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So the other day I got it in my head to go find some nice Nick/Greg fic... and I ignored it. Then the next day I got it in my head to go find some nice Nick/Greg fic... and I ignored it. Then the next day I got it in my head to go find some nice Nick/Greg fic... Then the next day- well, you see where this is going. Point is that after two weeks I finally gave in and went prowling around for that and my other more secret slashtastic CSI loves. And I'm starting to remember why I stopped reading it to begin with. It's hard to focus on the relationship when you're constantly going 'oh, he did not just do that- protocol, man, protocol' or 'but that's not proper chain of custody' or 'never happen, this is not CSI Miami' or 'come on, contaminating the crime scene much', ad nauseum... I know suspension of disbelief, artistic license, and all that, but for gods' sakes, can they at least stop contaminating the scenes!!!!!!!!!!!! *head desk and repeat*

Fic is being ficcy, and even the one that needs to be on the front burner is shoved a bit to the back atm because not one, but BOTH my teams made the post season!!!!!!! *dances and squees* So yes, the Braves and the Cards both won their divisions. This makes Mys a very happy person. And a rather distracted and exhausted one, too, lol, but it is all in a good cause. :D

I have continued my program of wrenching the telly back into my grubby little hands at night now that Fuckboy's gone and HRH is off with her friends most of the night. I am slowly kinda making some headway in my CM that I missed and am picking out sporadic eps of CSI... and dude, words I never ever want to hear, and words that have been a big part of why I have avoided the last few seasons, even getting past the lack of Grissom- 'you (Sara) and Grissom are married'... I swear I nearly puked, and considered throwing things. And can I just remind ppl that (Arthur don't look, babe) while I am a slasher by nature I am also a devout believer in Grissom/Lady H (and Cath/Warrick, but that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish), so don't go givin' me any lip about just because it's not a slashy pairing blahblahblah. GSR kills, man, end of story. ANYWAY, I was just trying to say good on me taking back my tv time, rawr!

I got caught up with SPN a couple weeks ago. And can I just say DAAAMMMNNN. I... well, we all know I have strong feelings on certain SPN related things, but fuck me if Carver didn't go and mange to hit my squick in such a way that I'm jonesing for more anyway. Unfuckin' believable. But gods, it's just so fucking good to have my show back, and watchable, and like a series, not just these fits and spurts of program.

Alright laundry calls, and CSI after that then hopefully some CM or NCIS. *purrs*

ETA: Oh, lookit! I changed my default icon! I've only had the other one for like 3 years since I opened this LJ and another year or so on my old SPN LJ. But yeah, I heard this in that ep and was just like, GUH! and knew I had to icon it, and it seemed a fitting transition, so yeah. *happy*
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Hello cyberspace, and how are you all this fine sunny… no wait- cloudy… no, no, there it is- sunny …and it’s gone- cloudy… okay, so, how are you all this questionable afternoon/evening/morning/middle of the night?

As you can see, Mys is a wee bit hyper. Was up most of the night, slept for about an hour and got up with the heathen then went to the store early and came home and conked out… Just finished the dishes and a nice long rambly post about plot bunnies or A plot bunny and it feels good to have gotten it out. Anywhose, Mys is kinda strangely happy. Scary, lol.

ohhhhh, looky, a cut... )

The muses are still speaking to me, though not always in ways I’d prefer, but they are talking and I am welcoming it. 9 fics in 2 months… and counting.

There’s crappy stuff going on, too, but I really don’t feel like going on about it, so guess what? I won’t!!!!!

Anyway, fic to read, fic to write, fic to ignore… :D :D :D :D :D :D
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So, I've been on a movie watching kick the last few days (figured I needed a break from all the angsty/heavy drama stuff I've been watching) and since I've been pretty much ignoring everyone (nothing personal just were the brain is), I thought maybe I'd share y unsolicited and most like unpopular opinions. :P

I was looking for suspense/horror...
this is what I got... (pls forgive my short not-so-good summaries, I have a hard enough time writing my fic summaries, so...)

Oh, the horror!!! (or not) )

The dental nightmare is being nightmarish. The stitches came out last Thursday and promptly on Friday I started having horrible, horrible pain in one of the teeth next to the pins. It felt like someone had gripped the tooth in a pair of pliers and was twisting it... I'm having to take as much or more painkillers than after the surgery to make it stop hurting. And yes, I went back for an emergency appt on Monday and they don't know what's wrong. There may be the beginnings of an infection, but it wasn't big enough on the x-ray to be sure, the tooth that's hurting had a cap put on it a couple months ago and it was/is a lot bigger than the original tooth ever was and they said I was biting on it too hard... it's actively loose. :( Anyway, they filed it down so hopefully I won't bite so hard and want me to follow up with my regular dentist, unfortunately his next available appt isn't until early November, but they did tell me not to hesitate to call if the pain keeps up. Yay-rah! :/

HRH and I are going at it most of the time these days. She's constantly whining about not getting to watch telly every single time she wants, and complaining about me watching my baseball and forensic shows. *sighs* I really do not understand. Pup got ESPN America for the sole purpose of allowing me to watch my baseball- I say she got it because I hadn't so much as asked for it, but she'd seen how much I was watching it when we first moved in and they hadn't set up all the cable blocks for the channels we weren't supposed to get- yet I'm not allowed to actually watch it. And all of them are all like "didn't you watch this game yesterday/the other day" and don't seem to understand the concept of 'series'. *head desk* Anyway, now that it's the post-season I'm being much bitchier about it, which is not going over well at all. So many fights... Top it off with HRH's continued refusal to help out around the house- and she's constantly blaming it on things like not having this or that fancy cleaner or not being able to watch telly or, and this is my favourite, not being up to it because she's been out with her friends all day/night... this does not make me empathize with her. *sighs*

I'm still getting better at this attacking business in Utopia. :D I actually came out really well from our last war. Hehe. And sensei introduced me to plunder attacks >:) it's like thief ops with your army, lol. I like stealing other ppls things. Yes, I am evil, but it's soooooooo much fun.

I haven't written anything in ages. I was just taking a break... and now I have all these half formed ideas niggling at me and the [community profile] merlin_holidays exchange to do, but nothing wants to actually start. :/ But once I get the teeth pain under control I plan to try to actually focus on that.

Oh, yes... I got a call today from the ppl doing my Aspie eval, and they asked if they could bump me over to Stockholm, since it will be a lot quicker, like before the end of the year type quicker. :D Still haven't heard about the therapist, and still not doing good on the whole... too close to the edge among other things. About lost it when some pushy bint started tapping my arm- not my shoulder, my arm... there... at least I didn't round on her, but still spent most of the day uber on edge. *sigh* I really am not doing good, well, not as good as I was, still, hella better than it used to be.

In a random sports note- the Cards made the post-season!!! Of course, so did the Nats, the O's, and the Braves, if only in a fight for the wildcard spot. I'm routing for the Cards as you might expect... it kinda sucks that the three teams I like in the NL are all up against each other in the first wave of post-season games, lol. Although, at least I'll know early on who I've got to choose between. :)

ETA- Well, that was fun. I stuck to my guns and told HRH I wasn't feeding her since she wasn't helping out- it's been over two weeks since I made the declaration. This led to a huge blow up with much yelling and calling me names and did I mention the yelling? Screeching would be more accurate. Anyway... she finally did some of her dishes- slamming and clashing and leaving stuff in the sink rather than putting it up; I'm surprised she managed to do it without breaking anything. Pup even went off about the mess in the living room and how she just spreads her shit all over the place... *sighs* I hold no illusions that this will be the end of things, more likely the beginning, but at least she knows I mean what I say now.

And now that I am nicely stressed out by that screaming fit HRH just had, I think I am going to curl up with my sore tooth and my warm cuddly cardigan and watch some bad movies until the Cards-Nats game comes on.
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Soooooo, long time, no post...
First off, 'm fine or as fine as I ever am.. okay, nevermind, lol.

A bunch of random stuff you don't want to know )

In a minute 'm gonna post something else, so I apologize if it looks like 'm spamming, promise I don't mean to and there shouldn't be anything else today, k.

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The Cards WON!!!!!!
Rally Squirrel FTW!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I know it's late, but I wanted to watch the game with Pup and she didn't get home till late and 've been avoiding the interwebs and ESPN like the plague alllllllllll day [I even missed recording Merlin (S3 for the Clan, and why they won't let me DL it with SweSubs is beyond me) 'cause I was watching DVDs to keep me from seeing the telly accidentally, lol].

And equally important, but with far fewer exclamation marks, is this ep gonna do a number on me? I worry about it. ...okay, so right now, I'm worrying about ALL of S4, but some eps more than others- tonight's ep would fall into the "more than others" portion of the program. So yes, do I need chocolate and tissues? *has grown extra paranoid after 4x03* And yes, yes, I know strange things get to me, but I have to ask somewhere and you guys are more likely to know what would get to me than anyone else I could ask. :p~

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*giggles madly* Okay, Pup said the funniest thing to me yesterday... we were watching "Queen of Hearts" I know, but they hadn't seen it and I have to keep that whole Mys-is-on-S4 thing quiet, so I had to watch it again... though there was Dragoon, which made up for a lot. Anyway, we were watching it and it came up that Pup is under the misguided impression that I'm an Arthurian!!! It was all I could do not to completely bust out laughing... I mean seriously say it with me everyone "Mys is a Merlinian". *head desk* How does she get that idea? It's Merlin's whose lines I know, it's Merlin I risk drooling over... even HS knows I'm a Merlinian, she's said as much, lol.

I still need fix-it fic. *pouts*

I need to actually post the fic I have lying around.

Why do I get like twice as many comments on anon fic as I do on stuff I admit I wrote? *scratches head* Curious...

Silence is eating my brain, mainly because either 'm lost with too many ideas or freaked because of one of my comments (it was a good thing just freaky). Gwaine has tried to take over one part, but at least I like that bit and it actual makes sense, lol.

I'm about to make an executive decision to start looking for a beta for the pauldron!fic, which I'm terrified about doing, but I need to at some point. Unfortunately r/l is kicking my normal beta's arse.

I've decided that if it's close enough to Christmas for them to start selling the special Christmas soda and the exchange comms to start then it's close enough for me to break out my Colin Christmas icon. :P

Not that anyone besides me cares, but Robertson won the latest PTC- WOOHOO!

Similarly, the Squirrels Cards aren't doin' half bad, or weren't until the game that's on right now started... bottom of the first, runners on first and second, two outs, and one run scored for the bloody Rangers *grr* Scratch that, bases loaded... *head desk and repeat*

Lastly, anybody wanna tell me if I'll survive watching 4x04 or if I need to have copious amounts of chocolate on hand? 'm not talking details here just basic will Mys be in tears again type thing.

And yes, I really need to make a proper post, but 'm tired and don't feel like it.

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RALLY SQUIRRRRRRRREEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
I want a rally squirrel. *nodnodnod*

I think my brain is going to explode soon, 've been ficcing my head out and watching the post season games... GO SQUIRRELS CARDS!!!!!!!! :p~
Pup doesn't get it, she's trying, but she gets so confused when I like multiple teams. *shakes head* What's so hard to understand that you have a pecking order, she gets it with my snooker, but for some reason she doesn't with baseball. Like she doesn't understand that I was rooting for the Braves over the Cards, the Cards over the Phillies, the Brewers over the D'backs, the Cards over the Brewers, and either the Cards or the Brewers over the Tigers or the Rangers [and lets not go into the Tigers/Yankees things 'cause that just gets totally screwy since she was rooting for the Yankees and now is rooting for the Tigers... THAT makes sense, but mine doesn't? WTHs... it should probably say something that she prefers AL teams to NL teams- heathen, lol (pls remember that I also root for the Red Sox, so there are always exceptions, :p~) ...I guess I did go there, lol.]

Anyway head exploding... 5 fics (4 completed) and one niggling idea that I think 'm totally outta my depth on writing...
pokes at cut )

And not that it's any surprise, but Colin is frying my brain... I so wasn't prepared for the Late Late Show pics... I still haven't ventured to actually watch it... I keep squeaking and it scares the childer, lol. Is it too early to break out my Christmas icon Arthur made me last year? 'cause really I still want, lolololol.

Is it bad that 'm sitting here watching last night's Cards/Brewers game switching over to SVT2 every now and then waiting for Dragoon to show up? ...while making sure HS isn't paying attention or she'll start squeeing Though she still hasn't forgiven me for Island... 52 minutes of her staring at the telly and at me and at the telly and at me and finally "He looks like Murhlin" "Oh..."
Woohoooooooo!!!!!! Stalling tactics worked, and she didn't bat an eye, *snickers* Gods I love that look Arthur gives him Bawahahahahahahahahaha! Okay, my world has just been made exponentially better. :}

And I am officially ignoring S7 until further notice, much to Fanboy's horror and dismay *shrugs* but I figure I watch my shows to make me happy and if that woman is buggering my show I don't need to deal with it, not just yet at any rate. I'm still collecting the eps so I can watch them when I decide to, whenever that may be.

Alrighty, back to the grindstone, mayhaps there will be posted fic in my future. ;)

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Andreas Johnson is HOT... I just haven't said that in a while and with the new wave of Scorett commercials I deemed it worth mentioning.

I'm being an awful horrible f-lister more than usual because 'm avoiding all the spoilers and speculation and whatnot from SPN and Merlin which pretty much knocks out ALL of my f-list. No offence to anyone, 'm just trying to live in denial as long as possible. :/
I really don't like being two shades away from tears over my shows, esp when one hasn't even started yet... *head desk* I need a life. I need to not have strange nightmares about not getting lost in St Louis and those being the nightmares you "wake up to" when you're having nightmares about the horrible places you mind can go with what they're doing to my Merlin this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your shows... and it's one of those nightmares that circles in on itself like some great dreamworld ouroborus.
Even fic isn't helping... I need some loving B/C fic if anyone has any lying around... *pouty lip*

I do not like this whole thing with the AL and NL wild card spots... it's supposed to be Red Sox and Braves *grrrrrr* (and no it has not escaped my easily amused mind that they were once both based out of Boston, and really that has nothing to do with it...)

*goes back to looking for more Andreas... Andreas makes things better*



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