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Fangrrl moment!!!!!!!!
I met Michael Shanks. :) He's sweet, and gorgeous, and just a little twisted...
And this is why Mys should not be allowed to meet ppl, lol )

Other wise it was pretty much what I expected for their version of a con, mainly dealer space and stuff, none of the really fun stuff, but it was still fun and a trip...


possible spoilers (SPN) )


To two certain special ppl on my f-list- I hate you. I'm having bunnies! *GRR* Well, one real bunny and a couple bits of short angstiliciousness that keep trying to write themselves in my head. I have a feeling I will be e-mailing one of you, you know who you are, about this in the next few weeks (hopefully you will talk some sense into me *head desk*).

In a related note, Benedict Cumberbatch has the most beautiful voice... it makes makes me all warm and fuzzy- I have added him to my list of ppl I'd listen to read a phone book, lol.

Speaking of I really need to put Dead Beat on Colin to listen to... just wish I had a copy that was chaptered :( and not well, not in two 7 hour blocks, but still, James' voice is worth it (and I love the books anyway, though really WHY did he have to make Thomas and Harry brothers? I mean, my head was all ready to go there, then he does that *piffle* waste of a good pairing that was, lol).


I think 'm gonna have to withdraw from one of my exchanges... don't wanna, but the words won't come and I don't think my heart is in it :( I even have an idea and it should be easy to bang something out, but every time I open the file it just sits there and taunts me. Not of the good. 'm gonna give it until morning, if nothing comes I'll do the horrible and withdraw... I feel like 'm doing that a lot lately, DNW :((

And now I am going to go fight with printing out these SSDI papers, so I can have a nice panic attack or 50 over that... yes, lovely way to spend my time- 's no wonder the muses are being fickle. *humphs*

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*squeaks* ‘m going to a con tomorrow! …or later today, whatever, lol.
Nah, Pup’s sitting at the comp when she says, outta nowhere, ‘there’s a science fiction convention this weekend’ Fanboy and I automatically perk up. ‘Yeah, wha… Shanks is gonna be there and some others’ Of course she barely gets the ‘Shanks’ out before Fanboy and I are sitting straight up and racing for Cas to look up this con, lol.
Turns out Pup had already looked it up… *shakes head* silly woman. Then she gets all uppity ‘cause Fanboy half teasing says he knows what he and I are doing tomorrow. Anyway, next thing I know Pup’s on the phone arranging to change her shift tomorrow and suddenly me, Fanboy, HRH, MM, and Pup are all going to this con. ‘m a bit worried since ‘m not at all sure it’s gonna be what Pup expects and ‘ve never been to this kind of con, so… but still ‘m hoping for good things. (of all the times for my meds to be… and my head, yeah, but still, con and Pup and Fanboy I should feel pretty safe, yeah *keeps repeating until she believes it*)

I’m horrible, ‘ve got less than a day to write a fic and I just don’t know if I can do it… it’s so fucking hard to think around here with all the trash HRH insists on watching and the noise and not being allowed to go hide in the kitchen and just write and block the rest of the world out. (Btb, MM called Pup on that the other day when HRH and Fanboy came back, it felt good to have someone ‘not on my side’ bring it up.)

Yesterday, I realized I had another exchange that I’d been so sick I’d missed the announcements for- thank the gods I was able to beg an extension.

‘ve decided to start leaving stray bunnies here on my journal- don’t worry they’ll be locked so you won’t be tortured with them just probably the whole meds thing making me babble more than usual.

Yeah, and my bloody SSDI review has come up. *is scared* I mean, I knew it was coming; was actually expecting it last year, still doesn’t make it any better, esp considering that whole not in the US thing and it’s not helping my psyche (such as it is) the whole shit with my shrink here and not having so much as spoken with the new one, :( DNW. *sighs*

Right now all I want is to curl up with some nice telly and some hot cocoa and let the world wash away… not happening, though. Mainly because I don’t have any nice telly (that I can get away with watching with Pup home) or enough hot cocoa to sneak off with.

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Ya know, I watched S1 of Merlin and it was kinda cool, fun little bit of escapism... Well, Pup finally heard me when I said I had the first 3 eps of S2 burnt AND in Swedish, so yeah, watched the first ep last night and all I could think was 'gods why aren't I shipping these guys'. Then today second ep and I was all but salivating over Arthur/Merlin. *head desk and repeat* Like I need another ship!

Anyway, I know at least one of my f-listies ships them so point me in the direction of some good slashy fic. *hangs head in shame*


Also, that Daniel/Jacob thing... they started having conversations in my head. Won't be long now. Though where the Hells I'm supposed to post something like that I'll never know.

Anybody know any good SG1 x-over comms?

Okay, 'm off to watch more B&W Who and read Sam/Gabriel fic *waves at her wasteland of LJ*
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So, much to my chagrin and devastation and incredibly questionable sanity I'm considering doing the [livejournal.com profile] spnslashbigbang only thing is I have no suitable bunnies. I mean right now I'm fighting off the Daniel/Jacob urge (I'm fairly certain that's a losing battle btb), and I'm thinking about doing an angsty Dean/Cas fic following the outline of Alien Love Song (trust me if you heard the lyrics and watched 5x22 you would be a wibbling mess), if I did vids I would have vid'd it months ago, but I doubt that would be anywhere nearly close enough for the word count, and outside of that I'm muse-less. *pouts between bouts of horror*

Now for the other reason for this post, I finish my Sam/Gabriel fic exchange fic and need someone to beta it. Any takers? *listens to chirping of lone cricket*
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- [livejournal.com profile] half_vulcan is the best, most awesome friend EVER, like in the entire history of EVER!!!!!! *smishesandsquishesandhugs*

- I've introduced Pup to the wonder that is the original UK Whose Line Is It Anyway? ...she actually likes it :P

- things that shouldn't make you feel like you're having your heart ripped out painfully, do

- along with still having a thing for Delenn and Garibaldi, I also still have a total hard-on for Marcus ...I swear B5 is gonna kill me if SPN doesn't first!

- I really wanna find/write Jacob/Daniel fic *headdesk*

- finally breached 18k and for the first time since I upgraded, I actually think that just maybe I can pull this off (thanks in no small part to the aforementioned uber-awesome [livejournal.com profile] half_vulcan and [livejournal.com profile] kimisgirl *hugs them both*)

- this *points up at previous ticky* is officially the longest thing I've written, ever.

- I seem to be in a permanent state of hug needage... that can't be good.

- I want an icon(s) based on my layout, the whole Veteran of the Psychic Wars thing

- somehow Doctor Who makes more sense in black and white ...shhhh, I kinda like the first Doctor, lol
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Okay *breathes* the last three days have been INSANE!

Yesterday, I spent over 6 hours running around with 17 cans of Mtn Dew strapped to my back and that's not including the clothes shopping Pup and MM did that I wound up carrying, lol. AND I was forced to sit through bloody Twilight or Eclipse or whatever the blasted thing was called- though I did get 22 cans of Mtn Dew out of it, and a rather interesting discussion about vamps and whether or not the close-ups of what's-his-face made him look like Tom Cruise in Interview. >:D
Cut for things that will probably offend some of my f-listies )

Day before, I spent eyes deep in trying to suss up a character app for an RP (still haven't finished, but then again I've been on the go for most of the time since, lol). Yeah, I know, me RPing scary, lol.
And thanks to that, sorta (long story), I now have a new 'ship... wait for it... wait for it... Daniel/Jacob! *flails* And yes I know most of you will have no idea what I'm on about, but those who do- you know you want it, you know you've thought it...
It MUST be done!!!!
I must make icons for it. *nodnodnodnod*
I blame Misha. Everything is Misha's fault, I have decided this. I could probably prove it scientifically if pressed, until then it's just something I have faith in. *nods solemnly then breaks out in laughter*

And today... ugh today I had go help MM find a laptop *rollseyes* when did I get labelled the laptop Guru? I know shit, I mean, yeah I picked out MB's but that doesn't mean I kept that knowledge or that it's the same knowledge she needs. And now at 1 something in the AM I'm trying to sort out Office for her... in FREAKIN' SWEDISH!!!!
Oh and I bought a mouse. For the computer, siollies, besides Pup won't let me have a mouse, she's a rat person. And she refuses to let me name any of the rats Nicodimus or Jason. Meanie, lol. Anyway it's purple, a nice deep bright purple. I figured I could actually use one to help with my graphics stuff, though I do get some awesome control when I'm working with layer masks freehand, but the placement really needs the mouse.

Tomorrow, more of same, we're going to a discount grocery to stock up, so gods know when I'm gonna have time to do shit. And don't get me started on my mini-Bang, it's well over the 10k, but it's not finished by a long shot and drafts are due in like 3 days. *headdesk and repeat*
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Why am I finding this out via the SG1Cascade Yahell Group? )

For that matter why is that leading me to find out this:
A spinoff of Supernatural, called Ghostfacers, which revolves around a group of ghost hunters who film their adventures (who have appeared in several episodes of the series in the past) will initially run as three-minute episodes online on TheWB.com and on the CW’s website and will star A.J. Buckley, Travis Wester, Brittany Ishibashi, and Austin Basis.

Both citations from SciFi Media Zone

Additional- I have come to realize that Enochian is an evil language, made up by slightly psychotic religious oriented ppl. Any time you tell me a "language of the angels" doesn't have one single word for "love", the word for "wicked" is bablon, and caos means "earth" I gotta question it's validity- not that I considered it a true language to begin with, but you know what I mean.
It'd be easier to translate stuff into Minbari! *cracktastic images of Cas and Delenn arguing theology... purrrrrrr*


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