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So apparently, today has been the day of books. Woke up early and decided to ignore ficcing in favour of reading Making Money. What with the Big Bang and Casfest and the S/G fic exchange and the fact that I keep signing up for bingos, I'd almost forgotten why it was lying next to my thesaurus, printout of Gmicalzoma, and MP3 player- yes, my life is that weird, lol.
Then later on I got the bright idea to check with my parrot about the audio book of Blood Rites and well my parrot found A LOT more than just Blood Rites. :D I think I can happily melt into a world of audio books for the next month or so, lol.

On a side note:
Technically it appears to be a classic Bag of Holding but with n mouths, where n is the number of items in an eleven-dimensional universe which are not currently alive, not pink and can fit in a cubical drawer 14.14 inches on a side, divided by P.
- this describes my world with frightening accuracy.

...I'm so going through withdrawal, I was just flipping channels and saw that Friday the 13th (the remake) was on in like 2hrs and I actually considered staying up to watch it *head desk*
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Holy hells!!!!! I got something Spandery written! (small though it may be) *hugs [livejournal.com profile] mulder200 and [livejournal.com profile] jjean65* Thank you, guys! No, it's nothing from your prompts, but if it wasn't for your prompts rolling around in my head I don't think the muses would have woken up. Now to just keep them going, lol.

Useless info from SPN!fangrrl: You remember the beading project(s)? Well, the most recent (and only one worthy of completion) is almost done! Just need to find where the hells Swede's hide the interfacing and tack that on with the final three rows of beads and sew that onto the mount and it'll be done! *dances* I'm hoping to have that sussed by tomorrow. Then I can walk around confusing pagans everywhere, lol. If I can ever figure out how to actually get the digital camera on MM's cell to upload to the comp, I may even torment you with pictures later, lol.

Random information: I'm almost finished with Unseen Academicals. *pouts* I'm debating rerererererererererere-reading Good Omens or actually reading Making Money, which I somehow forgot I had under all the Dresden books, lol. I need more Pratchett in my life!!!!!!!

ETA: It wigs me out, more than a little bit, when I still get ppl favouriting my first scary het/OFC fic over at WWOMB and FF.net. Just thought I'd share that.
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Okay, remember I'm STILL sick as shit- had a fic related idea, one little sentence (okay so my sentences are far from little but still...) took me almost twenty minutes to write it down my hands were shaking so badly, can still barely read it (reason number #4 on the 'why I want a laptop' page). For what it's worth I went back to the doc today and even he was impressed, lol.
Anyway, while I was waiting in the doc's office (bloody walk-in appointments), trying to keep my non-existant breakfast in my belly rather than painting the floor, I pulled out Unseen Academicals to kill time and hopefully stop my eyes from wobbling their way into more nausea. Well, I'm reading along, silly smile on my face because it's been tooooooo long since I read any Discworld stuff, trying not to actually laugh because of the coughing fit that it would produce and I read this passage (edited slightly for effect)- this conversation takes place between smooth talkin', hands on *nudgenudgewinkwink* footballer and mild mannered, incredibly awkward outcast:
"Please have some of my wonderful apple pie."
"But she gave it to you. I'd never hear the end of it if I ate your pie."
"But you are my friend. And since it is my pie I can decide what to do with it."

Now, I know I obsess, I'm rather good at it, but... but... but... PIE!
...and PIE
...and OMGs I must be reading FIC!
*shakes head* - which was a mistake 'cause I almost... well, that's not important. Anyway, more meds (for the being sick, not for the head) these with codine! so hopefully I'll be fractionally sane if not alive by Friday. And WOW this is the most coherent I've been in four days... I think I need to pass out now.

Oh yeah, the exact passage was:
"Please have some of my wonderful apple pie," said Nutt.
"But she gave it to you," said Trev, grinning. "I'd never 'ear the end of it if I ate your pie."
"But you are my friend, Mister Trev," said Nutt. "And since it is my pie I can decide what to do with it."

I think it was the 'grinning' that did it. I just saw that lopsided quirky smile in my head and the rest went downhill fast...


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