heavenlyxbodies: (TP librarian)

heavenlyxbodies: (TP librarian)
General Font Resources:
Font101- My favourite font source.
Gothic Themed
Celtic Themed

TypeNow.net- This is a bit harder to navigate, but, gods, I love it. It does have category sets, but it’s great if you know the name of a font or if you want ‘trade mark’ type fonts, logos, etc… as it has alphabetical listings for everything with exemplars.

Fontspace- my least favourite, but a good catch-all with some oddities
Old English

Specific Fonts:
Note: These all link to separate posts containing the various "themes/styles" with exemplars, hence the separate posts, lol.

Old English- 11 fonts

“Gaelic” (closest I’ve found to Merlin text)- 4 fonts

Flourish Scripts- 4 fonts

Filigreed- 2 fonts

Misc, Grapical, Dings- 9 fonts
NB: there are a couple fonts in this set that are personal favourite speciality fonts and, while not by any means exclusive- they are free/shareware out there on the net afterall- I may eventually f-lock this set.



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