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*hangs head in shame* I have no excuse for these, other than my brain must've been on crack!

These may not make sense if you aren't from or familiar with the South...
Hiden for possible 5x14 SPOLIERS )
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Title: Freedom
Author [livejournal.com profile] heavenlyxbodies
Character(s)/Pairing: Castiel (claim), Dean/Cas
Theme: Table 02:Less Talk, More Action
Prompt(s): #22, capitulate
Rating: PG13 for kissage and implied frottage
Disclaimer: If they were mine Cas and Dean would be going at it in front of the camera and Sammy would have stayed dead, so yeah… (ppl it’s a JOKE *pets Sammy and balks at blatant ABSURDITY of statement*) They belong to Kripke/McG/et al, and a bunch of other corporate-type ppl, in other words, not me.
Summary: Cas experiences freedom, Dean offers more.
Warnings: mentions of happenings from S5 E3, angel!fondling


Dean took two steps backwards until he felt the edge of the bed against his legs. “Hold on baby,” he whispered against Cas’ mouth between kisses.

The angel grunted in reply, unwilling to relinquish his lover’s mouth to answer properly.

Smiling, Dean held his angel tightly and let himself fall back onto the bed.

The fall knocked the air out of Cas’ lungs, yet once he caught his breath, he began laughing- the same carefree laugh he’d shared with Dean outside the brothel. Only this time, Cas understood why.

“What’s so funny, Cas?” trying hard not to burst out in laughter over his angel’s inexplicable amusement.

“That was… freeing.”

Dean did the best he could to cock his head questioningly from the position he was in on the bed.

“It is one thing to trust someone; it is another to experience that trust as a physical thing. I have always known I trust you, I have made choices and acted upon that trust. But this- I felt it.”

Dean cupped both hands around Cas’ face, pulling him until they were mere inches apart, “If you’re willing, there’s a lot of other ways to feel it and share it.”

“Yes,” Castiel’s voice rumbled in a soft, deep, purr unlike any sound Dean had heard from his angel before, “please.”

Prompt(s): #13, crave
Rating: SFW


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