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So the other day I got it in my head to go find some nice Nick/Greg fic... and I ignored it. Then the next day I got it in my head to go find some nice Nick/Greg fic... and I ignored it. Then the next day I got it in my head to go find some nice Nick/Greg fic... Then the next day- well, you see where this is going. Point is that after two weeks I finally gave in and went prowling around for that and my other more secret slashtastic CSI loves. And I'm starting to remember why I stopped reading it to begin with. It's hard to focus on the relationship when you're constantly going 'oh, he did not just do that- protocol, man, protocol' or 'but that's not proper chain of custody' or 'never happen, this is not CSI Miami' or 'come on, contaminating the crime scene much', ad nauseum... I know suspension of disbelief, artistic license, and all that, but for gods' sakes, can they at least stop contaminating the scenes!!!!!!!!!!!! *head desk and repeat*

Fic is being ficcy, and even the one that needs to be on the front burner is shoved a bit to the back atm because not one, but BOTH my teams made the post season!!!!!!! *dances and squees* So yes, the Braves and the Cards both won their divisions. This makes Mys a very happy person. And a rather distracted and exhausted one, too, lol, but it is all in a good cause. :D

I have continued my program of wrenching the telly back into my grubby little hands at night now that Fuckboy's gone and HRH is off with her friends most of the night. I am slowly kinda making some headway in my CM that I missed and am picking out sporadic eps of CSI... and dude, words I never ever want to hear, and words that have been a big part of why I have avoided the last few seasons, even getting past the lack of Grissom- 'you (Sara) and Grissom are married'... I swear I nearly puked, and considered throwing things. And can I just remind ppl that (Arthur don't look, babe) while I am a slasher by nature I am also a devout believer in Grissom/Lady H (and Cath/Warrick, but that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish), so don't go givin' me any lip about just because it's not a slashy pairing blahblahblah. GSR kills, man, end of story. ANYWAY, I was just trying to say good on me taking back my tv time, rawr!

I got caught up with SPN a couple weeks ago. And can I just say DAAAMMMNNN. I... well, we all know I have strong feelings on certain SPN related things, but fuck me if Carver didn't go and mange to hit my squick in such a way that I'm jonesing for more anyway. Unfuckin' believable. But gods, it's just so fucking good to have my show back, and watchable, and like a series, not just these fits and spurts of program.

Alright laundry calls, and CSI after that then hopefully some CM or NCIS. *purrs*

ETA: Oh, lookit! I changed my default icon! I've only had the other one for like 3 years since I opened this LJ and another year or so on my old SPN LJ. But yeah, I heard this in that ep and was just like, GUH! and knew I had to icon it, and it seemed a fitting transition, so yeah. *happy*
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Well,I was planning on doing a nice dumping post in the next few days, but this little tidbit could not be contained...

IT'S FUCKING OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*dances madly*

That was one of the most horrible and excruciating things I have ever suffered through. I mean, seriously awful. We're talking driving you out of fandom awful. I have a WIP I plan to finish, a colab with Arthur for a comm, and I plan to finish out the Silence!verse, but that's it, no more. At least, that's the plan.
Now, don't get me wrong my Merlin muses haven't been truly inspired lately, so I was thinking of putting it on the back burner as it were. But this horrible experience just killed what I had left. If that is the state of the fandom these days then I don't want to be part of it. Note, I am talking about the ppl, not the fic. I mean, 99% of it wasn't anything I would normally read, but you write or do art and have the guts to put it out there I'm not gonna call you to the carpet unless you specifically ask my opinion (though honestly overall if that was an accurate set of exemplars for the fandom then I grieve for it), but no, it was the ppl, the experience. Yeah, the challenges were crap and mundane and nothing really inspiring, but... the ppl... UGH! Rude, clique-ish, and unwelcoming. And sometimes just plain spiteful. I don't wanna be active in a fandom like that. I prefer my fandoms to be supportive and friendly.

And I'm sorry to any of you (ie Cheeky) who might be reading this who actually tried- thank you.

And Mr. [personal profile] neuroticnick, not like I expect you to see this, but I have held my tongue for 2 weeks and now it must be said, you are a total douche! Seriously, fine if a fic doesn't float your boat, tickle your fancy, or in any other way 'do it' for you, but you don't, you just don't go out of your way to diss it in the fucking results post!!!!! That's just wrong... and cruel. And in response from #6, I'm sorry if writing fic that was more complicated than a "Dick and Jane" book is above your comprehension levels. I would suggest enrolling in some adult education classes, perhaps.

Okay, I feel better now. Now off to find some nice violence and homicide!
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So, yes, as horrifying a concept as it may be, Mys is still alive and kicking, slightly more with the kicking than before, if truth be told.

Kitchen sink, you say? Yes, I happen to have one right here. )

Anywho, I have fic to read, shows to watch, fic to WRITE (lookit, I can say that without wanting to cry or rip my hair out, much, lol), and the Great Fandom Repost to work on, so I am shutting up now and going to poke this TS fic with a stick and make sure an anthropologist falls out from under it and not a cop then maybe finish up the little drabble I’m working on for Arthur
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Okay, I wanna prepare you guys, just so no one has a heart attack or anything, but today's post (or at least this post) is getting back to my fanish roots- I have finally finished watch S7 of SPN and I am here to rant about discuss it, or at least throw my opinions onto the bonfire.

opinions to be thrown on bonfire )

P.S. That scene when Dean gives Cas back his trench... priceless, probably the best thing about the entire season.
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Well, then...head shrinkage and other headache inducing activities :P )

I've taken a small break from my horror movie fest to make room for a new found guilty pleasure... 2 full seasons in less than a week, obsessive much? Lol. And since I'm almost caught up with that I bit the bullett and started watching the rest of S7 of SPN... it's pretty bad. I mean, it's like... you know those baaaaaaad filler eps that would sometimes sneak in during Kripke's reign? It's like episode upon episode of that. It's tripe, and ooc. OOC! How the hells do you go OOC in canon!?!?!?!?! *head desk* I so hope Carver is salvaging my show. Gods know I have more faith in him that Gamble (and that was true before she utterly destroyed it her reign). *grumblemrphlegrumble*

And for a bit of good silliness, Steve McGarrett and Castiel are currently in a no holds barred cage fight for my soul!
The betting windows are still open, place your bets while you can. :P
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Ohhhhhh, [livejournal.com profile] merlin_land invades my LJ! See ppl, I have a real LJ and I use it, lol.

Hidden memeage is hidden :) )

For the record I only chose Edwin 'cause he was the only character I could instantly think of with negative feelings, lol. Cornelius might have been better, but the truth was I didn't even think of him until I'd finished. *shrugs* And do you have any idea how it was for me not to answer in gifs, lol!
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all that head desking *points* it's under here )

Okay, time to straighten the neckerchief and attack the mountain of dishes (how the hells one family can use EVERY cup, plate, and bowl in the house in less than 24hrs on a disturbingly regular basis is truly beyond me) and sort out the laundry- at least HS is gone for a few days, that always cuts down on everything. Anyway, duty calls.

ETA- Pup just came in to tell my Andrew Lloyd Webber has done a 'new' (okay, Pup just added that it was back in March, not that this does anything to disarm the point) musical with her end all, be all of the musical world, Michael Crawford, in... Wizard of Oz. *mrphle- and not the good kind* Yes, I know there are only like 3 or 4 of you who will understand the true depths of disturbing horror this is for me. She hasn't told me anything else; I take it, it is more his production rather than him trying to rewrite everything... that is almost worse. Gods, she's going to be insufferable... *dies- again not the good kind* 'scuse me while I go twitch uncontrollably for a few hours.

*NB- it is also worth of note that this was not the icon I had selected for this post, but in my horror hurry to add that last bit I scrolled when I meant to click and far be it for me to go against the power of Colin, lol.

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So it’s official, I dropped out of the BB… ‘m trying not to feel like a, I don’t know, not exactly a loser ‘cause I know there’s no reason to feel that way. I’m still doing my fic, hells, finally worked my way around a mini scene that was giving me trouble. So it’s not like it’s dead, if anything it feels more alive than it has recently, like now that I’m not under the time constraints all those little bits that were fighting and straining to fit in, or to get out in a rush are just letting themselves flow and not worrying about when it gets in or that it has to fit perfectly NOW. *sighs* The pauldron!fic is definitely still alive, it’s just no longer a BB fic.
Oh, and for those who don’t know “the pauldron!fic” was the moniker for my BB before I started referring to it as “my BB”- don’t ask, it’s a bit odd to explain, not difficult just odd; you know, the kind of odd that once you explain it ppl start backing away from you slowly or giving you that ‘I’m gonna stick around if only so I can keep one eye on you and your weirdness’.

And hugs to everyone who sent me kisses (and a bit extra for the freaky demonic kiss); they came at a good time. :-)

I can also say that YES I have finished my meltdown, no more aftershocks or anything, the world is safe as it ever was from psychotic!fandom!Mys. Only downside to any of it, and I really think this is more a “sadly confused in the head” issue than a fandom issue, is that I’m feeling more subdued than normal, but it’s also that time of year, so…

In news of the ‘no one really cares, but it’s my LJ so ‘m allowed to’, ‘ve spent way too much of the past week and a half dealing with Shithead (for those who have not been exposed, Shithead is HS’s ‘father’- and I use the term loosely trying abusive, racist bastard, who can’t even admit he’s done anything wrong when the fucking COURTS have declared him an abusive SOB). Somehow, I have gone from being useless and computer/fandom obsessed on one hand (Pup’s), and an insane laughing hyena on the other (Shithead’s) to being the one who can talk to Shithead/the one Shithead will talk to. I never wanted either job, really. I hate trying to be civil to ppl ‘d rather castrate and feed their own intestines. It doesn’t help that he’s an idiot. ‘ve been fighting with him trying to get him to pay the damages the court declared and he’s been jerking us around- I shall spare you the gory details. Anyway, now he’s fucking FLYING out here tomorrow to give us (me) the payment in cash. Don’t ask, just don’t. Yeah, and he refuses to understand the concept of ‘it’s Saturday.’ He wants us to go down to the courthouse or the police station or the solicitor’s or the bank and we keep telling him none of these places are open on Saturdays, least ‘round here they’re not (yes, I live in BFE, actually, BFE is an upgrade). *head desk* So yeah, fun day for Mys tomorrow. Grrrrrr.

Ohh, fandom obsessing… you know how I read Island t’other day, well, I keep having bloody scenes randomly playing out in my head (like literally ‘ll be watching something else and my mind wanders for two seconds and there, boom, snapshot from scene X) and it’s BLOODY ARSE DISTURBING!!!!!! I know I have what could be considered by some to be an absolutely, undeniably unhealthy obsession, but still- do not want! ‘m gonna get enough once it actually gets here, I don’t need my brain throwing possible interpretations into my mind in full Technicolor! It wasn’t even that good!!!!!!! *rolls eyes*

Random- I find way too much amusement in ancient “Man on the Mountain” assassin!vamp teasing almost as ancient vamp!Lance and calling him Lance-baby. It’s cute, I want to pinch his cheeks, lol.

Anyway, I need to actually get back to doing this beta that I kept being too emo meltdown girl erm, distracted to work on properly and making myself go work on the [livejournal.com profile] merlin_land challenges ‘ve been avoiding though I think I will continue to play avoidy with them until tomorrow- see subdued, since when is it hard for me to rant over there, really, since when!?!?!?! *considers having head examined... again*

And I saw this over at [livejournal.com profile] silkmoth101’s journal and well, book memes, film memes, and psych memes are weaknesses, lol.

Further proof that Mys is an antisocial, esoteric weirdo… )

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Guh! I hate our net provider, bloody thing went down AGAIN last night!!!!!!
Okay, 'm feeling better with my little fandom crisis (I think, I read fic yesterday and today- my footie!au got updated!!!!!!!!!!- and played with the RP yesterday, and would've done more if the damn net hadn't gone down), so yeah, I think we're back to being okay, lol.

In other news, I got Island yesterday, yay! Gonna tuck in with that today hopefully and read and probably cry and just, yeah, good things, lol. :D
Also, I committed fanvid. Yes, me, miss graphically challenged made a vid... I had to, just, go with it, lol. The day after the meltdown I was listening to my music and 1953 came on and I just had all these flashes of Arthur+Merlin and yeah, spent the last couple days fighting with a constantly crashing Windows Live Movie Maker, but I have achieved video, so... not saying it's good or classy or anything, but it's mine *cuddles crappy vid* It's over here if anyone's interested.

Yes, well, probably other things, but I have dishes to do and the RP (hopefully, grrrr) and probably something else that 'll get yelled at for in a bit when ppl get back from the store- I already got the new "I'm bitter about my life because I don't have a blog or LJ or anything to whine about my problems on", which to MM's credit was met with a 'so get one', lol- anyway, grindstone's awaiting (and hopefully a baked potato, but that's another story, lol).

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Greetings and salivations! Yes, I am unusually chipper today just go with it for the moment, k.

So, I kinda had a complete and total fandom meltdown last night. I mean, I was screaming on Twitter for Arthur so loud that her brother, who NEVER tweets answered asking if I wanted him to wake her up… yeah, I was having a bit of a meltdown.

has been me last night, lol.

Yes, well, in the midst of my crash or the reasons for it basically killed my BB or any hope I had of meeting the current deadlines. ‘m still doing it and I’m hoping it will still be ready this autumn, but I don’t think it’ll be as part of the challenge. Still, it means I can focus on betaing the things I’m supposed to be betaing, even bought a new ream of paper *shh, paper is a closely guarded commodity* so I can actually print this stuff out and highlight it to death, or not as the case may be.
Apparently this little meltdown also woke part of my muses up, I wrote fic this morning, okay it was one of my weird drabbles, but still. This is esp important in that I wrote it on a receipt while waiting for the bus… this is a good thing, strange I know but good. I wrote one of my best loved SPN fics on the back of an envelope while HS was in swim class, so yeah, notes on random bits of whatever’s in my bag/pockets is of the good, lol.

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Umm, yeah, got the charger cord this morning and he's all charged up again! I can have my sleeping music, and no I'm not divulging what THAT is, I don't think I'd ever live it down, esp in fandom.
I'll tell ya what my backup music is- the Merlin OSTs. :D

So, I opened up the streaming feed for table 2 of the matches today and I hear this melodic voice and my first reaction is 'oh my, *sigh* he sounds like Colin.' *head desk* And it's not like I haven't heard the table 2 commentators before, I know most of the Eurosport feeds, well the commentators I mean.

Körslaget, Andreas, yes, final 3! :D Oh yes, even if they tried to scare us by saving Team Andreas for last, lol. And I was surprised, happily so, that Team Jakob did so well. Hmm, a Team Andreas/Team Jakob final, I could do that. :D

You know doing that 'kink' meme and some of the talk after made me realize that most of my true kinks weren't mentioned. I think maybe because most of my true kinks are very character specific, save a couple like ?!$+!& (go on try to suss that, lol... *waits to turn violent shades of red if anyone does*) and amnesia!fics and biting, not just like from vamps, I mean, BITING, and language!kink (if you understand, you understand, otherwise don't worry 'bout it, lol). I mean, we all know I have a perverse armour!kink (and a slightly lesser but just as perverse weapon!kink), a nice tooth/fang!kink, uber wing!kink, minor magic/Grace!kink, random hood-of-the-Impala!kink, and handprint!kink. These are things that make my mind bend in strange directions. :-} Then there's the minor kinks, like pie and ring kinks. So maybe not all that kinky when it comes to normal things, but I got my kinks and I'm happy with them.

Not like it matters here, I just find it disturbingly amusing- I finally uploaded all my Merlin fic to WWOMB and there really needs to be more Merlin writers over there... I mean, there are 27 fics in the Merlin fandom and 15 of those are mine!!! Come on ppl that's where the good fic's supposed to be, it was THE place to go, so wtf?!?!?! It's depressing. *pouts*

Since I got Colin's cable, I'm expecting my books soooooooooon, too! I was already expecting them this week, I just didn't dare hope I'd get my cord first. *bounces* Did I mention I'll actually have my music tonight, maybe I'll finally get some decent sleep again? :D

ETA- I almost forgot! I had a realization! Ya know everyone's always on about how Arthur should (or will) suffer brain damage after all the concussions and hits to the head? Well, in a fit of Merlin haze this morning I realized THAT'S the explanation for Arthur/Gwen- one too many head wounds! :P~

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OMGs they found it!!!!!! Okay, so it proves I really do need these damn reading glasses, but still. After months of searching, I went and asked over at [livejournal.com profile] merlin_finders and within no time got an answer (from [livejournal.com profile] gealach_ros, who else, lol). Oh, and if you're wondering what 'm on about- HERE look and feel free shake your head in concern at my insanity. FYI- it was this set by [livejournal.com profile] pink_martini2

Between that and [livejournal.com profile] kina54 finding Körslaget for me, Mys is feeling much better (ie she is ignoring r/l and her BB and basking in the love of fandom- quite a feat considering, lol- can we say "mixed state" anyone?).
Now if only the freaking deposit into Mom's PayPal (yes, 'm that lame I've never had to use PayPal before and thought it was stupid to open an acct for one bleeding purchase) would go through so I can get the new cord I need for Colin... and thus, hopefully restoring what remains of my sanity by next week- you know it's bad when you start humming THOSE kinds of songs to yourself to get to sleep at night, lol- it's even worse when you remember the lyrics!

Oh and in one of her great hypcritical moves, Pup asked me if I knew if there was gonna be more Sherlock... *rolls eyes* Yes, she HATES fandom and threatens to stop watching shows if I'm a part of their fandom, but when it suits her to know when the next series of Merlin is coming or how many seasons of Dexter and Seeker there are or if there's more Robin Hood or if there's gonna be more bloody Sherlock it's totally cool. *head desk*
Yes, dear *adds to ever growing list* that's 'hypocrite' h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e, you may want to look it up sometime. *growls and sets about finding out the whens and how manys of the next series of Sherlock*

So, yeah anybody out there know the when's and how many's for the next series of Sherlock?
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So, I get this e-mail last night about the reworking of the LAS comms and… and… and… angry? pissed? FUMING? Yes, I think all of those apply. Ohhh, seething, that’s a good all-round word for me right now. I mean, gods! I understand the logic, but damn-it! I signed up for one comm, one!!!! I know I’m not gonna get anywhere with it, so ‘s not that. I just… if I wanted to play in the other fandoms, I woulda signed on for them, I didn’t. I don’t want to play there. I want to play where I know what I’m working with. I chose THAT comm because it had the most to offer for me. I wanted to play around in some old never really played in fandoms of mine and I was gonna get to and not be put up with all those other more mainstream/American shows. I was LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! Not like I expected ppl to know some of them, the shows, even in that setting, but it sure as hells improved the odds of acceptance- not to be confused with appreciation or anyone actually liking my fic, but at least accepting and possibly even being aware of the fandoms!
I was so good last night. I was calm and nice and didn’t completely go off. But today, well, today, I’M FUCKING PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In between bouts of utter fury, I had to decide if I was gonna do the header challenge at [livejournal.com profile] merlin_land, or rather if I was gonna turn in my pathetic excuse for a header… anyway, in a fit of ‘oh, fuck it, today already sucks’ I submitted it… umm, ‘Yay, me’???????
I also wound up making icons, not related to the challenge just ohhh, pretty must make icon. ‘m not sure what if anything I will be doing with them ‘cause well it’s not like I want to use them all or anything, though I did add a couple new ones :) I still want iconage for my OT3, lol. One day, it’ll happen. *nods sagely*

Anyway, after all that I needed to calm down or try to reach something resembling calm, soooooo I went looking for fic. I even read some. Got blindsided by a modern!AU, read some truly meagre offerings- they weren’t bad, they just weren’t good, and the one that woulda been good got detracted from because it was unrequited which, yeah way to go on the cheering up/calming down front- NOT. Then in a last ditch attempt, as in the last of the recent fic I hadn’t read, I start this thing that even though it’s premise is so-so the author actually put some thought into authenticity and such and we all know how much that does it for me, lol, so I had if not high then slightly above average hopes… well, it wasn’t slash, wasn’t even pre-slash really, and I see through slash-coloured glasses, so yeah… anyway, it gets to the end and you think it just might save itself and, well it doesn’t, but even before I got there they… this author… they go to the trouble of trying for some level of authenticity and then they SAY MERLIN’S OLDER THAN ARTHUR!!!!!!!!! *head desk* I mean, seriously!!!! As if it wasn’t assumed beforehand, 2x13 proves it! I mean how much brains does it take to say Balinor escaped to Ealdor during the Great Purge, the Great Purge started after Arthur was born, therefore Balinor arrived in Ealdor AFTER Arthur was born, therefore his SON (ie Merlin) born of a woman he MET in Ealdor cannot possibly be older than Arthur!!!!! *screams and yanks hair*
What is it with ppl making these obvious mistakes?!?!?! *grumbles about Reid remembering everything he hears- idiots*
I mean, I try to forgive the breeches thing ‘cause well, it’s a common enough misconception, and an understandable one, it grates on my nerves and sometimes it does just ruin a fic, but I try damn-it. But simple facts, facts that you don’t have to research or check references for simple ‘hello, the show said…’ facts- how do you get those wrong?!?!?!

I also realized I’ve all but stopped readin Dean/Cas fic, which really sucks because I could really do with a Dean/Cas fix… I just don’t seem to have the patience for all the Fallen/human!Cas or the HAUs or the other AUs- Hunter/angel is it that complicated? And Spike has fucking FANGS! *grrrrrrr*

Yes, well, the day got worse (and has yet to truly improve)… grocery stores and forgotten items and misunderstood shopping lists- and ‘m still paying for that…
Oh and I realized I forgot to take my meds last night, so yeah, extra shitty...
eyes popping out of head/floating like bloody fishing bobs-check
memory totally switched off-huh, oh, umm, check?
jitters and general nervy-ness-check, check, and double check
times like this I really feel the whole "cure worse than the disease" thing *glowers*

On a lighter, slightly psychotic note, I’ve discovered I can no longer watch Merlin without my brain, and on occasion hand, rushing off to make note of ‘ohhh, that would make a great gif’ scenes, lol.
And I know I’ve said it before, I just can’t believe it and I find it kinda disturbingly adorable, but HS has the BIGGGGGGGGGGEST crush on Muerhlen, lol. She’s so cute sometimes, yes, you heard right I said the Evil One was cute- she came running into the kitchen t’other day ‘cause “Muerhlin’s on barnkanalen!!!” (and yes, ‘m well aware that I butchered the Swedish language :p~) at which point she half drags me into the living room to prove this, lololol.

And gods, I wrote fic… I wrote pauldron!fic (not to be confused with the pauldron!fic)… I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut, lol. Merlin Wankfest- I wound up filling my own damn prompt! *head desk* Yes, ‘m going to be going on about this for the foreseeable future, lol. Yeah, and I kinda sorta not exactly agreed to, but well the seed was planted and it’s currently festering and trying to keep root, it’s already taken root, I just keep trying to dislodge it, lol. Yeah, well, seed- teeth… Bradley’s teeth… Colin… yeah, do the math- I’m so going to hells if I actually let this fic come to fruition… I already wrote bloody modern!AU what are you ppl trying to do to me!?!?!?!?!?!
And gods, the pauldron!fic, I've decided to change a rather integral part of it which means I need to basically write a story within the fic to be told as a performance by a minstrel/troubadour... practical upshot- 'm now reading Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales after taking a crash course in Welsh and Gaelic bardic verse and giving up and settling for iambic verse and vaguely appropriate wordage, hence the Beowulf and Chaucer... on an unrelated note, I've also found and begun reading Le Morte d'Arthur on-line... I find it strangely relaxing, esp consideriing my opinion of Legend or more specifically Legend characters.

Okay, calmer now, sorry ‘bout that. Now, it seems the next challenge is up at [livejournal.com profile] merlin_land (ohhh, beware incoming gifs, lol), and I have fic to beta, so I shall go attempt to channel what’s left of this angry energy into something more productive.
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Oh gods, where to start!!!!!!

Expect random Mys to be random, she’s not feeling the organizational side of herself today AT ALL, lol.

On Christmas and Fanboy )

On MIs, mine and other ppls- including Aspie rant! )

On my fic- short for once, lol )

On other ppl's fic and how to annoy Mys with buggered info  )

There’s other r/l stuff, but it’s a little to close to home as it were and yeah, if I dump, I’ll dump in a nice locked post later. :P
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So, I got [livejournal.com profile] deancas_xmas sent off, Arcana is with the beta, and [livejournal.com profile] merry_merthur is going nicely and I haven't gotten my assignment for [livejournal.com profile] merlin_santa yet, so yeah, good things. Only I think mys fried some braincells getting Arcana done because my brain just will not stay focused on writing!!!! When this happens I wind up doing absent-minded stuff instead, like play incessant hours of Freecell and SpiderSolitare, or maybe some Canasta- what I'm a geek, I know this. Anyway, this time, I decided to finally get a working copy of Diablo IIe on Cas... which was surprisingly easy considering I've never used virtual drives before, what's more, I got my old charries back! What, geek remember, I may not be computer savvy, but I know a character data file when I see one, lol. Yeah, so that monster slain I decided to see if I could actually suss installing new brushes and textures into my GIMP... I was on a roll, lol. So, logically I decided to aim for getting GAP installed into GIMP- I ave had oodles of issues with this in the past (mainly because the comp I was using was a bit ANCIENT and not Cas). Well, yup, got it up and running and I think I even understand a tiny bit of it.
All that is to say I've been playing with GIFs, lol. Crappy ones, I know, but everybody's gotta start somewhere, yeah? And now I am going to torment any of you who dare to look behind the cut with crappy GIFs and icons (and a couple not so crappy icons)!!!!!!

Enter at your own risk... *may contain dragons* )

Okay everybody survived that? Good... I shall now leave you to whatever it was you were doing before I distracted you. :)
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So, where to start...
Hi, my name is Mys and I'm nuts.
I'm also going through some major self-hateage. Is that the reason I've been so quiet, probably not. That probably has more to do with my head being weird and my spending too much time blurting my randomness on Twitter. Anyway, today we are playing catch-up, sorta, lol.

First off, so far lowering the Seroquel and uppiing the Lyrica seems to be working, I know strange thing to say considering the above statements, but most of that stuff I think has roots in reality and therefore not the Mi's, hence I think the change in cocktail is working nicely. :P We'll see what happens when the doc checks iin tomorrow though... :/
Well, I survived Mom's visit- barely, but that was more the running all over hells' half acre than Mom, so yeah. :) On the not-so-upside, Pup is being all wiggy about Mom's visit and her leaving (don't ask, I'm still trying to sort it).
Got my Dean/Cas Big Bang posted, in and out of the comm, though it's going over rather lukewarmish. :((
Finished a 13k Merlin fic that didn't even involve sex! I think I scared ppl, or possibly scarred them because of the other two, lol. This however is alternately going over surprisingly well and like a lead balloon. I say this because here on LJ total lead balloon I've had over 4000 hits on my fic journal since I posted it and three whole comments wtf?????? But on ffnet it's lacking in reviews but it's soaring in the favourites department, again wtf????
Yeah, really feeling my icon these days, lol.
Let's see, I went off and signed up for not one but TWO Merlin fic exchanges *head desk* on top of already having DCxmas, which my gods what the HELLS were they thinking okay the likes and dislikes I can see but the prompts??? three prompts three squicks, WHAT?!?!?!?! Anyway, I'm taking the good ol' throw the prompts out the window strategy 'cause I don't care I'm NOT writing my squicks, I told them I wouldn't write this shite, so I'm not and it's their bloody fault if they or the giftee has a problem with it! Sorry, it just pisses me off.
I feel weird with my fic atm, I just did Secret Angels so that one's still under wraps, the next is DCxmas, which will be under wraps for however long, the two Merlin comms- again under wraps... it's gonna look like I stopped writing altogether! Only thing that will hopefully come out is Arcana and that's like middle/end of December. Though I do have a vague hint of what might, possibly, eventually grow into a fullfledged idea for a Merlin fic, so we'll see. And my Dean/Cas muses seem to have returned, so that's something. All hope is not lost, yet.

I'm totally jonesing for my SPN and Merlin, I haven't been able to watch either for WEEKS!!!!!!! I'm kinda hoping to do some of that today and maybe it'll make me feel better. I wanna sew some, too, but that means finding a big enough space AND enduring the mocking. And I'm really not up for the mockiing. See this is what I mean, maybe it's just the PMS, but just the thought of that has me crying! *sniffles*

Ah, well, gotta go, dishes to do, ungrateful mouths to feed and at least two separate dinners to make (which they would probably preferred to have had an hour ago). Yes, I am considering changing my name to Merlin. :P

ETA- Oh yeah adding to the Mys feels like shite or maybe shat on, got in one of those loverly lose/lose situations with Pup where I asked her something and then "made her feel stupid and small', this is one of those English vs non-English speaking. It usually comes up when I've been writing a lot so my language changes and I use words or phrases she doesn't know, then when I apologize and try to explain I'm makiing her feel stupid, blah, blah, blah and when I apologize for that... *throws up arms in confusion* This time it was a question and turns out SHE was the one trying to make me feel stupid... *rolls eyes* PMSing Swedes are NOT nice, esp when you're PMSing, too. *sighs and runs back to make sure she didn't burn the chicken*

ETA2- *bounces happily* I got my copy of Keeper of the King Mom ordered for me! *hugs her bordering on cheesy vampire book* Now, I just need to find the third one, Siege Perilous! I haven't read that one yet... what is it with me and vamps and Camelot, it's not like I MEAN too, half the time it's an 'oh, yeah' moment it just HAPPENS. *shakes head and returns to fic cleaning*
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Ugh, where to start?
Well, I'm still exhausted, but getting up at 6AM will do that to a person, lol. Childer. *shrugs* Of course it gives me more time in peace... sorta, at least when Pup's at work. I don't know I'm kinda worried about my head; I've had a pretty good Summer all things considered, which just DOES NOT happen. I mean my cycles have been the same for decades. I know I'm not outta the woods yet, and I guess I should feel better that I can feel the edges of the Black Dog hanging about. It's been worse lately, not bad, at least not by my standards but it's there. I'm getting kinda homesick only not. I mean, it's not so much "home" more like I miss things, like being able to sew and as always this time of year I miss Faire, they don't really have them here, and the one they do have is might as well be off in the Nevernever.

The thing with HS and her bastard father is going slowly and he's started threatening us, well, Pup in particular. I think he needs to remember that his description of me as a hyena could be very accurate right now. I might have issues with HS and probably always will, be I'll be damned if anybody, especially him, hurts her!

Now on to happier subjects! ie Fandom! What, you didn't actually expect to have a post from me that DIDN'T have fandom in, did you?

I should have S5 in like 2 weeks!!!!! *dances* And I am NOT watching Point of No Return when it comes on tonight! Though I'm more worried about next week, bloody Kripke making me cry. I do not cry. 3 times, 3 ever, then bloody Kripke comes along and has me in tears 3 times in 4 weeks. *mutters* I think I'm gonna refuse to watch most of S5 with out mass quantities of ice cream. *nods sagely*
Anyway, much to my surprise Kimi convinced me to rp with her and as scared as I was (am) it's fun, well, when I don't get writer's block or Sammy doesn't start screaming at me, lol. I'm a little worried about my SA fic, I know I can get something out, just what I want to do is having hiccups, ya know it starts then all of a sudden nothing- brain dead. See that's what I mean about the Black Dog lingering around, 'm kinda hoping it's just something like the fact that I finally used up the last of my Lamictal- they give me so much I think half of it is expired by the time I get around to taking it. I think it's the most annoy part of meds here, they give you SOOOOO much at a time and then let you get MORE. Pup has this thing that I need to get my meds as often and as soon as I can, I find that only serves to make me have boxes and boxes of meds that are past their use by dates. *grumbles* Anyway she's coming home with a shiny new prescription so if I'm right I should start feeling better soon. If not my p-doc actually talks to me so... *sighs*

Oops, sorry for going all tangenty.

Ohhhh, ya remember how I said I was falling for Merlin/Arthur and wanted fic? Yeah, I've spent the past week reading every bit of first time and schmoop fic I can find, I swear I've read like 200+ fics, lol. I really don't need another pairing to be writing, but I'm actually considering it, just a little to test the waters and see if I can catch it right *chews lip thoughtfully* ...maybe like for some of my bingo prompts just little in the moment type things. I don't know, I confuse myself so much between what I know of Legend, what I know from various shows and movies (come on you can guess- I've squeeing about one of those all over Twitter, lol, and no, Disney does not come into it *rolls eyes*), and the show's blatant disregard for the aforementioned Legend.
Oh and I'm gonna kill HS soon. She's decided she likes Merlin, like really likes, like the way she likes SPN, so Pup has decided we can't watch it unless HS is around and she's like 8 and is the one I have to get up at 6AM so yeah, there is no joy in Mudville and I'm about to steal the DVDs and camp out in the kitchen and watch them all secret like. It's so funny that HS and I can't get along to save our lives, but give us SPN or Merlin and we're sharing the couch happy as clams, lol. She's even a Dean!girl, I'm so proud, lol. Now to just find out about the Merlin boys. :)

I'm really not trying to go off on tangents... maybe I'm not doing as good as I thought. *adds to list*

One last super awesome thing about Merlin fic, pplp use words that I'm used to being the only one to know, let alone use! That makes me insensibly happy, lol. :D

I'm thinking about revamping my layout, I want the same themes and colours but different graphics with the lyrics. Just feel like a change. And some new icons with the theme and then some more Merlin ones. Now to just find someone to do that, lol.
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Ya know, I watched S1 of Merlin and it was kinda cool, fun little bit of escapism... Well, Pup finally heard me when I said I had the first 3 eps of S2 burnt AND in Swedish, so yeah, watched the first ep last night and all I could think was 'gods why aren't I shipping these guys'. Then today second ep and I was all but salivating over Arthur/Merlin. *head desk and repeat* Like I need another ship!

Anyway, I know at least one of my f-listies ships them so point me in the direction of some good slashy fic. *hangs head in shame*


Also, that Daniel/Jacob thing... they started having conversations in my head. Won't be long now. Though where the Hells I'm supposed to post something like that I'll never know.

Anybody know any good SG1 x-over comms?

Okay, 'm off to watch more B&W Who and read Sam/Gabriel fic *waves at her wasteland of LJ*
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Wow! So, hiya! Long time no see. *waves at f-listies and stray weirdos who stumbled onto my LJ*

***this post may contain nuts, umm, I mean it may contain minor growling over fandom and ppl in it***

(This is especially for the few of you who follow me on Twitter) I know I disappeared a few weeks ago because of my Mini Bang, which turned into a Big bang, and Casfest, well in theory that's all done with and I can get back to annoying my fellow Twits!

As scary as it may be (gods know I'm terrified by it) barring any disgusted fb from my not-an-alpha, my beta, and my alpha I finished my Big Bang!!!!!! 23k+ *flails*
Shit I NEVER thought I could do it!!!!! I think this even out does my Fiends!verse, which, if memory serves, was just over 21k for all 6 fic/lets!!!!
Okay enough squealing about that.

Casfest... what can I say, I did it, two fics for my person. One was way outta my comfort zone, but my beta convinced me it was good enough. *takes the opportunity to squish [livejournal.com profile] half_vulcan yet again*
Anyway, ***here comes that growling I mentioned earlier*** I posted the fics a week ago, and got some surprisingly positive responses from ppl- everyone except the person I was writing for. Now, I don't care if you don't fucking like it, you can at least tell the person you've actually taken the time to read the bloody fics!!!!!! I know ppl don't always get what they wanted and that sucks, it does, but if the writer tried at all, you can at least give them some sort of acknowledgement. *growls loudly* I'm sorry, that kinda shit just pisses me off!

Now, I just have my S/G fic exchange fic to finish- 2/3 of the word count and about half the fic left to write, so I'm feeling pretty good about it. :D

*head desk* I went and signed up for [livejournal.com profile] spn_las. I've never done a 'last author standing' thing before and I'm completely expecting to get cut like the first round, but I thought it might be fun to see... well that's what I was thinking when I hit the 'post' button, now I'm pulling my hair out 'cause wtf ppl never like my stuff that way and do I really need it pointed out more????????? *head desk and repeat*

I'm ignoring my bingos, atm. :P~

So ya know how I found B5 on one of the channels here, well can someone explain to me why ppl (Pup) does everything in her power to make sure I don't get to watch it? *grrr* It makes no sense, she even bought me S5 for Christmas last year, so what's the problem???? *mutters about women being weird and PMSing*
On a slightly fangrll related note, yesterday SPN was on at the same time as B5, but the bloody commercials were so synced up that I could watch one wait for the commercial break and switch to the other and watch it until the ad break and flip back... it was very amusing and surprisingly fulfilling, lol.

Anyway I got some R/L stuff going on, some of it's bad (I may explain later in a locked post), but most of it's just hectic. Pup's off for her second set of vacation and we're supposed to be doing vacationy, family type things so I may be drug away from the comp for the next week or so, but then! then I will be free again, lol. :D
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- [livejournal.com profile] half_vulcan is the best, most awesome friend EVER, like in the entire history of EVER!!!!!! *smishesandsquishesandhugs*

- I've introduced Pup to the wonder that is the original UK Whose Line Is It Anyway? ...she actually likes it :P

- things that shouldn't make you feel like you're having your heart ripped out painfully, do

- along with still having a thing for Delenn and Garibaldi, I also still have a total hard-on for Marcus ...I swear B5 is gonna kill me if SPN doesn't first!

- I really wanna find/write Jacob/Daniel fic *headdesk*

- finally breached 18k and for the first time since I upgraded, I actually think that just maybe I can pull this off (thanks in no small part to the aforementioned uber-awesome [livejournal.com profile] half_vulcan and [livejournal.com profile] kimisgirl *hugs them both*)

- this *points up at previous ticky* is officially the longest thing I've written, ever.

- I seem to be in a permanent state of hug needage... that can't be good.

- I want an icon(s) based on my layout, the whole Veteran of the Psychic Wars thing

- somehow Doctor Who makes more sense in black and white ...shhhh, I kinda like the first Doctor, lol


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