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'scuse the incoming capslock and ginormous font, but those who know me will understand and won't judge. ;)

FABRIC STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, you heard right. After some 7+ years Mys has found a fabric store in Sweden. A real, proper fabric store. Not one of those drapery stores with a depressing selection of formal fabrics and way too much yarn. No, an honest to gods fabric store with normal everyday fabrics and notions and PATTERNS!!!!!! Real McCall's and Butterick (and Vogue *bleh*) pattern catalogues, too! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Mys is happy.
Now the only question is where to start. Mawahahahahahaha.

HS's birthday is coming up and it has been decided that I am making her birthday cake this year... she wants a bloody Spongebob cake, one of those at least partially 3D ones. *head desk* Well, guess how I'm spending my Saturday and Sunday! Yay! Not. Lol. Oh, well, I can use a challenge... okay, well, I'm trying here, yeah. :P

Speaking of challenges, I am now up to 5 BBs and 2 challenges/exchanges and 1 exchange dangling in front of me going "We have coooookkkkkkiiiiieeeeeessssssss", but for now that one at least is being put in the wait for it column. And I have already decided I'm knocking off one of the BBs, and no, I don't feel bad about it because I signed up for two in the same BB 'cause I wasn't sure which would want to get written fully expecting to cut out one of them. I am worried about the 2 challenges/exchanges. 1 is just not going, it stalled a month ago and is only giving me death spasms now. The other I just have no idea what to do with the prompts involved. My big BB has taken a turn for the headachy; it stalled out for a few days there and has been going slowly to boot, but I think that's got a lot to do with the part I'm at, there's a lot of detail or at least a lot of things I have to make sure match up or don't contradict each other or canon. But I got in early on the BBs so rough drafts aren't due until January for the earliest one.

My game is already starting with the headaches, but I expected that since Sensei wasn't gonna be around. I just hate calcs and trying to make myself heard and trying not to kill my poor thieves, while trying not to kill my KD-mates at the same time, lol. But last war went well, and I think most of my calcs have worked out right, so yay me. :p And hopefully tomorrow I can find someone who needs to be relieved of their gold so it can be used more productively in training my troops and converting my build. A plan, I has it. ;)

I've also been stealing back my tv time and getting more regular about it, too. Of course they went and stopped showing NCIS right when I was getting in a rhythm so I'm trying to suss the scheduling out again, but I think I'm getting it. Gonna test my theory today.
Yes, I'm still on my movie kick, though I have been expanding into suspense thrillers, so more toys to play with. I just finished catching up with my H5-0 and MM and I have 4 eps left of S8 of SPN and can I just say In Carver We Trust :D:D:D:D:D:D:D My show's back.

And my most recent victim has just finished making it's way into my evil little hands, so I am going to post this and go watch cheesy sci-fi/fantasy movies.
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Joining and more to the point getting e-mail alerts for new entries on [community profile] bigbangindex was the WORST and BEST thing I have done in ages.

I've just signed up for my 4th... and am looking longingly at a 5th. Somebody save me!
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Alrighty, I think I promised you lot a more positive post over last weekend and ya didn’t get it (not that any of you are actually chomping at the bit for my odd posts anyway, lol), so here’s a bit of everything. :)

Arthur and I joined the [community profile] summerpornathon and I am failing in a spectacular fashion, lol. Yeah, yeah, I know, I have no self-esteem and am being too hard on myself, yadayadayada. Don’t worry Arthur is giving me the requisite talks and prods. And I haven’t runoff, so that’s something. (carefully omits this it’s only the second week into the challenge and plenty of time left for Mys to freak out and run) Of course, we kinda feel like odd men, erm, women out, so there’s a bit of solidarity involved, too.

The lovely tooth they started the root canal on got infected, got an emergency appt and antibiotics, but my new doc was going on vacation and couldn’t see me until late August, and because of stupid, stupid rules none of the other docs could see me as anything but a same day emergency appt. *head desk* But like I said I got antibiotics and thankfully my doc got a cancellation and the doc that saw me threw such a stink that she pretty much HAD to call and offer it to me. Now, if I could just stop having a reaction to the antibiotics, lol. In related dental news, I was eating an Oreo and the tooth directly above the infected one broke off, right at the gum line and just shy of straight through the middle. I’m hoping she’ll fix both of them Wednesday… otherwise I may have to hurt someone.

Apparently my brain has decided it wants to revert to the mid 90’s. I dl’d yet another of the series I used to watch, though this one much less, but that was a timing thing. I also named HRH’s guppies… yes, yes, I did. And I am leaving it at that.

Writing! There is writing being done. :D I figured out how to get around the damn tentacles on my bingo card! It’s h/c so it doesn’t have to be sexual, doesn’t even have to be shippy, but come on… anyway, tentacles, non-sexual tentacles… CTHULHU!!!!!!!! And I already have Wings Over Innsmouth out there, I could do a sequel to that, I even have a cheese worthy title- Shadows Over Sioux Falls. *makes happy Drusilla-esque noises*
And the big One, it’s definitely on. Got a couple thou already written and I haven’t even gotten past the first part. I’m seriously thinking about looking to see if there’s a Big Bang out there for this, I mean I seldom have ideas that I know are gonna be big ones, so I might oughta try to take advantage. Actually, I think I will do that… if you’ll excuse me. *scurries off*

*runs back in* I’ll try to update more, might actually manage it with the pornathon going. :D
Laters *goes in search of big bang comms*
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WAH! I finished S3 of Cabin Pressure this evening... *grabby hands* More, pls, now, pls.

I'm writing the worst thing 've ever written... I hate it, my voices sound off and the pace is too fast and it's just so not my cuppa, but I was supposed to have something done a week ago at the latest, so... 'm just glad I don't have to claim it when it's all said and done. Hopefully, I can do this, finish it off and try to do something for the Pic Spam Challenge at [profile] merlin_land (erm, that's an LJ comm, not a DW one, just saying since it converts it automatically) before the time runs out.

*sighs* I feel like my muses are on strike and I don't know why. Just nothing feels right... 'm debating posting some of Silence as individual fics rather than continuing to try to put them in a cohesive unit. I just don't know... maybe I'll put them here for the time being, I just don't know. *Mys, have security and self-confidence issues? Never.*

I love how if it's something that messes with her routine there's no way in hells it'll get done, but if it messes with mine then I can go fuck myself!

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It's disturbing to be listening to "Home for Christmas" (not to be confused with "I'll be Home for Christmas") and realize the "home" you want to be at for Christmas isn't the "home" you're at. And it's not exactly like I can tell Pup that, she'd freak and read all sorts of stuff into it. It's just that the Christmas here... isn't. :/

*bounces* I made cheesy graphics for the [livejournal.com profile] merlin_games Christmas thing, they’re here if anyone’s interested. My person wanted the boys and/or knights with Christmas stuff photoshop’ed in. I figured even my meagre skills could manage that. Best part she actually likedl them! *squeaks*

So, I spent most of yesterday listening to Cabin Pressure (‘cause, yes, apparently I have become that much of a git, lol) and for some reason S01E06 had me rolling, literally! Okay, so maybe not literally but I was doubled over in the beating snow getting strange looks from all the other idiots out in the mush of weather. :P Anyway I decided it would be a crime against the laws of nature not to make a sound byte of them singing, so I did. :P~

In other news, I did sing up for that Five Things Bang, *face palm* but just the 5-10k option, so it shouldn't be too much of a headache. And well, I don't write Five Times/Things fic so I thought it might be a change. I just wish the idea I have would LEAVE… I Do Not Want It!!!! ‘m hoping that by the time I actually start it I’ll have another much saner idea, which, seriously, a saner idea wouldn’t be that hard to come up with, hells, I have half of one already sitting on my laptop waiting for me to either finish it or throw it to the wolves. Just want this other idea to get its teeth and claws outta my skin. *grrrrrrr*

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Fangrrl moment!!!!!!!!
I met Michael Shanks. :) He's sweet, and gorgeous, and just a little twisted...
And this is why Mys should not be allowed to meet ppl, lol )

Other wise it was pretty much what I expected for their version of a con, mainly dealer space and stuff, none of the really fun stuff, but it was still fun and a trip...


possible spoilers (SPN) )


To two certain special ppl on my f-list- I hate you. I'm having bunnies! *GRR* Well, one real bunny and a couple bits of short angstiliciousness that keep trying to write themselves in my head. I have a feeling I will be e-mailing one of you, you know who you are, about this in the next few weeks (hopefully you will talk some sense into me *head desk*).

In a related note, Benedict Cumberbatch has the most beautiful voice... it makes makes me all warm and fuzzy- I have added him to my list of ppl I'd listen to read a phone book, lol.

Speaking of I really need to put Dead Beat on Colin to listen to... just wish I had a copy that was chaptered :( and not well, not in two 7 hour blocks, but still, James' voice is worth it (and I love the books anyway, though really WHY did he have to make Thomas and Harry brothers? I mean, my head was all ready to go there, then he does that *piffle* waste of a good pairing that was, lol).


I think 'm gonna have to withdraw from one of my exchanges... don't wanna, but the words won't come and I don't think my heart is in it :( I even have an idea and it should be easy to bang something out, but every time I open the file it just sits there and taunts me. Not of the good. 'm gonna give it until morning, if nothing comes I'll do the horrible and withdraw... I feel like 'm doing that a lot lately, DNW :((

And now I am going to go fight with printing out these SSDI papers, so I can have a nice panic attack or 50 over that... yes, lovely way to spend my time- 's no wonder the muses are being fickle. *humphs*

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Okay, so I worked a wee bit on the Merlin_Muses #2 sequel, but only because the entire opening scene sprouted unbidden in my head, lol. I have since packed it away, nice and safe, and started or restarted working on my SPN beading project, but then today I had the most brilliant realization. There’s no fic or anything weighing over me, and I have a nice possibly less than legal copy of DII… I brushed my Paladin off and spent the day smashing the crap outta beasties and baddies and jacking up my Thorns even higher, you wanna whump on me you WILL get wumped back- almost 800% now. *bounces*
We also got our new sofa set today and HRH and I spent the afternoon putting it together, out-thinking the buggered bits, literally. AND they’re coming to paint the kitchen, finally, tomorrow. And because of all that Pup’s having a nervous breakdown, leaving me the one with the dx’s to try to hold it together… Mys is kinda on auto-pilot, guh.

It is OFFICIAL, I FINISHED IT!!! Read over, edited and tweaked, and I think it’s ready for the beta… unfortunately my normal beta’s life is being insane so she can’t do it. :( I would just go begging for an replacement beta, but I really want Arthur to read over it before I let someone else have a go at it. She’s not a beta or anything, but she’s always able to find the wholes and help me patch them up. But Arthur’s life is even more buggered, ‘ve barely talked to her in weeks. *whimpers* I’m worried about her.

Anyway, it’s DONE, and ‘m attempting to step away from the writing before I start feeling like ‘m forcing it. I plan to spend the near future killing things in DII, working on the tat, and watching the rest of S6 of SPN- it got here last week(!!!), so no more excuses for not watching it. *sighs* Just somebody make sure there’s some chocolate and maybe some ice cream… have I mentioned how much I really HATE that they’re buggering up my two fav shows six ways to Sunday? I just want my Cas not being psycho, and Gwen being cool and not fawning over Arthur, and Merlin smiling again… I’m not that difficult. *pouts*
*considers wandering off in search of fic that makes everything better, unfortunately, I’m afraid my search will be in vain :(*
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So, I think I FINISHED it. I mean the story's all there. There's one scene 'm not sure 'm happy with the transition on, but...
I printed it out this morning and am gonna go through and double check/edit my breaks and markers and read over it, see if I still like any of it. You know that point where you're not sure if you like it and start second and third and fourth and fifth and... well, you get the idea... guessing yourself. *sigh* I hope I still like it after I reread it. *chews lip nervously*
Oh, for what it's worth, I was right, it's just over 26k atm.

I sent my other [livejournal.com profile] merlin_muses fic off (with no small thanks to Cheeky and Kina *hugs*), yay me! Lol. Now if I could just stop signing up for things (yeah, right), speaking of when are the seasonals gonna start sign-ups!!!!! I wanna get my meltdowns set so I can plan around them. *grumbles*

Oh, yes, I tweaked the pic 'm using for my next beading project, so 've actually got it on paper now!!! *bounces* It's the Pendragon dragon, the cool one from the cloaks not the cheesy one from the Great Hall banners. I'd like to find one more shade of yellow/gold for the highlights, but other than that it's all ready to get transferred and started. :D

Because 'm bored, bored, bored...
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Aug. 16th, 2011 09:07 pm
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A) Arthur and Dean snarking in my head sounds way too much like Arthur and Gwaine snarking... I am scared. I have also decided that Gwaine and Dean need to get sloshed together and start a brawl, whether or not this will happen is uncertain, but it needs to happen.
B) I have gotten tired of waiting and am currently DLing not one, but three, yes, 3- one, two , three- copies of Island... I am not feeling the least bit guilty 'cause it was supposed to be here yesterday at the latest, not that I would feel all that guilty otherwise, but just saying.
C) If anyone reads the fic I'm currently working on for one of the challenges/exchanges/things I have going and decides to stalk me, I may have written down my address for them... thankfully it's an address I no longer live at :P
D) Cas keeps getting unplugged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *grrrrrrr*
E) I have a letter from my doc, a printed page from one of the fics 'm working on, a receipt, one 2.5x4 inch scrap of paper, and one 7x5 inch scrap of paper all shoved into my notebook and covered in parts of no less than four different fics incl two complete fics and four scenes from one fic... none of this was actually written on the actual paper in the notebook... why do I even bother with the notebook?
F) Colin is evil
G) I have no idea why I decided to list these things... but I am returning to one of these fics now.

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hidden fic memeage )

*snickers* In other news, we just watched “Goblin’s Gold”… I can now make donkey!Arthur jokes without worrying about outing myself, woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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One day, I will learn that the only person interested in the level of detail and authenticity I want to put into my fic is me.
Until that time, I will continue to beat myself senseless.



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