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So, I got [livejournal.com profile] deancas_xmas sent off, Arcana is with the beta, and [livejournal.com profile] merry_merthur is going nicely and I haven't gotten my assignment for [livejournal.com profile] merlin_santa yet, so yeah, good things. Only I think mys fried some braincells getting Arcana done because my brain just will not stay focused on writing!!!! When this happens I wind up doing absent-minded stuff instead, like play incessant hours of Freecell and SpiderSolitare, or maybe some Canasta- what I'm a geek, I know this. Anyway, this time, I decided to finally get a working copy of Diablo IIe on Cas... which was surprisingly easy considering I've never used virtual drives before, what's more, I got my old charries back! What, geek remember, I may not be computer savvy, but I know a character data file when I see one, lol. Yeah, so that monster slain I decided to see if I could actually suss installing new brushes and textures into my GIMP... I was on a roll, lol. So, logically I decided to aim for getting GAP installed into GIMP- I ave had oodles of issues with this in the past (mainly because the comp I was using was a bit ANCIENT and not Cas). Well, yup, got it up and running and I think I even understand a tiny bit of it.
All that is to say I've been playing with GIFs, lol. Crappy ones, I know, but everybody's gotta start somewhere, yeah? And now I am going to torment any of you who dare to look behind the cut with crappy GIFs and icons (and a couple not so crappy icons)!!!!!!

Enter at your own risk... *may contain dragons* )

Okay everybody survived that? Good... I shall now leave you to whatever it was you were doing before I distracted you. :)
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In the grand tradition of Mortifying the F-listies, Mys brings you more Dolph AND SPN… you’ll see.
First. more scary Dolph: )

And now the thing that first flew into my poor abused brain upon seeing scary Dolph: )

*whimpers* I don’t know which is worse that the first thing happened or that I automatically associated it with the second, lol.

Miscellania- I was rewatching *shockgasphorror* The Kids Are Alright, and at the end when Sammy's researching 'Mom's friends' he mentions both a Robert and an Ed Campbell. Then when he's talking with Ruby he says something about 'Mom's uncle'. *scratches head* Nothing important just one of those 'gee, I wonder if there's any more hidden family out there' coupled with 'considering, wouldn't her 'uncle' know the family business? And if so, why wasn't he the one teaching John about the things that go bump in the night?' Just random thinking, I'm sure...
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See, I was trawling screencaps for my [livejournal.com profile] spn_30snapshots table and I was prowling through Marishna's set from 5x04 (that pic in particular) and I just had the unrealistic urge to do untoward things to that shirt (like biting the buttons off and nuzzling against the flesh it exposed)... yes, we've already established how sick I am.
Well, like I said random...

Look-it, tell me that doesn't SCREAM, 'bite my buttons'!
ya know ya wanna bite 'em )

and the gratuitous Mys-needed-to-icon-it-for-no-good-reason-but-then-realized-it-would-be-perfect-for-the-"crave"-prompt-(bonus!) icon:

I was saving this until I got some more sets of caps ready, but I figured I shouldn't let Misha hog all the glory of this post, too, so...
Lie to Me

still bloody gorgeous )
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Okay, okay, I just got a hold of those ER eps, and I'd seen the pretty's, but never HEARD the scenes... ROFL, I suddenly have the urge to go rewatch "Crossroad Blues", lol!
Okay Misha talking blues is now, right up there with Dean talking cars on the swoon-o-meter- don't worry though, they're both still below (if only just) Jameses talking science, esp physics *flailswoon*.

Anyone else go from "band-aid" to "cookie dough"?

Why is the ACT of Misha eating sexy? *shakes head* And here I thought it was just a Jimmy thing, but no, Misha+food=*wibble*.
Hmmm, and now I have the urge to see him in that damnable maroon suit from Chicago Con eating a burger, just the images of that thing his throat does when he swallows and then licking the corners of his mouth. *sigh*

Someone wanna tell me why I never realized how completely SLASHY Alias Smith and Jones is? It's practically bloody canon!!!!

Enough fangrrling, on to the important stuff...
Misha caps from ER .avi scenes included
ER S11E15-16 (E)
ER S12E11 (E)
and the requisite Misha!spam

GUITAR ENVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I'm gonna go listen to Death Masks, it finished just before ER so yeah, yummy attack! *hopes for more Latin*
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I was looking for a daggett.
No really, like pictures, and came to the frightening realization that
a) there's some politician in NJ name of Daggett and it really shouldn't bother me that there were soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many results dealing with him, should it?
b) Google Image search is weird! I search for daggett galactica and the first few are what you'd expect, then I start getting Catholics in Space then I get Maniac Cop and Scream and yeah.... WTHs, I mean, at least I understood the Friday the 13th stuff.
b) umm, part b) after adjusting the selections from "photo" to "any type" I get more useles BSG stuff, then on the 4th page there's a screenshot of "Ghostfacers"?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Dude! Stop crossing the streams, erm I mean, stop crossing my fandoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or at least show me the bleedin' intersections, lol.
And c) there appear to be a finite number of daggett, as in the critter, images. There's like three, period. Freaky.

Oh and slightly less odd but equally as amusing to the easily amused, such as I, there's apparently a Daggett County, in Utah. *giggles innanely*

Really, I promise, one day I'll make a sane, possibly even interesting, post again, but right now DAGGETT!!!!!!
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Alrighty then, I promised ppl some "happy" postage, well I hope silly is welcome, too.

First things first, ASH should not be that adorable when acting that GAY! Sorry, they were showing Little Britain Down Under t'other day and it just struck me that him in plain cloths (with a gorgeous blue shirt that totally brought out his eyes) rehearsing the finale was just tooooooooo bloody cute and wrong and cute and wrong and...
It also gave me the urge to drag out this: Silly Pic )

Btb, I think I've mentioned this before but I think I'm going through SPN withdrawal... okay I KNOW I'm going through SPN withdrawal, lol.

On the fic front, I think *tries not to jinx it* I'll be done with Streets soon, just kinda depends on what trouble Angelus and William insist on getting into before the end game.

Memeage that I've had sitting around so long I'm not even sure who I gakked it from )
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] candygram_5000 for sharing the vid with me. *hugs*
Girl, Interrupted (E) It's a short scene, blink and you'll miss it, but... maybe it's the crazy person in me talking, I just wanna snuggle with him, lol.

This spam thing is becoming a trend with me I think, but how can you deny THAT face!!!!!!!

This pic has been edited!
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...I would apologize, but I'm not really sorry. My journal just felt nekid without Misha!spam.

Because it came up at dailymisha )

It's Misha, do you need more reason? )

Mys' smirking eviiiiiiil Misha of doom )

Okay, so it's not Misha, but it is much with the happy making and I like to be able to find it on my journal, so there :-P
Too Many Enemy Tampons!!!!!!! )

And Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays f-listies!!!!!! *hugs and homemade eggnog all around*


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