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So, yes, as horrifying a concept as it may be, Mys is still alive and kicking, slightly more with the kicking than before, if truth be told.

Kitchen sink, you say? Yes, I happen to have one right here. )

Anywho, I have fic to read, shows to watch, fic to WRITE (lookit, I can say that without wanting to cry or rip my hair out, much, lol), and the Great Fandom Repost to work on, so I am shutting up now and going to poke this TS fic with a stick and make sure an anthropologist falls out from under it and not a cop then maybe finish up the little drabble I’m working on for Arthur
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First off, *hugs* and Merry Christmas and/or other seasonal holiday of your choosing (with extra cocoa and marsh mellows for Silky, Mia, and Arthur)!

Second- OMGs, I wrote something!!!!!! Okay, so it's in a basically defunct fandom that I never felt the need to write in for a relatively rare pairing, but it's FIC. (It's over here if anyone's interested; it's just over 2000 words of Poltergeist: the Legacy Derek/Nick pre-slash, so mild I even rated it G and we all know how I usually rate everything one level higher, lol)

Third, I may have to kill Arthur, she knows why and that's enough. *mutters about bloody Russians and Spikey tendencies and "aroused assassin"s*

Fourth. I have paperwork to fill out (again), a decided lack of drugs (so forgive me if I'm extra un-social, 'm not exactly ignoring ppl, I'm more avoiding the world while trying to keep my brain and BP in check sans-meds... it's a full time job *mrphle*), fic to beta, books to read, telly to catch up on, and fandoms to resist... I'm swamped! Lol.
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I did it, or we did it. Battle Hymns is up and I am now squeezing ppls hands and hiding behind them. (yes, Mia, this means you... and Arthur, and I promise I won't cut off the circulation this time)
So yeah, if ppl are interested...
Title: Battle Hymns- on LJ; on DW; on AO3 (coming soon)
Author: [personal profile] heavenlyxbodies
Pairing: John/Sherlock (mostly pre-slash)
Rating: R (for disturbing imagery)
Spoilers: general S2
Feedback: Makes me happy, just play nice
Disclaimer(s) can be found here
Beta: [profile] phnx_reader, any remaining mistakes are mine, and probably me ignore her advice.
Warnings/Squicks (nota bene- some of these warnings are for things only mentioned in passing, but as the entire work may contain triggers I wanted to try to cover everything): may contain triggers, disturbing imagery, torture, PTSD, flashbacks, mentions/description of death of non-canon characters
Summary: Sherlock returns, whole, but battered and not just on the outside. There are things he's done, things he's discovered that he can't tell John. But the signs are there and it's only a matter of time before those secrets come out. Deals with Sherlock and what happened in those three years and how he copes with it now (mainly the latter), and how John copes with him.
Written for [profile] johnlockbigbang 2012 with absolutely awesome and incredible art by [profile] tinnny, go see for yourself, it's truly amazing art!

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*has a headache* ...whether this is from having recently watch it or because 'm tryin' to make heads or tales of the notes 've been jotting down for the blog!fic of doom I have yet to determine...

*in a vague attempt at levity* )

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Alrighty... *sneaks into her own journal* I'm finally ready ('cause Mia is the most awesome person on the planet and held my hand read over my fic for me) to go in search of a beta for the pauldron!fic. *squeaks*

So, I ask for the second time in as many months (scary thought that), does anybody know a good beta? Friends? Family? Ppl you hold a grudge against? Or anyone you really want to torment? Something else?
The main thing I need is SPAG.

Other (and I put it first since I know it matters to some ppl): this IS a sequel! You should be able to read it on it's own, but there are references that will make more sense if you know the first fic.
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin with a huge helping of awesome!Morgana (and supportive!Leon)
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: through S2 definitely, S3 I don’t think so, S4 *sticks fingers in ears* if I don’t hear it or read it, it will not exist, erm, I mean, none
Warnings/Squicks: schmangst, sequel!, est relationship
Word Count: just over 27k
Summary: An ancient prophecy warns of a union of might and magic that will destroy a kingdom, but will it destroy Arthur and Merlin first.

As for when I need it done, well, sooner rather than later is always better, but there's no deadline or anything, so as long as I know it hasn't been forgotten we're all good.

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Okay, so for those new or even relatively new ‘round these parts, or just visiting, Mys does not generally post fic here, in fact I think this is perhaps the 2nd or 3rd time it’s happened. Point being, it’s a rarity, so don’t worry about random attack fic, k.
See, there was this discussion challenge over at [livejournal.com profile] merlin_land and as usual things digressed, though not as far as usual with me and [livejournal.com profile] kina54- hey, we haven’t mention SPN once!- and well, porn happened.

Don't look Ethel, erm, I mean, Rainbow... your eyes might bleed out :P )

Anyone who wants to beat me 'til dead over this will have to wait until morning, or better yet bugger off my LJ.
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So, I get this e-mail last night about the reworking of the LAS comms and… and… and… angry? pissed? FUMING? Yes, I think all of those apply. Ohhh, seething, that’s a good all-round word for me right now. I mean, gods! I understand the logic, but damn-it! I signed up for one comm, one!!!! I know I’m not gonna get anywhere with it, so ‘s not that. I just… if I wanted to play in the other fandoms, I woulda signed on for them, I didn’t. I don’t want to play there. I want to play where I know what I’m working with. I chose THAT comm because it had the most to offer for me. I wanted to play around in some old never really played in fandoms of mine and I was gonna get to and not be put up with all those other more mainstream/American shows. I was LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! Not like I expected ppl to know some of them, the shows, even in that setting, but it sure as hells improved the odds of acceptance- not to be confused with appreciation or anyone actually liking my fic, but at least accepting and possibly even being aware of the fandoms!
I was so good last night. I was calm and nice and didn’t completely go off. But today, well, today, I’M FUCKING PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In between bouts of utter fury, I had to decide if I was gonna do the header challenge at [livejournal.com profile] merlin_land, or rather if I was gonna turn in my pathetic excuse for a header… anyway, in a fit of ‘oh, fuck it, today already sucks’ I submitted it… umm, ‘Yay, me’???????
I also wound up making icons, not related to the challenge just ohhh, pretty must make icon. ‘m not sure what if anything I will be doing with them ‘cause well it’s not like I want to use them all or anything, though I did add a couple new ones :) I still want iconage for my OT3, lol. One day, it’ll happen. *nods sagely*

Anyway, after all that I needed to calm down or try to reach something resembling calm, soooooo I went looking for fic. I even read some. Got blindsided by a modern!AU, read some truly meagre offerings- they weren’t bad, they just weren’t good, and the one that woulda been good got detracted from because it was unrequited which, yeah way to go on the cheering up/calming down front- NOT. Then in a last ditch attempt, as in the last of the recent fic I hadn’t read, I start this thing that even though it’s premise is so-so the author actually put some thought into authenticity and such and we all know how much that does it for me, lol, so I had if not high then slightly above average hopes… well, it wasn’t slash, wasn’t even pre-slash really, and I see through slash-coloured glasses, so yeah… anyway, it gets to the end and you think it just might save itself and, well it doesn’t, but even before I got there they… this author… they go to the trouble of trying for some level of authenticity and then they SAY MERLIN’S OLDER THAN ARTHUR!!!!!!!!! *head desk* I mean, seriously!!!! As if it wasn’t assumed beforehand, 2x13 proves it! I mean how much brains does it take to say Balinor escaped to Ealdor during the Great Purge, the Great Purge started after Arthur was born, therefore Balinor arrived in Ealdor AFTER Arthur was born, therefore his SON (ie Merlin) born of a woman he MET in Ealdor cannot possibly be older than Arthur!!!!! *screams and yanks hair*
What is it with ppl making these obvious mistakes?!?!?! *grumbles about Reid remembering everything he hears- idiots*
I mean, I try to forgive the breeches thing ‘cause well, it’s a common enough misconception, and an understandable one, it grates on my nerves and sometimes it does just ruin a fic, but I try damn-it. But simple facts, facts that you don’t have to research or check references for simple ‘hello, the show said…’ facts- how do you get those wrong?!?!?!

I also realized I’ve all but stopped readin Dean/Cas fic, which really sucks because I could really do with a Dean/Cas fix… I just don’t seem to have the patience for all the Fallen/human!Cas or the HAUs or the other AUs- Hunter/angel is it that complicated? And Spike has fucking FANGS! *grrrrrrr*

Yes, well, the day got worse (and has yet to truly improve)… grocery stores and forgotten items and misunderstood shopping lists- and ‘m still paying for that…
Oh and I realized I forgot to take my meds last night, so yeah, extra shitty...
eyes popping out of head/floating like bloody fishing bobs-check
memory totally switched off-huh, oh, umm, check?
jitters and general nervy-ness-check, check, and double check
times like this I really feel the whole "cure worse than the disease" thing *glowers*

On a lighter, slightly psychotic note, I’ve discovered I can no longer watch Merlin without my brain, and on occasion hand, rushing off to make note of ‘ohhh, that would make a great gif’ scenes, lol.
And I know I’ve said it before, I just can’t believe it and I find it kinda disturbingly adorable, but HS has the BIGGGGGGGGGGEST crush on Muerhlen, lol. She’s so cute sometimes, yes, you heard right I said the Evil One was cute- she came running into the kitchen t’other day ‘cause “Muerhlin’s on barnkanalen!!!” (and yes, ‘m well aware that I butchered the Swedish language :p~) at which point she half drags me into the living room to prove this, lololol.

And gods, I wrote fic… I wrote pauldron!fic (not to be confused with the pauldron!fic)… I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut, lol. Merlin Wankfest- I wound up filling my own damn prompt! *head desk* Yes, ‘m going to be going on about this for the foreseeable future, lol. Yeah, and I kinda sorta not exactly agreed to, but well the seed was planted and it’s currently festering and trying to keep root, it’s already taken root, I just keep trying to dislodge it, lol. Yeah, well, seed- teeth… Bradley’s teeth… Colin… yeah, do the math- I’m so going to hells if I actually let this fic come to fruition… I already wrote bloody modern!AU what are you ppl trying to do to me!?!?!?!?!?!
And gods, the pauldron!fic, I've decided to change a rather integral part of it which means I need to basically write a story within the fic to be told as a performance by a minstrel/troubadour... practical upshot- 'm now reading Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales after taking a crash course in Welsh and Gaelic bardic verse and giving up and settling for iambic verse and vaguely appropriate wordage, hence the Beowulf and Chaucer... on an unrelated note, I've also found and begun reading Le Morte d'Arthur on-line... I find it strangely relaxing, esp consideriing my opinion of Legend or more specifically Legend characters.

Okay, calmer now, sorry ‘bout that. Now, it seems the next challenge is up at [livejournal.com profile] merlin_land (ohhh, beware incoming gifs, lol), and I have fic to beta, so I shall go attempt to channel what’s left of this angry energy into something more productive.
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Oh gods, where to start!!!!!!

Expect random Mys to be random, she’s not feeling the organizational side of herself today AT ALL, lol.

On Christmas and Fanboy )

On MIs, mine and other ppls- including Aspie rant! )

On my fic- short for once, lol )

On other ppl's fic and how to annoy Mys with buggered info  )

There’s other r/l stuff, but it’s a little to close to home as it were and yeah, if I dump, I’ll dump in a nice locked post later. :P
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So, I'm torn between doing pretty good considering and feeling like shite...
I actually got some writing done last night and this morning so bonus!
Got all caught up with dishes (this may not sound like much, but when there are 5 ppl, none of which can clean up after themselves, save she who does do the dishes, nor do they seem able to grasp the concept of reusing your glasses it piles up quickly and that's before dinner), woohoo, and the hall, again, and laundry (well, not caught up because that seems impossible, but I got two loads done ETA: this now goes in the crap column 'cause apparently I did too much laundry... how come when she piles stuff on me to wash and I tell her there's no room she gets pissy, but when I do the laundry and there's too much I should've known better??????? Double standard much?), and the dogs, which I'm gonna rant about later(or not), so all in all pretty good.

Pup wants to say yes to this apartment. :S They have this really weird way of renting here. First, you get in a queue for a complex and they tell you if they have the kind of apt you want available. Then you get in a queue for that and you have to say yes or no that you want to be in that queue. So yeah she wants to say yes to this place and I want to go see it first 'cause well I like to know where I'm agreeing to move and I don't like that she's jumping at the first thing that comes along, but apparently my opinion counts for shit. I'm not even saying not to say yes, I just wanna take a look first!

Top that with the toilet seat breaking, which Pup doesn't know about yet because if I tell her I'll get blamed for it. Grrr. ETA: Holy crap, she didn't blame me! This now goes in the good pile. :D
And now the garlic is missing, obviously it's my fault, either for using it, which I didn't, or not telling her, which, well, there was a half clove last time I checked.
Sometimes I HATE my life.
ETA:Now, I lost her towel and it's my fault HRH hasn't taken home the Christmas ornaments Mom sent her last year...
...and all this ladies and gellyspoons is why Mys actually DID change her Twitter name and ID!

Oh and I think I'm doing better on the tweaked meds, but Pup thinks I'm back to being where I was before they upped the Seroquel last year. But damn-it I feel better and I'm writing better, okay the bunnies are coming kinda fast, but I'm catching them and they aren't whizzing all around my head like they're on crack and multiplying at the same rate. I still got a lot going on fic-wise, but 2 are for exchanges, 1 is for [livejournal.com profile] fall_for_sx, 1's been in progress since 5x21 so I'm not in any rush, lol, 2 are half formed ideas that may be drabbles or ficlets at best, again no rush, there's the Loki one, which I still haven't decided whether or not to follow through on, 1's a bit o' porn that I'm whipping up in my spare time, 1's a sequel to The Lee, which I want to take my time with, so yet again, no rush, 1 I actually want to work on, but it's having to wait until the exchanges and seasonals are done, and finally 1 that I don't know what it is yet because it's another exchange and the assignments haven't gone out yet.
Okay so that's what 11 fics, but only 6 1/2 are actually active projects... that still sounds bad, doesn't it... the thing is that after Christmas 4 will be gone, so see not that bad... oh wait there's the Other One which may or may not ever get done, long story not going into it, save to say, GUH!

Anyway, I still think I'm doing better, I don't feel like I'm walking around with my brain in molasses... and damn-it that and having my muses back are important! *sigh*

I've started taking Colin (my MP3 player- what I name stuff, my phone is James and my comp is Cas and, well, the first thing I put on my MP3 was 3x03, lol, so it seemed fitting :P ) to bed with me, and yes I realize how dirty that sounds and it was NOT why I named him that!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I've been sleeping so much better with noise... ppl say I'm nuts, well, a different kind of nuts, but I really do sleep better with sounds, and here it's just too damn quiet! I long for gun shots or sirens or the telly to be left on or ANYTHING, wolves even, just SOMETHING. So yeah, I've been sneaking him to bed with me and setting the volume really low and putting the timer on and well, 15 minutes tops and I'm asleep, none of this staring at the ceiling for HOURS, it's been wonderful... *sigh*

Random comment, I still haven't been able to watch any more Merlin OR SPN... this must not stand!

On a totally geeky note, I dl'd the Oxford English Dictionary :) the CD version anyway... it makes me happy and scares the childer, lol.
I also managed to get S1 and S2 OST for Merlin, it's beautiful, no really, it's lovely. *nodnodnod*

Now, I must go find room for House and Voyager on the HDD... *straightens neckerchief and goes to fight with the HDD and then more dishes*

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*screams and yanks hair* Ugh, I'm dead... dead, dead, dead. My head is killing me slowly, between chasing the random thoughts in my head and my reading glasses driving me half insane (the other half the time I love them) when I look up or away from the screen or my book 's like going from clear sight to looking through a fish bowl, and the general HEADACHE of a day I've had, it's a miracle I'm still sane(ish) where sane is a relative word somewhere between 'fucking nutter' and 'former resident of Bedlam'.
ON the upside I posted my Merlin fic to one of the comms and haven't gotten flamed, beat down, or otherwise scarred for life, haven't gotten that large a response either, but the ones I have have been awesome!
Mys and Kyo aren't the only ones' with an obsession with his teeth. :) This makes me disturbingly happy, lol.
HS is trying to kill me, not in any of her normal hate-filled ways, but in new and inventive 'scarring the Mys to death' ways. See first off I'm from the States and there are things you just DON'T do, like letting your 9 yro run off downtown on her own, or letting her take the bus from another bloody town alone everyday to and from school, or letting her when she was 5 run around the neighbourhood without knowing exactly where she was. So yeah, takes a lot to get me to let her do the things Pup lets her do, I'm getting better, or worse, whatever, at letting Pup and HS have their way. So last week when HS got pissy because I insisted on going with her to her dance class I promised her I'd ask Pup if it was okay for her to go on her own and then I meet her after, trying to compromise with the Hellacious One. Well, Pup of course said yes, which among other things meant that I could go to the store once HS got off to dance class and just meet her after, major ease compared to normal which involves me going with her to class waiting around for an hour getting her home THEN going to the store.
...trust me there is a point to all this...
But NOOOOOOO, today HS decides she wants to go the H&M before class AND that she wants me to come with her, which means that we have to leave even earlier than normal and no time to go to the store. *headdesk* Oh it gets better, see I forgot Pup's wallet, so I had to run back to the apt to grab it, so I told HS to go on to H&M and I'd meet her there and we could go to her class... Well, I get to H&M and the little brat isn't there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I try texting her, no answer, calling her, no answer (that was when I figured she left her bloody phone at home!!!!!), so I spent half hour freaking out looking for her. In a last ditch effort to preserve my sanity I decided to go to her class and see if somehow, even after I told her to wait, she went to class without me. THANK THE GODS she was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And of course since I spent that time looking for her I missed the bus that actually goes all the way to the school and had to walk... *grumbles*
Oh, yeah, and let's not forget that I don't have a jacket, only my winter one, not even a windbreaker to my name. Mys doesn't complain so everyone thinks she's alright, just because she's constantly cold and turns blue when the wind and rain pick up, no reason to think Mys might actually be fucking cold!!!!!!! And it's not even the oh Yank in Sweden thing, I handle cold better than most of the "locals", but right now even the locals are all bundled up when they are or will be out in the evening. And we aren't even touching the shoes!
Anyway so five hours after I left I get back home with food, so yeah 'm exhausted, tired, and fucking COLD!
*wants to curl up and watch SPN and Merlin, preferably at the same time, and make the world go away*

ETA- GREAT Pup got home early, so no tv, and she's bitching at me because I didn't have time to show fucking HS where the temporary bus stop is, the one I don't even know where it is, but was gonna get up at ungodly o'clock and freeze my coat-less ass off making sure she found!!!!! GIVE ME A LITTLE FUCKING CREDIT!!!!
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Ack! I wrote Merlin fic!!!! The pull was too strong. *mrphle*
Not that it's a masterpiece or anything, just a bit of Kyo-induced fun. Mostly kinky porn in all honesty, but still... It's over at my fic comm, 'm too chickenshit to posted anywhere proper just yet. I'll probably post it in a real comm in a couple days... then go hide my head in the sand for a week or so, lol.
I should be able to live there quite happily for some time, so whenever you feel like dying, feel free to visit, erm, yeah... sorry 'bout that... I have 2 eps of Merlin to watch and the season premiere of SPN... kinda terrified about the latter, but I love the boys and have already pre-ordered season 6 because I'm just like that, so I might as well see it now, yeah. Besides, new eps give me fic fodder. :D
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20,000 words!!!!!!

Fuck me, I cleared it!
's not finished yet mind (3 possibly 4 scenes left), but I just hit the 20k mark, so I'm gonna take a break and scream happily!!!!!!
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I have yet to decide whether or not this will see the light of my fic journal, until then...
for Half_Vulcan cause she deserves nice things )
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Okay *waves white flag* I did it, the black hole pull of Sam/Gabe finally won, so I thought I should share :P

Title: For You
Author: [livejournal.com profile] heavenlyxbodies
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel
Rating: PG maybe
Spoilers: let’s just call it S5 and be done with it, yeah
Feedback: Makes me happy, just play nice
Disclaimer(s) can be found here
Warnings/Squicks: other than this being the first time I’ve even thought about actually writing this pairing…
Summary: Archangels make lousy patients

AN1: Written in response to [livejournal.com profile] sansdatelimite’s prompt at [livejournal.com profile] spn_gabriel_sam’s AU/RPS Kink Meme
AN2: [livejournal.com profile] morganoconor and [livejournal.com profile] debris_k get to point and laugh, since they are the ones who said I’d never hold myself to never writing Sam/Gabe… the rest of you are welcome to laugh for other reasons, but they get this honour. *hangs head in shame*
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I've decided I want fic!
Not just any fic, I want a fic that takes off @5x21 (or thereabouts) and Cas' mostly human self sssssslllllllooooooowwwwwwllllllllyyyyyyy getting his mojo back. Ya know like everyone including him think it's never gonna happen- that he gets his angel on again, I mean. I want surprise demon smiting, angel!teleporting, self-healing, stuff like that with Cas just as shocked as the boys are when he does it. It will make me feel better.
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So, I'm sitting in a laundromat reading about myself sitting in a laundromat, reading about myself... erm, no... confusing reality with SPN again.

Take two-
So, I'm sitting here stuffing my face with fic in an effort to stay awake until the damn internets ppl call- bloody router is evillllllll, lol.
I finally got my laptop! Set the bugger up in bloody English, too! (This makes sense if you realize I've spent the past 5 years trying to navigate, troubleshoot, and generally fix and on occasion hack into our comp- our 'no, hun go ahead and put it in Swedish- 's not like I'm gonna need to get into it or anything' comp. *rollseyes*) So yeah, I'm happy! Also, I wasn't planning on getting on-line with it, but since we also got MB a mini-PC for his b-day and all he ever does is play RuneScape, Pup ordered me to get a router, so once that's up and running (don't hold your breath) I'll actually have net access there, too!!!!!!! Woot! This is especially useful info to those few of you who I actually may have occasion to chat at.
It should say something though that the name I gave the laptop was A'Tuin and that the first thing I'm moving is my 5x16 wallpaper, my fic, and my icons... oh and VLC and GiMP- what? a girl's gotta have her priorities, lol.

Anyway, I plan to spend the rest of today, moving files and fighting with the aforementioned router, and watching the semi-finals on Eurosport- and do I need to mention how fucking awesome the O'Sullivan-Selby match was???????? *squeak* Now, if only Robertson can take out Carter then I stand to have one of the most amazing finals!!!!!! It's not guaranteed or anything, just highly probably.
This is all of course, in a vain attempt to distract myself from it being FUCKING THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!! I find myself in a depressing state of 'OMGs no, I can't look' and 'give me my fucking crack NOW!'. I'm hoping to settle into a calm 'Just give me fucking Cas back!' by the time I can actually get my hands on the ep.
Do you know that since the heartache of last weeks ep I have managed to catch up on ALL of my "To Read" bookmarked fic? That's no small feat, let me tell you. Of course I added two big ones last night so hopefully they will keep me sane(ish).

And a final thought, any perceived Gabriel fic that I may, or may not, have been writing will probably never see the light of day or at least it won't see the light of anything more than a possible f-locked post here. Mys can take a hint, lol.

*off to battle the evil router... compared to this Luci would be easy*
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I wrote you fic, I don't feel like it's up to my usual standards but it's there. Hope you enjoy it at least a bit. *HUGS* ♥ ♥ ♥

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Holy FUCK!

I DON'T win Forbidden Awards- runner-up or anything! It just DOES NOT happen!!!!!!! *flailsqueeflail*
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Title: Freedom
Author [livejournal.com profile] heavenlyxbodies
Character(s)/Pairing: Castiel (claim), Dean/Cas
Theme: Table 02:Less Talk, More Action
Prompt(s): #22, capitulate
Rating: PG13 for kissage and implied frottage
Disclaimer: If they were mine Cas and Dean would be going at it in front of the camera and Sammy would have stayed dead, so yeah… (ppl it’s a JOKE *pets Sammy and balks at blatant ABSURDITY of statement*) They belong to Kripke/McG/et al, and a bunch of other corporate-type ppl, in other words, not me.
Summary: Cas experiences freedom, Dean offers more.
Warnings: mentions of happenings from S5 E3, angel!fondling


Dean took two steps backwards until he felt the edge of the bed against his legs. “Hold on baby,” he whispered against Cas’ mouth between kisses.

The angel grunted in reply, unwilling to relinquish his lover’s mouth to answer properly.

Smiling, Dean held his angel tightly and let himself fall back onto the bed.

The fall knocked the air out of Cas’ lungs, yet once he caught his breath, he began laughing- the same carefree laugh he’d shared with Dean outside the brothel. Only this time, Cas understood why.

“What’s so funny, Cas?” trying hard not to burst out in laughter over his angel’s inexplicable amusement.

“That was… freeing.”

Dean did the best he could to cock his head questioningly from the position he was in on the bed.

“It is one thing to trust someone; it is another to experience that trust as a physical thing. I have always known I trust you, I have made choices and acted upon that trust. But this- I felt it.”

Dean cupped both hands around Cas’ face, pulling him until they were mere inches apart, “If you’re willing, there’s a lot of other ways to feel it and share it.”

“Yes,” Castiel’s voice rumbled in a soft, deep, purr unlike any sound Dean had heard from his angel before, “please.”

Prompt(s): #13, crave
Rating: SFW
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Okay, I WILL NOT normally torture ppl with completed fic, but this one's been in the works so long and I have posted parts of it here, so for anyone who doesn't get side swiped by this on the comms who might be interested, I give you in it's entirety...

Title: Streets of London
Pairing: Spike(William the Bloody)/Xander
Rating: PG13
Feedback: Mys has decided that she actually likes FB, so… constructive crit is fine, just be prepared for Mys to defend/explain her choices, and try not to do any permanent damage, k.
Disclaimer: Just playing with the pretty kittens. Unfortunately, they are not mine, but I will gladly groom and bathe them before sending them back home to Daddy (aka Joss/Mutant Enemy/et al).
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Warnings/Squicks: severely AU
Summary: It’s the summer of 1890, Alexander stops by his favourite bookshop and is drawn into a discussion with the shopkeeper (and family friend) Wesley Wyndham and the attractive young blonde visiting his shop.

Chapters 1-3
Chapters 4-6
Chapters 7-9
Chapters 10-11 + Epilogue


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