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Alright, ladies and gellyspoons, are we ready for the next fun filled installment of “Oh, the horror”? Because I have no life, below you will find over 30 movies in varying states from blindingly polished to mouldy dust bunnies, enjoy. :P

Oh, the horror, or not, Pt V )
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Greetings and salivations! So, it's been awhile and I needed a break from constantly having cops instead of anthropologists fall out, and from getting annoy over... well, that can go in a post tomorrow. Right now all you need to know is I bring horror and not so horror and epic, epic soundtrack vids/songs. Without further adieu, I give you 18 varying states of horror and not so horror. ;)

Oh, the horror, or not Pt IV )
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So, yes, as horrifying a concept as it may be, Mys is still alive and kicking, slightly more with the kicking than before, if truth be told.

Kitchen sink, you say? Yes, I happen to have one right here. )

Anywho, I have fic to read, shows to watch, fic to WRITE (lookit, I can say that without wanting to cry or rip my hair out, much, lol), and the Great Fandom Repost to work on, so I am shutting up now and going to poke this TS fic with a stick and make sure an anthropologist falls out from under it and not a cop then maybe finish up the little drabble I’m working on for Arthur
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You know, I was just gonna include this on my next post... then I realized how bloody long it was and figured I wouldn't subject ppl to it unless they wanted it, lol.

Oh, the horror (or not) Pt III now with added sci-fi/action/thriller! )

(on a side note movieweb.com lists Stonehenge Apocalypse under the horror section… bawahahahahahahaha)

I was talking to MM about horror movies and somehow wound up asking her about Phantasm and Puppet Master… I got frighteningly blank stares at both and slanty, cock-eyed looks upon trying to explain the Phantasm orbs. This set me about trying to get ahold of said films. I did (and since when are there 11 Puppet Master movies, and how come I hadn’t seen the last 4, though really 8? Should that even be counted as a movie… it was more like a really long set of visual cliff notes that tried to line up all the storylines from all the films, even though there are at least 3 separate timelines/verses/versions that are contradictory to each other… but I digress) and have spent the last few days gorging myself on them. Phantasm 2 and 3 and Puppet Master 3 are still my favourites… they make me happy; I’m gonna try to get MM to watch them with me one day.
I’ve also decided I want a Phantasm orb. :P~
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You know how sometimes I just post “eskimo” when I’m not doing okay… I figure those who get it deserve to, but anyway. I have discovered in recent days that there is something beyond eskimo, something as yet unnamed. I’ve barely talked to Sensei or the rest of my gaming ppl, I haven’t really been up to facing anyone he last couple days (part of why I’m trying to make myself write this). I mean after everything the last month I think I’m finally breaking. I think the final straw has been my shrink. I mean, he KNOWS that I have no faith in ppl, as a species I think they are cruel and innately malevolent. He and Pup ganged up on me last time I saw him because of it, so I know he knows. And Monday I actually went down to his office and left him a letter… everybody (or at least most ppl) knows how hard it is for me to make calls, add that to everything that’s happened and we probably would have entered the next ice age before I managed to stay on the line long enough to talk to him. I even checked to see if he was in. And here it is Sunday and he hasn’t so much as called to say we’ll talk about it Monday (tomorrow), when I see him again… That on top of his already making me feel like shit for thinking ppl suck, giving me the “walking” speech as if that’ll cure my ills- hello, I’ve been in some form of therapy pretty much since I was 16, I think, we’ve covered ‘ways to help you depression 101’ by now- and making me fight for a therapist is not going over well. I mean really this guy is supposed to be trained in this shit and he can’t see what he’s doing? Or worse, he’s one of those whose intent is to make you feel like this; I’ve had those before… the last one almost got bitch-slapped, literally.

...continued psychodrama )

Now in other news, I have watched more horror movies in the last month than I have in the last, oh pretty much since I’ve been here. These don't contain descriptions as it's hard enough for me to do that and there's just too many, lol.

Oh, the horror (or not), Pt 2 )
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So, I've been on a movie watching kick the last few days (figured I needed a break from all the angsty/heavy drama stuff I've been watching) and since I've been pretty much ignoring everyone (nothing personal just were the brain is), I thought maybe I'd share y unsolicited and most like unpopular opinions. :P

I was looking for suspense/horror...
this is what I got... (pls forgive my short not-so-good summaries, I have a hard enough time writing my fic summaries, so...)

Oh, the horror!!! (or not) )

The dental nightmare is being nightmarish. The stitches came out last Thursday and promptly on Friday I started having horrible, horrible pain in one of the teeth next to the pins. It felt like someone had gripped the tooth in a pair of pliers and was twisting it... I'm having to take as much or more painkillers than after the surgery to make it stop hurting. And yes, I went back for an emergency appt on Monday and they don't know what's wrong. There may be the beginnings of an infection, but it wasn't big enough on the x-ray to be sure, the tooth that's hurting had a cap put on it a couple months ago and it was/is a lot bigger than the original tooth ever was and they said I was biting on it too hard... it's actively loose. :( Anyway, they filed it down so hopefully I won't bite so hard and want me to follow up with my regular dentist, unfortunately his next available appt isn't until early November, but they did tell me not to hesitate to call if the pain keeps up. Yay-rah! :/

HRH and I are going at it most of the time these days. She's constantly whining about not getting to watch telly every single time she wants, and complaining about me watching my baseball and forensic shows. *sighs* I really do not understand. Pup got ESPN America for the sole purpose of allowing me to watch my baseball- I say she got it because I hadn't so much as asked for it, but she'd seen how much I was watching it when we first moved in and they hadn't set up all the cable blocks for the channels we weren't supposed to get- yet I'm not allowed to actually watch it. And all of them are all like "didn't you watch this game yesterday/the other day" and don't seem to understand the concept of 'series'. *head desk* Anyway, now that it's the post-season I'm being much bitchier about it, which is not going over well at all. So many fights... Top it off with HRH's continued refusal to help out around the house- and she's constantly blaming it on things like not having this or that fancy cleaner or not being able to watch telly or, and this is my favourite, not being up to it because she's been out with her friends all day/night... this does not make me empathize with her. *sighs*

I'm still getting better at this attacking business in Utopia. :D I actually came out really well from our last war. Hehe. And sensei introduced me to plunder attacks >:) it's like thief ops with your army, lol. I like stealing other ppls things. Yes, I am evil, but it's soooooooo much fun.

I haven't written anything in ages. I was just taking a break... and now I have all these half formed ideas niggling at me and the [community profile] merlin_holidays exchange to do, but nothing wants to actually start. :/ But once I get the teeth pain under control I plan to try to actually focus on that.

Oh, yes... I got a call today from the ppl doing my Aspie eval, and they asked if they could bump me over to Stockholm, since it will be a lot quicker, like before the end of the year type quicker. :D Still haven't heard about the therapist, and still not doing good on the whole... too close to the edge among other things. About lost it when some pushy bint started tapping my arm- not my shoulder, my arm... there... at least I didn't round on her, but still spent most of the day uber on edge. *sigh* I really am not doing good, well, not as good as I was, still, hella better than it used to be.

In a random sports note- the Cards made the post-season!!! Of course, so did the Nats, the O's, and the Braves, if only in a fight for the wildcard spot. I'm routing for the Cards as you might expect... it kinda sucks that the three teams I like in the NL are all up against each other in the first wave of post-season games, lol. Although, at least I'll know early on who I've got to choose between. :)

ETA- Well, that was fun. I stuck to my guns and told HRH I wasn't feeding her since she wasn't helping out- it's been over two weeks since I made the declaration. This led to a huge blow up with much yelling and calling me names and did I mention the yelling? Screeching would be more accurate. Anyway... she finally did some of her dishes- slamming and clashing and leaving stuff in the sink rather than putting it up; I'm surprised she managed to do it without breaking anything. Pup even went off about the mess in the living room and how she just spreads her shit all over the place... *sighs* I hold no illusions that this will be the end of things, more likely the beginning, but at least she knows I mean what I say now.

And now that I am nicely stressed out by that screaming fit HRH just had, I think I am going to curl up with my sore tooth and my warm cuddly cardigan and watch some bad movies until the Cards-Nats game comes on.
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So, umm, I finished watching The Last Enemy last night and I think it broke me... I mean, I knew, I KNEW where it was going by the second part. Seeing these things is like ingrained in me (and it's bloody British, which like guarantees things will not go well, it's just a matter of how they won't go well, and not for the first time I wish I'd been wrong about the how *mrphle*)... I seldom get surprised by the direction or end of such things, but still, I wasn't expecting it to bug me so much. It kept creeping into my sleep and waking me up. *grrr*

I'm gonna try to drown my 'creep out' in chocolate and Jack's Back, which I got yesterday {one of the two things I "splurged" on the other day- no, 'm not telling you the other one 'cause it was totally silly and fangirlish, [and considering 've already got/ordered everything with James (save for Caprica 'cause I just can't bring myself to, I don't approve of the new BSG- it's just wrong), Misha, Bradley, or Colin in it kinda limits the field, lol]}. Yeah, anyway, thought I'd take a jab at that whole getting it outta my system thing (hence, this post and all of its parentheticals, and really I must be working on some sort of record of words-to-parenthetical ratio, lol) and see if it actually helped- I figure I have a 50-50 chance, lol.
Now, to fight the Beast and go to the store then come home to bad '80s suspense/horror with James Spader *purr* (and how can one be depressed when faced with that?).

BTB- Watching him type, like on a proper keyboard, should not be so captivating, it's just not normal; it's not like watching James play the guitar or Bradley doing that sword twirling thing, those I understand. *pffle*

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GUH! That... hurt. *whimpers*

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So, Mys needed more distraction from her meltdown, and she'd gotten the idea in her head to make some audio rips of Island, specifically some of the stories Calum tells. I have no clue if anyone but me would be interested, but here they are, well a couple of them... oh and since I only wanted the stories I edited Nikki out.

nifty embeds and DL links )

(FYI- I really need to get on that Colin-fucking-Morgan icon making, lol.)

ETA- Guh! Why didn't anybody tell me the DL's weren't working!?!?!?!?!?! They're fixed now. *grrrr*

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Well, then. So, I just finished watching my illicit copy of Island, my copy still hasn’t shown up yet, grrrrrrrrrrr, but anyway, yeah just finished and, well…
Possible Spoilers for Island )

To sum up, as if anyone’s actually reading this, lol-
Island on the whole is okay, but it makes more sense if you’ve read the book, which is a big negative for me.
Colin is totally unequivocally worth seeing this movie for, if only to see how it should be done.
If you’re watching this to see “Colin” or “Merlin” you’re gonna be disappointed, if you’re watching it to see a truly proper portrayal of a character, omgs, heaven.

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Well, I just finished Island and… not what I was expecting exactly. I think I liked it, but I didn’t love it. Can’t wait to see how they translated it to film, though, ‘cause I could see it being so much more than it is if done right (and gods, I HAVE to see Colin in this, like life’s blood have to!*).

***POSSIBLE SPOILERS*** Mys' thoughts on Island )

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‘k so I don’t often do memeage, but MOVIE MEME!!!!!!!!!!! So, yeah, how could I not, lol.
Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] rainbow_connec
Well, DUH, we all knew I have no life *points at [livejournal.com profile] merlin_land’s music and quote challenges*
Though seriously, where are all the drama’s? Most of this is cult, which as if I didn’t already have no life and wasn’t already a movie whore I would be watching anyway, lol.
Oh and FYI, some of these didn’t say whether they meant the orig or remake so I marked them if I’d seen either or both, do I get double points if I’ve seen both???

Where in we find even more proof on Mys' insanity )

TOTAL: 176

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OMGS I WROTE SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, it wasn't a lot, like less than 1000 words, but I actually LIKED it!

In other news, Name of the Rose was on tonight and I made Pup and MM sit through it because I still love that movie, thank you very much, with commercial breaks to check on the never ending Sox game on ESPN America, but that's neither here nor there, lol. What I was gonna say was, ya know you have it bad when every time they do a quick shot or they film baby Christian Slater with that damnable bowl haircut in just the right way (usually involving him looking up from those not quite full enough lashes with the shadows delineating his otherwise non-existent cheekbones) your tummy flips and you have instant images of Colin doing Adso and IT WON'T GO AWAY! And once it settles you're brain starts going, 'no, no, no, that's not the way he'd do it at all' or '*squeak* guh, he'd be making that face, the one from 2x09 when EVERYONE'S heart cracks'!!!!!!! Yeah, bloody Irish git has now corrupted (although I must say if I let my brain follow that route, much improved) the movie for me forever.

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So, at the risk of offending, I really have issues with The Lovely Bones. MM had it on while we were eating dinner (said it was the best thing on, and she was probably right), and once again I was struck by just how much it annoys me. Don’t get me wrong, cinematically it was very well done, and the performances were fine, some more than fine, really good in fact, but it's the ending, not how it ends per se, but when they’re going through his victims. I always get so angry! Why do you ruin a perfectly good drama by buggering up something as simple as serial killer psychology 101? And I realize this is not the movie’s fault, it’s the book's, and I could forgive that if it wasn't a 2002 novel- they can't even claim that it was a lack of 'common' knowledge about serial killers and psycho/sociopaths. I just think you can rework it so that it isn’t GLARIINGLY obvious when you do the film. I know some ppl would take it as an insult to the book and its author, but I also think that to make a film, esp one like that, stay true and real in the way a good drama should things like that should be taken into consideration. I mean for me it took a film from being this deep emotional, almost psychological, thing to being a, well, farce is a bit harsh, but it stripped its credibility.
On another note, I saw Priest Friday, and can I just say ‘m a little more in love with Paul Bettany. :) Seriously, that man is awesome, the things he can pull off- by that I mean the range of characters, and he does them all so very well. *sigh* That said, I don’t think the Clan was as impressed, of course they just look at me when I go ,‘OMGs that’s Paul Bettany,’ instead of, ‘oh that looks awesome/cool/fun/interesting,’ so… Anyway, good movie, I enjoyed it, a rarity in these parts, most of the movies the Clan want to watch leave me kinda going, ‘oh’ or more often ‘gods, it’s finally over!’ That doesn’t mean it was great cinema, but it was fun and exactly what it was supposed to be a nice bit of intense, fast paced, escapism, so yeah, good stuff.
AND! Last night. OH MY GODS last night, we FINALLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY got to watch Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think ‘m in love! I mean, I love those boys already, I mean, seriously, Shaun of the Dead owns my soul. But THAT was bloody BRILLIANT! Of course Pup and MM looked at me scarily for most of it, probably ‘cause I started out going wide eyed and dreamy, whispering “Comic Con” and making little mrphle noises and squeaking at everything, lol. And then understanding the geek speak and everything… and I am torn between being very grateful and somewhat horrified that I didn’t understand the Klingon, yet recognized it as such. *shivers* I feel like I have a huge gaping hole in my geekhood… I mean, I know a few words of Elvish, and a bit of Minbari, does that count!?!?!?! I would really love to know more Minbari, but most of my odd language skills are limited to written languages like Enochian and most of the “wiccan/pagan” alphabets and ‘m currently working on my Ogham. *makes pleading eyes to the gods of geekdom that they won’t take her geek card away* Anyway, Paul, wonderful, beautiful, want more NOW! I could seriously watch that on repeat for a very long time, lol!

See, ‘m trying not to rant more about SPN, be pleased… at least if it lasts, lol.

So, I gave in and ordered Island, the book, should be here by the end of the week… hopefully I can sit down and finish Keeper of the King before then, and yes, ‘ve been reading that for, like, ever, but ‘ve been busy and fic and dresses and shite and I know how it ends, so not on the priority list even if I am trying to get back up to Siege Perilous- I hate reading multiple books at once, unless it’s my travel books, I make a point of not reading those unless ’m travelling, but that’s like Science of Discworld (do I get geek points for that!?!?!?) and stuff.

My BB is killing me, or maybe my brain is… I just can’t settle. I sit down to work on it and I get distracted… and not even by the shiny, quite often by the dull and somewhat annoying. :( ‘m a little worried about that. Just like ‘m a little worried about the hypomania yesterday. I mean, I know it was because I forgot my meds for a whole day, but still it shoulda been a depression I was fighting off not a mania; unless the meds are fucking with my cycles, which they could and probably should be doing, ‘m just not used to it so it’s kinda freaky… Anyway BB… I think I hit a turning point t’other day going over it. I actually think as in know I can do this, it’s not a matter of, ugh, 30k never. More of a ugh in general, lol. Seriously, though, the pieces that seemed so scattered are coming together and I can see where they fit, there’s still a couple large holes that need to be sorted and the entire last 1/3 to half of the fic needs to be written, but I truly believe once I get there it’ll be ‘easy’ in comparison, lol. So, yeah, the BB isn’t good, but ‘m calm and actually confident about it now. In other words, good things. :D

So now, I shall leave you of an explanation as to where my poor scattered brain is…
I keep putting on these songs out of the 6 hrs of music on this particular playlist:

Weekend Irish
Almost Irish
Get Your Irish On
A Walk in the Irish Rain
Celtic Girl (a song for my Arthur)
Kiss Me I’m Irish (yes, those who are exposed to my random Twits Tweets, I am still squeaking at the line for no apparent reason…I mean it’s one bloody word! The first time I understood, but still? The term “stalker” comes to mind.)
Galway Girl
And just to mess with the selection- End of the World and Ghost Train… of course, they’re by Mr. Irish Bastard *rolls eyes head desk*
with a side of hysterical giggling over Skinhead on the MBTA- "Charlie" is rolling in his proverbial grave and ‘m loving it- Oi! Oi! Oi! :P~

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Incoming fangrrliing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Erm, not so much once it was written, lol.
Well, sort of, I mean it's more outward non-character/show specific fangrrling than I normally do.

ANYWAY, I used the last of my Amazon gift cert from Christmas to pre-order Island when word came down it was available- seriously, I like got the e-mail note from one of the comms went click, click, put in basket, checkout; the entire process took less than five minutes, lol. It's no secret, or wouldn't be if anybody asked or anything that I was holding onto the last bit of my gift cert on the offhand chance that pleasepleasepleaselettherebereleasespleasespleaseslettherebebloodyreleases Island and Parked got DVD distributors, though I admit I had been hoping for Parked, not that I have given up or anything merely that I had hoped it would get a distributor first. Yeah, well, anyway, Island's on pre-order for July, so Merry Christmas to me, lol.
Though I swear I sometimes wonder why I want these things since the mere thought is usually enough to have me fighting back tears- I really was serious when I said that was why I only had three Cathal icons in that set. I start working on them and, well, 'm fine as long as I don't actually LOOK at the pic, lol. You know how you can look at something without seeing it, just take in the bits and bobs of it, colours and shapes, stuff like that. That I can handle, but actually looking at it, seeing the whole thing (or really anything that has to do with his eyes or the set of his jaw) just breaks me and I can't focus... bastard.
I mean at least OPL I don't know enough to let it get to me fully, I know a bit and that's enough, but 'm afraid if I actually knew what was going on... I think I'd be gone on that one, too.
*thanks the gods she doesn't know enough about the other plays or else she knows, just KNOWS she'd burn out*

But I digress, actually, I tangent, which isn't quite the same since it's still very close to the topic I was trying to get to. *shakes head* Anyway, where I was going in my round-a-bout fashion was Island, see, I read this fic- now shut it and don't judge, okay, just go with it- yeah, I read this fic, which was, well, it left you kinda going 'wha...', so not exactly high on my list, actually rather low, which is annoying 'cause it was really well written otherwise. Yeah, k, point, throughout this fic there was a lot of emphasis on Island and a lot more detail in regards to the book/film itself then 'm used to encountering and damned if the thing hasn't left me wanting to read the blasted thing. But really, if it's as intense as it's made out to be it's gonna be the dramatic equivalent of "Song of Ice and Fire" and 'm gonna be in tears or at the least all uber-emotionally charged... I mean, I was on edge when I read The Unbearable Lightness of Being, which, btw, is a helluva read, and this feels like it could go that direction.
Yeah, I know, 'm not the best judge on these things 'cause yeah, I read a lot, but mostly I stick to fantasy, horror, or mystery or all of the above, which I know doesn't exactly put Island that far outta my comfort zone, but it's teetering and like I said it feels a little heavy. I don't know this started out as a rant about the evils of Colin Morgan and the proofs thereof, now it's more of a debate about actually reading this thing, lol.

Well, since I seem to have gone in that direction, I might as well ask- any of you lot read this? Thoughts? Opinions? Should I give in and buy it?

*NB- Just to clarify I still love Colin, if anything moreso for this "evil", just wanted to make sure ppl knew that, k.
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Okay *breathes* the last three days have been INSANE!

Yesterday, I spent over 6 hours running around with 17 cans of Mtn Dew strapped to my back and that's not including the clothes shopping Pup and MM did that I wound up carrying, lol. AND I was forced to sit through bloody Twilight or Eclipse or whatever the blasted thing was called- though I did get 22 cans of Mtn Dew out of it, and a rather interesting discussion about vamps and whether or not the close-ups of what's-his-face made him look like Tom Cruise in Interview. >:D
Cut for things that will probably offend some of my f-listies )

Day before, I spent eyes deep in trying to suss up a character app for an RP (still haven't finished, but then again I've been on the go for most of the time since, lol). Yeah, I know, me RPing scary, lol.
And thanks to that, sorta (long story), I now have a new 'ship... wait for it... wait for it... Daniel/Jacob! *flails* And yes I know most of you will have no idea what I'm on about, but those who do- you know you want it, you know you've thought it...
It MUST be done!!!!
I must make icons for it. *nodnodnodnod*
I blame Misha. Everything is Misha's fault, I have decided this. I could probably prove it scientifically if pressed, until then it's just something I have faith in. *nods solemnly then breaks out in laughter*

And today... ugh today I had go help MM find a laptop *rollseyes* when did I get labelled the laptop Guru? I know shit, I mean, yeah I picked out MB's but that doesn't mean I kept that knowledge or that it's the same knowledge she needs. And now at 1 something in the AM I'm trying to sort out Office for her... in FREAKIN' SWEDISH!!!!
Oh and I bought a mouse. For the computer, siollies, besides Pup won't let me have a mouse, she's a rat person. And she refuses to let me name any of the rats Nicodimus or Jason. Meanie, lol. Anyway it's purple, a nice deep bright purple. I figured I could actually use one to help with my graphics stuff, though I do get some awesome control when I'm working with layer masks freehand, but the placement really needs the mouse.

Tomorrow, more of same, we're going to a discount grocery to stock up, so gods know when I'm gonna have time to do shit. And don't get me started on my mini-Bang, it's well over the 10k, but it's not finished by a long shot and drafts are due in like 3 days. *headdesk and repeat*
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So I just (finally) watched Stonehenge Apocalypse. And gods I haven't been that mindlessly happy in too long... I miss bad USA and SciFi (yes, I know they changed their name, but old habits, ya know) channel movies. I spent half the thing giggling because 'omgs it's SG1' and on one occasion 'ack, sneaky Cas face!', yeah, I had way too much fun with that, lol. Anyway, I just wanna know if I'm the only one whose reaction at the end involved ascension and bad SG1 fusions. *head desk*

Oh, and sorry I've been MIA, been working on my mini-Bang and trying to wrap my head around Casfest, so of course I signed up for the Sam/Gabe fic exchange, too, lol. Anyway Dean's finally taslking the way I need him to, so don't be surprised if I continue to be MIA for a while. Anywho, if anybody needs me just PM me, e-mail me, think really horrible thoughts in my direction, whatever works best. Otherwise don't worry and until further notice, the Mys is alive.

*hugs the f-listies*
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OMGs I just spent the last hour and a half reading through military rank info, I think my eyes are gonna go buggy. Thing is I'm not even sure I'm gonna use the info... I think I am, but it's just gonna be like one or two lines probably.

So, last night we watch The Lovely Bones ;cause Pup wanted to, and well it was better than I was afraid it would be, but it also really worried me. I mean we're sitting here watching this and all I could think, other than 'Hey, that was Adam, erm Jake, whatever his name is!' was 'man, I'm sitting through two hours of Death Takes a Holiday' what with the whole letting go so your family can move on thing, but what really got me- yes I know I should be disturbed by this- was when she was going through all his victims and listing when and where they were killed, and I'm sitting there going no no no, that's wrong a serial killer doesn't slow down he devolves they should be coming much faster, they don't commit two murders in one year, then take a break for 4 then 2 then 3 then whatever... I did very well not to scream at the telly. It was just WRONG, damn-it! If you're gonna do something with a serial at least learn your timing for Christ's sake. *headdesk*

Oh yeah, if ya haven't heard I got my meds- finally- so I'm doing better. Not nearly as much crazy Mys as I was, so yeah totally of the good.

Anyway, back to the military shite...
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Dear gods, I've just had my brain forcibly sucked from my ears and my eyes feel like they've been melted out of their sockets! Bloody MM and her fucking Twilight shit! Yeah, and when I complain Pup compares it to SPN. *rolls eyes* The funny thing about that s that she actually used to love SPN, but then she missed most of the 2nd season and now doesn't like it because I fic it. Still, no reason to compare it to icky, mind numbing, wanna-be vampires. I think I\m gonna go watch one of Misha's con panels or something, hopefully that can get some of my brain back!

And bugger it all, it looks like Dott's gonna win. *pouts* Ah, well at least he usually has fun when he plays so that's of the good.
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So ya ready for this, Mys is gonna ramble about stuff other than SPN! Okay, so she’s gonna ramble about that, too, but you get the idea, lol.

First off, I missed a whole day of my tourney damn it! But it was for a good cause- Stockholm :D
...sci-fi bookstore- walls of Terry Pratchett, literally, and THREE displays of the Dresden Files *flails* and I even managed not to squeak toooo loudly when I turned around from one such display only to come face to face with a whole row of Supernatural books! I’d heard of such things, but I’d never actually seen them before, lol. Oh, and for you ppl who think I‘m THAT obsessed, NO, I did NOT buy any SPN books, I didn‘t even look too closely, so there. :P I did however buy Pratchett and Gaiman books and grumbled because they still don’t have the most recent P.N. Elrod books (and does someone wanna tell me why I always have the urge to buy the Lovecraft books, even though I already own all of them?) - see my scope does actually go outside the world of SPN... It might not stray too far away from the sci-fi/fantasy/horror sections, but it does go outside, lol.
...and Alice!
Yep, I finally saw Alice in Wonderland, and, damn, it was way better than I expected, lol. Now, don’t go getting your panties in a twist, let me explain, see, I never got into the whole Alice in Wonderland thing, I’ve been intrigued (to say the least) by Alice Through the Looking Glass- I’ve always found the premise much more interesting and well creepier and in my book that’s a good thing, lol. Anyway, what that means is that when ppl say Alice in Wonderland I think they mean Alice in Wonderland, so yeah, interesting but not all that, so when we got there and are watching it and I realize holy shit it’s Alice Through the Looking Glass I get a whole new level of interested, lol.
That side note dealt with... it was great! Though for a brief and completely insane moment I had the disturbing urge to find Alice/Hatter fic, but thankfully it passed by morning, lol.

And now that I have shocked and dismayed you by NOT going on about SPN, I shall commence going on about SPN!

Wherein Kripke reads too much Gaiman and Mys has a breakdown before it's all over )


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