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Well, then. So, I just finished watching my illicit copy of Island, my copy still hasn’t shown up yet, grrrrrrrrrrr, but anyway, yeah just finished and, well…
Possible Spoilers for Island )

To sum up, as if anyone’s actually reading this, lol-
Island on the whole is okay, but it makes more sense if you’ve read the book, which is a big negative for me.
Colin is totally unequivocally worth seeing this movie for, if only to see how it should be done.
If you’re watching this to see “Colin” or “Merlin” you’re gonna be disappointed, if you’re watching it to see a truly proper portrayal of a character, omgs, heaven.

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So it’s official, I dropped out of the BB… ‘m trying not to feel like a, I don’t know, not exactly a loser ‘cause I know there’s no reason to feel that way. I’m still doing my fic, hells, finally worked my way around a mini scene that was giving me trouble. So it’s not like it’s dead, if anything it feels more alive than it has recently, like now that I’m not under the time constraints all those little bits that were fighting and straining to fit in, or to get out in a rush are just letting themselves flow and not worrying about when it gets in or that it has to fit perfectly NOW. *sighs* The pauldron!fic is definitely still alive, it’s just no longer a BB fic.
Oh, and for those who don’t know “the pauldron!fic” was the moniker for my BB before I started referring to it as “my BB”- don’t ask, it’s a bit odd to explain, not difficult just odd; you know, the kind of odd that once you explain it ppl start backing away from you slowly or giving you that ‘I’m gonna stick around if only so I can keep one eye on you and your weirdness’.

And hugs to everyone who sent me kisses (and a bit extra for the freaky demonic kiss); they came at a good time. :-)

I can also say that YES I have finished my meltdown, no more aftershocks or anything, the world is safe as it ever was from psychotic!fandom!Mys. Only downside to any of it, and I really think this is more a “sadly confused in the head” issue than a fandom issue, is that I’m feeling more subdued than normal, but it’s also that time of year, so…

In news of the ‘no one really cares, but it’s my LJ so ‘m allowed to’, ‘ve spent way too much of the past week and a half dealing with Shithead (for those who have not been exposed, Shithead is HS’s ‘father’- and I use the term loosely trying abusive, racist bastard, who can’t even admit he’s done anything wrong when the fucking COURTS have declared him an abusive SOB). Somehow, I have gone from being useless and computer/fandom obsessed on one hand (Pup’s), and an insane laughing hyena on the other (Shithead’s) to being the one who can talk to Shithead/the one Shithead will talk to. I never wanted either job, really. I hate trying to be civil to ppl ‘d rather castrate and feed their own intestines. It doesn’t help that he’s an idiot. ‘ve been fighting with him trying to get him to pay the damages the court declared and he’s been jerking us around- I shall spare you the gory details. Anyway, now he’s fucking FLYING out here tomorrow to give us (me) the payment in cash. Don’t ask, just don’t. Yeah, and he refuses to understand the concept of ‘it’s Saturday.’ He wants us to go down to the courthouse or the police station or the solicitor’s or the bank and we keep telling him none of these places are open on Saturdays, least ‘round here they’re not (yes, I live in BFE, actually, BFE is an upgrade). *head desk* So yeah, fun day for Mys tomorrow. Grrrrrr.

Ohh, fandom obsessing… you know how I read Island t’other day, well, I keep having bloody scenes randomly playing out in my head (like literally ‘ll be watching something else and my mind wanders for two seconds and there, boom, snapshot from scene X) and it’s BLOODY ARSE DISTURBING!!!!!! I know I have what could be considered by some to be an absolutely, undeniably unhealthy obsession, but still- do not want! ‘m gonna get enough once it actually gets here, I don’t need my brain throwing possible interpretations into my mind in full Technicolor! It wasn’t even that good!!!!!!! *rolls eyes*

Random- I find way too much amusement in ancient “Man on the Mountain” assassin!vamp teasing almost as ancient vamp!Lance and calling him Lance-baby. It’s cute, I want to pinch his cheeks, lol.

Anyway, I need to actually get back to doing this beta that I kept being too emo meltdown girl erm, distracted to work on properly and making myself go work on the [livejournal.com profile] merlin_land challenges ‘ve been avoiding though I think I will continue to play avoidy with them until tomorrow- see subdued, since when is it hard for me to rant over there, really, since when!?!?!?! *considers having head examined... again*

And I saw this over at [livejournal.com profile] silkmoth101’s journal and well, book memes, film memes, and psych memes are weaknesses, lol.

Further proof that Mys is an antisocial, esoteric weirdo… )

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Well, I just finished Island and… not what I was expecting exactly. I think I liked it, but I didn’t love it. Can’t wait to see how they translated it to film, though, ‘cause I could see it being so much more than it is if done right (and gods, I HAVE to see Colin in this, like life’s blood have to!*).

***POSSIBLE SPOILERS*** Mys' thoughts on Island )

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Guh! I hate our net provider, bloody thing went down AGAIN last night!!!!!!
Okay, 'm feeling better with my little fandom crisis (I think, I read fic yesterday and today- my footie!au got updated!!!!!!!!!!- and played with the RP yesterday, and would've done more if the damn net hadn't gone down), so yeah, I think we're back to being okay, lol.

In other news, I got Island yesterday, yay! Gonna tuck in with that today hopefully and read and probably cry and just, yeah, good things, lol. :D
Also, I committed fanvid. Yes, me, miss graphically challenged made a vid... I had to, just, go with it, lol. The day after the meltdown I was listening to my music and 1953 came on and I just had all these flashes of Arthur+Merlin and yeah, spent the last couple days fighting with a constantly crashing Windows Live Movie Maker, but I have achieved video, so... not saying it's good or classy or anything, but it's mine *cuddles crappy vid* It's over here if anyone's interested.

Yes, well, probably other things, but I have dishes to do and the RP (hopefully, grrrr) and probably something else that 'll get yelled at for in a bit when ppl get back from the store- I already got the new "I'm bitter about my life because I don't have a blog or LJ or anything to whine about my problems on", which to MM's credit was met with a 'so get one', lol- anyway, grindstone's awaiting (and hopefully a baked potato, but that's another story, lol).

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So, at the risk of offending, I really have issues with The Lovely Bones. MM had it on while we were eating dinner (said it was the best thing on, and she was probably right), and once again I was struck by just how much it annoys me. Don’t get me wrong, cinematically it was very well done, and the performances were fine, some more than fine, really good in fact, but it's the ending, not how it ends per se, but when they’re going through his victims. I always get so angry! Why do you ruin a perfectly good drama by buggering up something as simple as serial killer psychology 101? And I realize this is not the movie’s fault, it’s the book's, and I could forgive that if it wasn't a 2002 novel- they can't even claim that it was a lack of 'common' knowledge about serial killers and psycho/sociopaths. I just think you can rework it so that it isn’t GLARIINGLY obvious when you do the film. I know some ppl would take it as an insult to the book and its author, but I also think that to make a film, esp one like that, stay true and real in the way a good drama should things like that should be taken into consideration. I mean for me it took a film from being this deep emotional, almost psychological, thing to being a, well, farce is a bit harsh, but it stripped its credibility.
On another note, I saw Priest Friday, and can I just say ‘m a little more in love with Paul Bettany. :) Seriously, that man is awesome, the things he can pull off- by that I mean the range of characters, and he does them all so very well. *sigh* That said, I don’t think the Clan was as impressed, of course they just look at me when I go ,‘OMGs that’s Paul Bettany,’ instead of, ‘oh that looks awesome/cool/fun/interesting,’ so… Anyway, good movie, I enjoyed it, a rarity in these parts, most of the movies the Clan want to watch leave me kinda going, ‘oh’ or more often ‘gods, it’s finally over!’ That doesn’t mean it was great cinema, but it was fun and exactly what it was supposed to be a nice bit of intense, fast paced, escapism, so yeah, good stuff.
AND! Last night. OH MY GODS last night, we FINALLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY got to watch Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think ‘m in love! I mean, I love those boys already, I mean, seriously, Shaun of the Dead owns my soul. But THAT was bloody BRILLIANT! Of course Pup and MM looked at me scarily for most of it, probably ‘cause I started out going wide eyed and dreamy, whispering “Comic Con” and making little mrphle noises and squeaking at everything, lol. And then understanding the geek speak and everything… and I am torn between being very grateful and somewhat horrified that I didn’t understand the Klingon, yet recognized it as such. *shivers* I feel like I have a huge gaping hole in my geekhood… I mean, I know a few words of Elvish, and a bit of Minbari, does that count!?!?!?! I would really love to know more Minbari, but most of my odd language skills are limited to written languages like Enochian and most of the “wiccan/pagan” alphabets and ‘m currently working on my Ogham. *makes pleading eyes to the gods of geekdom that they won’t take her geek card away* Anyway, Paul, wonderful, beautiful, want more NOW! I could seriously watch that on repeat for a very long time, lol!

See, ‘m trying not to rant more about SPN, be pleased… at least if it lasts, lol.

So, I gave in and ordered Island, the book, should be here by the end of the week… hopefully I can sit down and finish Keeper of the King before then, and yes, ‘ve been reading that for, like, ever, but ‘ve been busy and fic and dresses and shite and I know how it ends, so not on the priority list even if I am trying to get back up to Siege Perilous- I hate reading multiple books at once, unless it’s my travel books, I make a point of not reading those unless ’m travelling, but that’s like Science of Discworld (do I get geek points for that!?!?!?) and stuff.

My BB is killing me, or maybe my brain is… I just can’t settle. I sit down to work on it and I get distracted… and not even by the shiny, quite often by the dull and somewhat annoying. :( ‘m a little worried about that. Just like ‘m a little worried about the hypomania yesterday. I mean, I know it was because I forgot my meds for a whole day, but still it shoulda been a depression I was fighting off not a mania; unless the meds are fucking with my cycles, which they could and probably should be doing, ‘m just not used to it so it’s kinda freaky… Anyway BB… I think I hit a turning point t’other day going over it. I actually think as in know I can do this, it’s not a matter of, ugh, 30k never. More of a ugh in general, lol. Seriously, though, the pieces that seemed so scattered are coming together and I can see where they fit, there’s still a couple large holes that need to be sorted and the entire last 1/3 to half of the fic needs to be written, but I truly believe once I get there it’ll be ‘easy’ in comparison, lol. So, yeah, the BB isn’t good, but ‘m calm and actually confident about it now. In other words, good things. :D

So now, I shall leave you of an explanation as to where my poor scattered brain is…
I keep putting on these songs out of the 6 hrs of music on this particular playlist:

Weekend Irish
Almost Irish
Get Your Irish On
A Walk in the Irish Rain
Celtic Girl (a song for my Arthur)
Kiss Me I’m Irish (yes, those who are exposed to my random Twits Tweets, I am still squeaking at the line for no apparent reason…I mean it’s one bloody word! The first time I understood, but still? The term “stalker” comes to mind.)
Galway Girl
And just to mess with the selection- End of the World and Ghost Train… of course, they’re by Mr. Irish Bastard *rolls eyes head desk*
with a side of hysterical giggling over Skinhead on the MBTA- "Charlie" is rolling in his proverbial grave and ‘m loving it- Oi! Oi! Oi! :P~

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Incoming fangrrliing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Erm, not so much once it was written, lol.
Well, sort of, I mean it's more outward non-character/show specific fangrrling than I normally do.

ANYWAY, I used the last of my Amazon gift cert from Christmas to pre-order Island when word came down it was available- seriously, I like got the e-mail note from one of the comms went click, click, put in basket, checkout; the entire process took less than five minutes, lol. It's no secret, or wouldn't be if anybody asked or anything that I was holding onto the last bit of my gift cert on the offhand chance that pleasepleasepleaselettherebereleasespleasespleaseslettherebebloodyreleases Island and Parked got DVD distributors, though I admit I had been hoping for Parked, not that I have given up or anything merely that I had hoped it would get a distributor first. Yeah, well, anyway, Island's on pre-order for July, so Merry Christmas to me, lol.
Though I swear I sometimes wonder why I want these things since the mere thought is usually enough to have me fighting back tears- I really was serious when I said that was why I only had three Cathal icons in that set. I start working on them and, well, 'm fine as long as I don't actually LOOK at the pic, lol. You know how you can look at something without seeing it, just take in the bits and bobs of it, colours and shapes, stuff like that. That I can handle, but actually looking at it, seeing the whole thing (or really anything that has to do with his eyes or the set of his jaw) just breaks me and I can't focus... bastard.
I mean at least OPL I don't know enough to let it get to me fully, I know a bit and that's enough, but 'm afraid if I actually knew what was going on... I think I'd be gone on that one, too.
*thanks the gods she doesn't know enough about the other plays or else she knows, just KNOWS she'd burn out*

But I digress, actually, I tangent, which isn't quite the same since it's still very close to the topic I was trying to get to. *shakes head* Anyway, where I was going in my round-a-bout fashion was Island, see, I read this fic- now shut it and don't judge, okay, just go with it- yeah, I read this fic, which was, well, it left you kinda going 'wha...', so not exactly high on my list, actually rather low, which is annoying 'cause it was really well written otherwise. Yeah, k, point, throughout this fic there was a lot of emphasis on Island and a lot more detail in regards to the book/film itself then 'm used to encountering and damned if the thing hasn't left me wanting to read the blasted thing. But really, if it's as intense as it's made out to be it's gonna be the dramatic equivalent of "Song of Ice and Fire" and 'm gonna be in tears or at the least all uber-emotionally charged... I mean, I was on edge when I read The Unbearable Lightness of Being, which, btw, is a helluva read, and this feels like it could go that direction.
Yeah, I know, 'm not the best judge on these things 'cause yeah, I read a lot, but mostly I stick to fantasy, horror, or mystery or all of the above, which I know doesn't exactly put Island that far outta my comfort zone, but it's teetering and like I said it feels a little heavy. I don't know this started out as a rant about the evils of Colin Morgan and the proofs thereof, now it's more of a debate about actually reading this thing, lol.

Well, since I seem to have gone in that direction, I might as well ask- any of you lot read this? Thoughts? Opinions? Should I give in and buy it?

*NB- Just to clarify I still love Colin, if anything moreso for this "evil", just wanted to make sure ppl knew that, k.
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Okay, on a more playful note, since I need more playfulness in my life... I just read this line in my book and about spewed cocoa all over the sofa.
Richard smiled. If he knew anything about talks on Arthurian legends, demand would not be great at all.

Just thought, OMGs if this book had been written now! Lolololololol.

and just so ppl don't get pissy, that was from Keeper of the King by Nigel Bennett and P.N. Elrod

In other news, see previous post...

Msy'll try to stop with the frivolous posting now, k.
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Woot! So in an effort to be social and cheer up a bit I commented to [livejournal.com profile] hoodedcrime's Shag, Marry, Cliff memeage. :) I also made the mistake of saying I'd give totally diff answers than hers if I got the same set... she got the Winchester brothers- not a choice I envy, lol.

Anyway, because of that stray comment she gave me the boys - Adam + Cas (I wonder if she realizes this also changes my answers :P)!

So, pictures were requested, so here goes...

See, I even put it under a nice LJ-cut, aren't I a good girl *polishes horns and halo* )

In other less exciting news, 'm still feeling hopeless about my BB (though I FINALLY finished that damned sex scene that was giving me so much trouble *head desk*), and much to my annoyance I can't find the full replay of Körslaget, so I haven't gotten my complete Andreas fix for the week. *glares at TV4 for being the spawn of SATAN* And 'm kinda hiding from Twitter for the moment, it's not helping the mindset, ya know. That does however mean 'm catching up on some LJ stuff and have time to gorge on all the pretties from Kapow and JBcon (between bouts of depression because of al the pretties from Kapow and JBcon, lol). Anyway, no being overly maudlin, I did the morose thing in the last post, so not revisiting, yeah.
*wanders off in search of some of them thar pretties she was on about*

ETA- [livejournal.com profile] kina54 is officially one of the most awesome ppl ever! She found the TV4 vid! ♥ ♥ ♥ 'cause apparently TV4 hates me or 'm blind as a bat when 'm upset, either option is equally probable I has Andreas now. :-}

Oh, yes, that reminds me, since I should be getting Siege Perilous soon, I decided it would be a good idea to reread at least Keeper of the King, and well... DAMN I forgot how much sex was in this damn thing, at least the beginning. Second, I completely remembered my turning wrong!!!! Which means that if only they allowed fic I could do a canon x-over like I want... See, I totally mixed it up (come on, last time I read it was in '97, I think I can be forgiven just a little, plsssssss) he got turned BEFORE in order to be Arthur's champion and protector *head desk* gods, I feel like an idiot. Yeah, basically 'the Lady of the Lake' is a vamp of the Old Religion and she turned him so he'd be able to protect Arthur... I think he buggered up, lol. Anyway, 'm having fun rereading it and trying not to put our faces to their names, ya know, lol, especially when he makes offhand comments/thoughts about someone behaving 'just like Mordred in council meetings' and I almost sputter my soda over my book 'cause all I see are those eyes, lolololololol.
*whimpers* I want vamp!Lance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, if anyone wants me to tag them just, you know, say so, otherwise, carry on nothing to see, nothing to see *waves imaginary ppl on passed*

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So I know I posted relatively recently, but I had to go here, lol.

‘k, Mom got me a gift cert for Amazon yeah, and I went prowling. Grabbed a new cord for Colin Bastards keep telling me it’s the MP3 itself and not just an accessory so they won’t fucking deliver it here *GRRRRRRRRRRRRR*, and the 2 newest Lincoln Rhyme books, thought about getting the 2 newest Pratchett books, but figured I actually know a store where I can get them, unlike the Deaver novels. Anyway, had a good chunk left and remembered I’d wanted to look at a couple Elrod books, and well BLOODY EFFING HELLS!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, my, what prices! …haven’t you ppl ever heard of doing more than one run or reprints??? Esp for a series THAT popular, I mean seriously! Needless to say, I’m rather fond of my body parts- dysfunctional as they are, and would rather not sell my soul for these particular books. *shakes head* Anyway, this didn’t stop me from looking up the other book I wanted (this one I might consider selling body parts for) and well, I found it, I hope, secondhand, *crossing my fingers it’s one of the groups that lets you use the certs* YAY!!!!! It’s the 3rd in the Lord Richard series. :D
Now, I doubt any of you, or anyone actually reading this has ever heard of this series, but I love it. It’s a collaborative effort between Nigel Bennett and P.N. Elrod, so DUH it’s about vampires or a vampire in particular. Point is that the series has a really soft spot for me, or I have a real soft spot for it rather, whatever, it’s late and I took my meds and ‘m just waiting for my net to come back up so I can attempt to place this bloody order! (Update: Woot, they accepted it! Siege Perilous will be mine soon. *cackles madly*) Like I said, soft spot. And well, -here it comes, you guys know it’s coming so don’t even act surprised- I want to cross it over with Merlin!!!!! Why, you ask, since we all know Mys isn’t big on x-overs, and she sure as hells isn’t big on crossing those kinds of story lines, but that’s where you miss the important part of Lord Richard’s history, see he’s like over 1500 years old and he wasn’t always Lord Richard, he used to be a knight, the First Knight to a king even… come on, you know where it’s going… *nodnodnod* yeah, he went and got himself vamped after betraying Arthur!!!!! I don’t remember exactly why (I haven’t read it in over 7 years) it was some sort of self-imposed penance or some such. Anyway, I just want to write that with our Arthur, et al, maybe as a Future King, portion of Once and Future type thing *cackles* I so want! Unfortunately, Elrod is one of those authors who won’t let you fic their characters/verses and much as it annoys me no end, I’ll respect that. Damn-it, vampire Lance trying to convince Arthur and Merlin he’s not all evil and of how badly betraying Arthur buggered him up. *wibble*

Okay on to the second item of business- GWAINE!

I have recently come to the realization that I NEED, like bone deep NEED Gwaine to know about Merlin’s magic. I want to say I don’t know why, but the more I think about it the more I want to understand it. I think, I could be wrong, but I think I need it because Gwaine is Merlin’s friend first and foremost, whereas Lance’s duty is to Arthur. I don’t mean by that that I think Lance is gonna turn his back on Merlin or betray him or anything, merely that I think Gwaine is gonna always put his friendship first without hesitation. To me Gwaine would be a facilitator, not in a bad way or anything, just Gwaine takes the bull by the horns, if something needs done he does it, or drinks it, lol. I want to see Gwaine find out and be the one Merlin goes to when he needs to see both sides of a path, or when he needs a way to get something done under Arthur’s nose- I know Lance showed his ability to do this in 3x13, but to me Lance would always be putting Arthur first, consciously or otherwise. And I think Gwaine wouldn’t keep Merlin’s secret just because it’s ‘right’, but because he cares about Merlin and respects him. Anyway, I need Merlin to have that kind of friend in his life. I need him to see the wilder side of things- I don’t mean I want Gwaine taking Merlin out and getting him in drunken brawls on a regular basis or anything, but Gwaine can show him the world in a different light and Gwaine’s doesn’t have that perfect mindset that Lance has. He needs that in his life, someone who’s not perfect, but true to himself and his ideals (such as they are), and he needs that with someone who knows about him.
Of course, I’d also love to see Gwaine and Lance both being protective of Merlin and his abilities. *purrs* (shhh, depending how they handle Gwaine and Lance, I may start not-so-secretly shipping them, lol. There’s just such possibility there :-} )

And on a completely random note, did anybody see the Selby/Carter game today??? Gods my boy kicked ass and MY GODS I haven't seen him play that well in ages!!!!!!!!

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So, I get this e-mail last night about the reworking of the LAS comms and… and… and… angry? pissed? FUMING? Yes, I think all of those apply. Ohhh, seething, that’s a good all-round word for me right now. I mean, gods! I understand the logic, but damn-it! I signed up for one comm, one!!!! I know I’m not gonna get anywhere with it, so ‘s not that. I just… if I wanted to play in the other fandoms, I woulda signed on for them, I didn’t. I don’t want to play there. I want to play where I know what I’m working with. I chose THAT comm because it had the most to offer for me. I wanted to play around in some old never really played in fandoms of mine and I was gonna get to and not be put up with all those other more mainstream/American shows. I was LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! Not like I expected ppl to know some of them, the shows, even in that setting, but it sure as hells improved the odds of acceptance- not to be confused with appreciation or anyone actually liking my fic, but at least accepting and possibly even being aware of the fandoms!
I was so good last night. I was calm and nice and didn’t completely go off. But today, well, today, I’M FUCKING PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In between bouts of utter fury, I had to decide if I was gonna do the header challenge at [livejournal.com profile] merlin_land, or rather if I was gonna turn in my pathetic excuse for a header… anyway, in a fit of ‘oh, fuck it, today already sucks’ I submitted it… umm, ‘Yay, me’???????
I also wound up making icons, not related to the challenge just ohhh, pretty must make icon. ‘m not sure what if anything I will be doing with them ‘cause well it’s not like I want to use them all or anything, though I did add a couple new ones :) I still want iconage for my OT3, lol. One day, it’ll happen. *nods sagely*

Anyway, after all that I needed to calm down or try to reach something resembling calm, soooooo I went looking for fic. I even read some. Got blindsided by a modern!AU, read some truly meagre offerings- they weren’t bad, they just weren’t good, and the one that woulda been good got detracted from because it was unrequited which, yeah way to go on the cheering up/calming down front- NOT. Then in a last ditch attempt, as in the last of the recent fic I hadn’t read, I start this thing that even though it’s premise is so-so the author actually put some thought into authenticity and such and we all know how much that does it for me, lol, so I had if not high then slightly above average hopes… well, it wasn’t slash, wasn’t even pre-slash really, and I see through slash-coloured glasses, so yeah… anyway, it gets to the end and you think it just might save itself and, well it doesn’t, but even before I got there they… this author… they go to the trouble of trying for some level of authenticity and then they SAY MERLIN’S OLDER THAN ARTHUR!!!!!!!!! *head desk* I mean, seriously!!!! As if it wasn’t assumed beforehand, 2x13 proves it! I mean how much brains does it take to say Balinor escaped to Ealdor during the Great Purge, the Great Purge started after Arthur was born, therefore Balinor arrived in Ealdor AFTER Arthur was born, therefore his SON (ie Merlin) born of a woman he MET in Ealdor cannot possibly be older than Arthur!!!!! *screams and yanks hair*
What is it with ppl making these obvious mistakes?!?!?! *grumbles about Reid remembering everything he hears- idiots*
I mean, I try to forgive the breeches thing ‘cause well, it’s a common enough misconception, and an understandable one, it grates on my nerves and sometimes it does just ruin a fic, but I try damn-it. But simple facts, facts that you don’t have to research or check references for simple ‘hello, the show said…’ facts- how do you get those wrong?!?!?!

I also realized I’ve all but stopped readin Dean/Cas fic, which really sucks because I could really do with a Dean/Cas fix… I just don’t seem to have the patience for all the Fallen/human!Cas or the HAUs or the other AUs- Hunter/angel is it that complicated? And Spike has fucking FANGS! *grrrrrrr*

Yes, well, the day got worse (and has yet to truly improve)… grocery stores and forgotten items and misunderstood shopping lists- and ‘m still paying for that…
Oh and I realized I forgot to take my meds last night, so yeah, extra shitty...
eyes popping out of head/floating like bloody fishing bobs-check
memory totally switched off-huh, oh, umm, check?
jitters and general nervy-ness-check, check, and double check
times like this I really feel the whole "cure worse than the disease" thing *glowers*

On a lighter, slightly psychotic note, I’ve discovered I can no longer watch Merlin without my brain, and on occasion hand, rushing off to make note of ‘ohhh, that would make a great gif’ scenes, lol.
And I know I’ve said it before, I just can’t believe it and I find it kinda disturbingly adorable, but HS has the BIGGGGGGGGGGEST crush on Muerhlen, lol. She’s so cute sometimes, yes, you heard right I said the Evil One was cute- she came running into the kitchen t’other day ‘cause “Muerhlin’s on barnkanalen!!!” (and yes, ‘m well aware that I butchered the Swedish language :p~) at which point she half drags me into the living room to prove this, lololol.

And gods, I wrote fic… I wrote pauldron!fic (not to be confused with the pauldron!fic)… I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut, lol. Merlin Wankfest- I wound up filling my own damn prompt! *head desk* Yes, ‘m going to be going on about this for the foreseeable future, lol. Yeah, and I kinda sorta not exactly agreed to, but well the seed was planted and it’s currently festering and trying to keep root, it’s already taken root, I just keep trying to dislodge it, lol. Yeah, well, seed- teeth… Bradley’s teeth… Colin… yeah, do the math- I’m so going to hells if I actually let this fic come to fruition… I already wrote bloody modern!AU what are you ppl trying to do to me!?!?!?!?!?!
And gods, the pauldron!fic, I've decided to change a rather integral part of it which means I need to basically write a story within the fic to be told as a performance by a minstrel/troubadour... practical upshot- 'm now reading Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales after taking a crash course in Welsh and Gaelic bardic verse and giving up and settling for iambic verse and vaguely appropriate wordage, hence the Beowulf and Chaucer... on an unrelated note, I've also found and begun reading Le Morte d'Arthur on-line... I find it strangely relaxing, esp consideriing my opinion of Legend or more specifically Legend characters.

Okay, calmer now, sorry ‘bout that. Now, it seems the next challenge is up at [livejournal.com profile] merlin_land (ohhh, beware incoming gifs, lol), and I have fic to beta, so I shall go attempt to channel what’s left of this angry energy into something more productive.
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So apparently, today has been the day of books. Woke up early and decided to ignore ficcing in favour of reading Making Money. What with the Big Bang and Casfest and the S/G fic exchange and the fact that I keep signing up for bingos, I'd almost forgotten why it was lying next to my thesaurus, printout of Gmicalzoma, and MP3 player- yes, my life is that weird, lol.
Then later on I got the bright idea to check with my parrot about the audio book of Blood Rites and well my parrot found A LOT more than just Blood Rites. :D I think I can happily melt into a world of audio books for the next month or so, lol.

On a side note:
Technically it appears to be a classic Bag of Holding but with n mouths, where n is the number of items in an eleven-dimensional universe which are not currently alive, not pink and can fit in a cubical drawer 14.14 inches on a side, divided by P.
- this describes my world with frightening accuracy.

...I'm so going through withdrawal, I was just flipping channels and saw that Friday the 13th (the remake) was on in like 2hrs and I actually considered staying up to watch it *head desk*
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So ya ready for this, Mys is gonna ramble about stuff other than SPN! Okay, so she’s gonna ramble about that, too, but you get the idea, lol.

First off, I missed a whole day of my tourney damn it! But it was for a good cause- Stockholm :D
...sci-fi bookstore- walls of Terry Pratchett, literally, and THREE displays of the Dresden Files *flails* and I even managed not to squeak toooo loudly when I turned around from one such display only to come face to face with a whole row of Supernatural books! I’d heard of such things, but I’d never actually seen them before, lol. Oh, and for you ppl who think I‘m THAT obsessed, NO, I did NOT buy any SPN books, I didn‘t even look too closely, so there. :P I did however buy Pratchett and Gaiman books and grumbled because they still don’t have the most recent P.N. Elrod books (and does someone wanna tell me why I always have the urge to buy the Lovecraft books, even though I already own all of them?) - see my scope does actually go outside the world of SPN... It might not stray too far away from the sci-fi/fantasy/horror sections, but it does go outside, lol.
...and Alice!
Yep, I finally saw Alice in Wonderland, and, damn, it was way better than I expected, lol. Now, don’t go getting your panties in a twist, let me explain, see, I never got into the whole Alice in Wonderland thing, I’ve been intrigued (to say the least) by Alice Through the Looking Glass- I’ve always found the premise much more interesting and well creepier and in my book that’s a good thing, lol. Anyway, what that means is that when ppl say Alice in Wonderland I think they mean Alice in Wonderland, so yeah, interesting but not all that, so when we got there and are watching it and I realize holy shit it’s Alice Through the Looking Glass I get a whole new level of interested, lol.
That side note dealt with... it was great! Though for a brief and completely insane moment I had the disturbing urge to find Alice/Hatter fic, but thankfully it passed by morning, lol.

And now that I have shocked and dismayed you by NOT going on about SPN, I shall commence going on about SPN!

Wherein Kripke reads too much Gaiman and Mys has a breakdown before it's all over )
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Okay, remember I'm STILL sick as shit- had a fic related idea, one little sentence (okay so my sentences are far from little but still...) took me almost twenty minutes to write it down my hands were shaking so badly, can still barely read it (reason number #4 on the 'why I want a laptop' page). For what it's worth I went back to the doc today and even he was impressed, lol.
Anyway, while I was waiting in the doc's office (bloody walk-in appointments), trying to keep my non-existant breakfast in my belly rather than painting the floor, I pulled out Unseen Academicals to kill time and hopefully stop my eyes from wobbling their way into more nausea. Well, I'm reading along, silly smile on my face because it's been tooooooo long since I read any Discworld stuff, trying not to actually laugh because of the coughing fit that it would produce and I read this passage (edited slightly for effect)- this conversation takes place between smooth talkin', hands on *nudgenudgewinkwink* footballer and mild mannered, incredibly awkward outcast:
"Please have some of my wonderful apple pie."
"But she gave it to you. I'd never hear the end of it if I ate your pie."
"But you are my friend. And since it is my pie I can decide what to do with it."

Now, I know I obsess, I'm rather good at it, but... but... but... PIE!
...and PIE
...and OMGs I must be reading FIC!
*shakes head* - which was a mistake 'cause I almost... well, that's not important. Anyway, more meds (for the being sick, not for the head) these with codine! so hopefully I'll be fractionally sane if not alive by Friday. And WOW this is the most coherent I've been in four days... I think I need to pass out now.

Oh yeah, the exact passage was:
"Please have some of my wonderful apple pie," said Nutt.
"But she gave it to you," said Trev, grinning. "I'd never 'ear the end of it if I ate your pie."
"But you are my friend, Mister Trev," said Nutt. "And since it is my pie I can decide what to do with it."

I think it was the 'grinning' that did it. I just saw that lopsided quirky smile in my head and the rest went downhill fast...


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