.

Angel Tears!verse
(Dean/Cas) - Plans - PG
Summary: Castiel contemplates…

(Dean/Cas) - Understandings - PG
Summary: follows Plans

(Dean/Cas) - Answered Prayers - PG13
Summary: Like the title says, prayers are answered.

(Dean/Cas) - Battles - R
Summary: schmangsty drabble…

(Dean/Cas) - Behind the Myth - PG
Summary: for the Dean/Castiel Kink meme, specifically “To prove Dean that he is worthy and a good person, Castiel shows him a unicorn, which Dean wouldn't be able to see otherwise.” requested by anonymous, umm, I messed about with the requested unicorn mythos a bit (ie I went for the touching rather than merely the seeing), I hope it’s still close enough to what the OP wanted.

(Dean/Cas) - Belief Systems - PG but only for boys playing with boys… or boys playing with angels in boys bodies?????
Summary: Beliefs are revealed

(Dean/Cas) - Blanketed By Love - R
Summary: 4 short looks into the progressing relationship of our boys

(Dean/Cas) - Bless the Wings - R
Summary: a very short PWP, at least there shouldn’t be a plot, if one snuck in feel free to shoot it for trespassing.

(Dean/Cas) - Blind Faith - PG
Summary: Losing faith and finding it again

Blue Jeans!verse
(Dean/Cas) - Forever in Blue Jeans - PG
Spoilers: up to 5x04
Summary: Umm, what I needed to see happen post-5x04

(Dean/Cas) - Semantics - PG
Spoilers: references to 5x04 and 5x13
Summary: Dean is forced to rethink Cas’ promise.

(Dean/Cas) - By Our Own Folly - PG
Summary: Once again, Dean tries to take everything on himself…

(Dean/Cas) - Contentment - NC17
Summary: Unremorseful porn! PWP- any semblance of a plot should be shot on sight

(Dean/Cas) - Cries in Silence - NC17
Summary: Cas knew it wasn’t the sex, it wasn’t the roughness of the act, it was the connection.
Written for [livejournal.com profile] deancas_xmas 2010 for [livejournal.com profile] slinkymilinky
Warnings/Squicks: angst, rough sex, this is not one of Mys’ happy fics

(Dean/Cas) - Defenseless - R
Summary: Dean, Cas, a bed, angst, and random acts of wing!cuddling

(Gabriel Gen) - Divine Wind -PG13
Spoilers: all aired S5 just in case, specific for 5x08 (Changing Channels), 5x13 (The Song Remains the Same) and 5x19 (Hammer of the Gods)
Summary: Gabriel's dead and Cas can't let it happen... (kinda a coda but not quite, this was written purely to cheer me up after 5x19, I make no promises as to its quality, lol)
Warnings/Squicks: SPOILERS for 5x08, 5x13, and 5x19, character death (canonical)- sorta, bad writing

(Dean, Cas GEN) - Doubts - R
Summary: Cas is doubting himself and Dean knows it. (missing scene)

(Dean/Cas unacknowledged) - Empty - PG
Summary: Sometimes all you have left is the emptiness.
Warnings/Squicks: MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH, extra-esoteric writing

(Dean/Cas pre-slash) - Endurance - R
Summary: Dean could feel the blood on his hands.

(Dean/Cas unrequited, but only cause Dean's being an ass) - Enigmatic Love - G
Summary: Dean’s theory on love

(Dean/Cas) - Enough - PG13
Summary: Dean and Cas talk- schmoop ensues
Warnings/Squicks: dark concepts- not dark!fic

(Dean/Cas pre-slash) - Faith -PG barely
Spoilers: 5x16
Summary: On a familiar park bench Dean and Cas talk. ---Yet another in what I'm sure is a long line of 5x16 codas---
Warnings/Squicks: SPOILERS for 5x16, angst

(Dean/Cas) - Fallen Angel - PG13
Summary: It’s surprising what will bring the boys together- a song and a brother who just won’t let it go.

For You!verse
(Sam/Gabriel pre-slash) - For You - PG
Summary: Archangels make lousy patients

(Sam/Gabriel) - The Difference Between Pleasure and Pain - R
Summary: ...and after

(Dean/Cas) - Forces of Nature - PG
Summary: uhhh, schmoop

(S/X-BtVS, Dean-SPN) - Miles to Go - hard R
Summary: Xander isn’t coping well with the aftermath of Sunnydale, but Willow thinks she may have found just what the doctor ordered…
Written for [livejournal.com profile] spring_with_xan 2008

(S/X-BtVS, Dean/Cas-SPN) - Roads - R
Summary: Dean’s back, Seals are breaking, angels are angsting, and Spike is the voice of reason- why yes, it is the Apocalypse!!!!!

(Dean/Cas) - Girlie - NC17
Summary: a tiny bit o’ schmoopy boy kissing that turned into schmoopy sexing

(Dean/Cas) - Heart of an Angel - PG
Spoilers: 5x14
Summary: Cas tries to comfort Dean, some revelations and desires come to light.

(Dean/Cas) - Heart Song - PG13
Summary: It’s Christmas, Sam wants it to be perfect, Bobby wants to survive it, and Dean, well, Dean’s enjoying it, even if it’s missing the one thing he truly wants.
Written for [livejournal.com profile] deancas_xmas 2010 for [livejournal.com profile] slinkymilinky
Warnings/Squicks: fluff (and I’ve never written honest to gods fluff before, so I have no clue where this came from, lol)

(Dean/Cas) - His Last Mission - PG13
Summary: Cas is losing his mojo, everyone, including Cas, thinks it’s because of the war and his rebelling, but once the war is over his powers are leaving him faster than ever.

(Dean/Cas) - Chances - PG13
Spoilers: up to 5x04 (inspired by those stills)
Summary: This is total hogswallow, it was bourne from those wonderfull squee inducing stills and a sappy conversation on MSN.
Warnings/Squicks: implied character death, angst, AU

(Dean/Cas) - Just One Kiss . PG13
Spoilers: up to 5x04 (inspired by those stills), but has NOTHING to do with the actual ep
Summary: After Chances, Dean tries to fix the future. (This will make more sense if you’ve read Chances.)

(Dean/Cas) - Important - PG
Spoilers: specific for 5x18
Summary: Dean finds out what’s important to Cas - 5x18 mini-coda

(Dean/Cas) - In, Out of the Dark - NC17
Summary: A brother rotting in Hell, an angel hiding in Heaven, and a hunter consumed by the hunt…
Written for: 2010 [livejournal.com profile] deancasbigbang
Warnings/Squicks: ANGST, pre-het, depictions of Hell, did I mention the angst

(Dean/Cas) - Knowledge - PG
Summary: it’s a drabble, an honest to gods 100 word drabble, the header is longer, and you want a summary??????

(Dean/Cas) - Let it Rain - PG13
Summary: Dean could only have Cas in his dreams, couldn’t he?

(Dean/Cas) - Let’s Make a Deal - NC17, uber NC17
Summary: Lucifer has a plan to destroy the two greatest threats to himself and his plans.
Warnings/Squicks: double non/dub-con, uber-angst, dark!fic, schmangst, h/c (yes, you read that correctly), mentions of Dean’s time in Hell, and general breakage of the boys (but I do put them back together, promise)
*Please note that despite the dark nature of this fic I do consider it schmangst!*

(Dean/Cas) - Maybe - PG
Summary: a first kiss

(Dean/Cas) - Miracle - PG
Summary: Dean and Cas find there are still miracles.

(Dean/Cas pre-slash) - Too Much - PG for slashy concepts
Summary: Mys slashing up what happened when Dean got Cas set up in that motel.

(Dean/Cas) - Stupid Angel - PG13
Summary: post-episode, companion piece to Too Much, Mys slashing up what happened after Cas showed up in the boys motel room.

(Dean/Cas) - Nothing to Chance - NC17
Spoilers: vague for 5x03
Summary: PWP, Dean takes another go at helping Cas lose his virginity
Warnings/Squicks: some HET at the beginning, but don’t worry it straightens, ermm, yeah, it self out soon enough

(Dean/Cas) - Nonci Chis Limlal - PG13
Spoilers: through 5x03
Summary: In the bare light of dusk, Castiel makes an admission that Dean can’t comprehend… Written for [livejournal.com profile] countesscole for [livejournal.com profile] deancas_xmas

(Dean/Cas) - Of Clotheds and Caring - NC17
Summary: unrepentant PWP, there may have been a plot at one point, but if so it fell swiftly under the onslaught of angel lovin’.

(Dean/Cas) - Peace Offering - PG
Summary: Castiel gives Dean something he needs.

(Dean/Cas) - Whys and Wherefores - PG
Summary: Dean needs to know why; follows Peace Offering

(Dean/Cas) - Alone - PG13
Summary: Discovering where they stand… follows Whys and Wherefores

(Dean/Cas) - Like Falling - NC17
Summary: Cas is there when Dean needs him, follows Alone

(Dean/Cas) - Payback - PG
Summary: hurt angel!cuddles

(Dean/Cas) - Payback’s a Bitch - R -hard R
Summary: Post-Lucifer Rising Cas is hurt and Dean will stop at nothing to discover what happened and to fix his angel.
Warnings/Squicks: SCHMANGST! torture, dark concepts, torture, breaking the angel, torture, revenge

(Dean/Cas) - Payback’s Rewards - NC17
Summary: The morning after Payback’s a Bitch, i.e. porn and schmoop

(Dean) - Phantoms - PG13
Summary: Dean+Hell=
Warnings/Squicks: implied torture, ANGST (no schmoop, sorry)

(Dean/Cas) - Possession - NC17
Summary: Porn, unmitigated and unremorseful porn; now with added possessive!Cas. Any semblance of a plot should be shot on sight, salted, burned, and have its ashes dumped in Holy Water.

(Dean/Cas) - Remembrance - NC17
Summary: Castiel tells Dean about being pulled from the Pit.

(Dean/Cas) - Rest Stop - PG
Spoilers: 5x11
Summary: Dean needs comfort and Cas is there to give it. Yeah, I suck at summaries, but most of you knew that, lol.

(Dean/Cas) - Risk - NC17
Summary: What you don’t know can’t hurt you… or make you whole.

(Dean/Cas) - Sacrifices - PG
Summary: Dean’s broken, used and discarded by Michael… Cas makes a request
Warnings/Squicks: angsty, starts off a bit darkish, but it’s not dark!fic, more like dusky-evening!fic or possibly, grey-rain-cloud-with-silver-lining!fic, butchering of the Enochian language, Michael being an uber-dick.

(Dean/Cas) - Serenity - PG
Summary: Pure fluff- beaches, boys, and the setting sun

(Dean/Cas) - Still Belong to You - PG
Summary: Dean’s content in his new life, or thinks he is, but there’s a growing nagging feeling that something’s wrong- flashed images and almost memories that make him question. And for Dean Winchester questions need answers.

(Sam/Gabriel) - Strawberry Curls - NC17
Summary: The scent of fresh strawberries belonged to Gabriel, it didn’t matter what confectionary concoction he was devouring there was always the lingering undertone of sweet summer strawberries.

(Dean/Cas) - Subtleties - NC17
Summary: frottage, voyeurism, first time, PWP

(Dean/Cas) - Tenderness and Truths - NC17
Spoilers: up to S5 E3
Summary: smut… schmoopy, diabetic coma inducing smut, but smut none-the-less
Warnings/Squicks: blasphemy in the form of angel sex? Sorta character death (implied canon).

(Dean/Cas) - The Thing About Falling - NC17
Summary: Cas and Dean’s first time

(Dean/Cas) - Turnabout is Foreplay - NC17
Summary: Dean has ice. Cas is sneaky.

(Dean/Cas) - Undivided Loyalties - PG for blasphemous concepts
Summary: Castiel discovers his loyalties.

(Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Cas) - Un Entendre - PG13
Summary: based on [livejournal.com profile] theinsaneeraser’s prompt Sam's getting tiered of Dean and Cas' eye-fucking, so he enlists the help of a certain Trickster to help him plan a prank; ‘m afraid it’s not terribly pranky. Hope you like it anyway.
Written for [livejournal.com profile] spn_gabriel_sam fic exchange.
Warnings/Squicks: abuse of food stuffs and archangel mojo???

(Dean/Cas) - Unwanted Imagery - PG
Spoilers: mass spoilers for 5x04
Summary: Dean’s haunted by memories of the future.

(Dean/Cas) - Walls - PG
Summary: Sometimes walls need to come down.

(Dean/Cas) - What Was Lost - NC17
Spoilers: specific for 5x18
Summary: Cas returns after banishing the angels from the warehouse and is more than a little surprised to find Dean waiting for him. - 5x18 coda

(Sam/Gabriel, Dean) - What He Could Give - G
Summary: Dean's getting used to waking up to giggles
Warnings/Squicks: the closest thing I'll ever get to kid!fic

(Dean/Cas) - When Silence Speaks - hard R, brushing NC17
Summary: When Cas loses his ability to speak, Dean decides to test some limits...
The original prompt as posted by [livejournal.com profile] ember_firedrake at the Dean/Cas Kink Meme was:
A curse of some sort renders Castiel speechless, unable to use his vocal cords. Jimmy's, that is, though he can't use his true voice for fear of harming Dean.
Dean is turned on by the fact that his pushy angel is completely powerless to boss him around, and decides to make Castiel lose his composure further. (Maybe even try to help Castiel get his voice back, by doing things to him that would normally make a person cry out)
Castiel tries to protest at first, but for obvious reasons is unable. He can only communicate in gasps and facial expressions (and his obvious arousal for Dean).
Bonus points if his true voice begins to creep through when the sensations become too much for him. ;)
He can regain use of his vocal cords by the end of the story, or not. It's up to you. :)

(Dean/Cas) - The Wings of a Storm - PG
Summary: A quiet moment between Dean and Castiel… schmoopy, non-porny wing!fic.

(SPN, Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos) - Wings Over Innsmouth - PG13
Summary: It's a small town in New England, what could Castiel possibly want them to do here?
Warnings/Squicks: GEN

(Dean/Cas) - Wrapped in Aether - NC17
Summary: umm, pretty much what it says in the warnings, Mating sex

(Dean/Cas) - Belong to Me Tonight - NC17
Summary: Oh gods, I think I wrote song!fic!!!! Inspired by Alien Love Song by Todd Wright
Warnings/Squicks: a little darkish and full of angst- SEE AN2

(Dean/Cas) - Think We Can Make It - NC17
Summary: “…a weight such as this is not something any angel should have to face alone.” SEQUEL to Belong to Me Tonight
Warnings/Squicks: angst, some non-canonical angels, schmoop, and the abuse of pie


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