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So the other day I got it in my head to go find some nice Nick/Greg fic... and I ignored it. Then the next day I got it in my head to go find some nice Nick/Greg fic... and I ignored it. Then the next day I got it in my head to go find some nice Nick/Greg fic... Then the next day- well, you see where this is going. Point is that after two weeks I finally gave in and went prowling around for that and my other more secret slashtastic CSI loves. And I'm starting to remember why I stopped reading it to begin with. It's hard to focus on the relationship when you're constantly going 'oh, he did not just do that- protocol, man, protocol' or 'but that's not proper chain of custody' or 'never happen, this is not CSI Miami' or 'come on, contaminating the crime scene much', ad nauseum... I know suspension of disbelief, artistic license, and all that, but for gods' sakes, can they at least stop contaminating the scenes!!!!!!!!!!!! *head desk and repeat*

Fic is being ficcy, and even the one that needs to be on the front burner is shoved a bit to the back atm because not one, but BOTH my teams made the post season!!!!!!! *dances and squees* So yes, the Braves and the Cards both won their divisions. This makes Mys a very happy person. And a rather distracted and exhausted one, too, lol, but it is all in a good cause. :D

I have continued my program of wrenching the telly back into my grubby little hands at night now that Fuckboy's gone and HRH is off with her friends most of the night. I am slowly kinda making some headway in my CM that I missed and am picking out sporadic eps of CSI... and dude, words I never ever want to hear, and words that have been a big part of why I have avoided the last few seasons, even getting past the lack of Grissom- 'you (Sara) and Grissom are married'... I swear I nearly puked, and considered throwing things. And can I just remind ppl that (Arthur don't look, babe) while I am a slasher by nature I am also a devout believer in Grissom/Lady H (and Cath/Warrick, but that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish), so don't go givin' me any lip about just because it's not a slashy pairing blahblahblah. GSR kills, man, end of story. ANYWAY, I was just trying to say good on me taking back my tv time, rawr!

I got caught up with SPN a couple weeks ago. And can I just say DAAAMMMNNN. I... well, we all know I have strong feelings on certain SPN related things, but fuck me if Carver didn't go and mange to hit my squick in such a way that I'm jonesing for more anyway. Unfuckin' believable. But gods, it's just so fucking good to have my show back, and watchable, and like a series, not just these fits and spurts of program.

Alright laundry calls, and CSI after that then hopefully some CM or NCIS. *purrs*

ETA: Oh, lookit! I changed my default icon! I've only had the other one for like 3 years since I opened this LJ and another year or so on my old SPN LJ. But yeah, I heard this in that ep and was just like, GUH! and knew I had to icon it, and it seemed a fitting transition, so yeah. *happy*
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*snickers* That's brilliant; I use my Christmas gift card to pre-order the mid-summer release of Island and now my birthday (June) gift card to pre-order Parked. I told ppl there was a reason I wasn't spending them, lol. Colin = ♥

I think ‘m developing a long coat fetish… ‘m sitting here rewatching Sherlock and am suddenly struck with the knowledge that I really wanna hump his coat. This is disturbing on several levels, not the least of which is the fact that ‘m severely allergic to wool… ‘elp.
Also that scarfy thing, does it remind anyone else of the scarf Reid went around wearing in S2, I think it was, of CM? I bet you lot thought I was gonna make some Merlin reference didn’t you, well, surprise! sometimes my brain does go other places than fathomless blue eyes and cheekbones you could carve wood with. Sometimes they stick with superior intellect and possible psychosis. :P~

I think I may be creating some cohesion within Silence… possibly, maybe… lol.

Oh, and Fanboy has finally convinced me to watch S7… we’ll see how that goes :/

I need a tag for this!I has tag now *points* :)

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I was finally cheering up about Merlin or at least going into a nice unhealthy state of denial about it, wallowing somewhere in S2 and being quite happy there, then... THEN I go off and trip over spoilers, not even big spoilers just general spoilers and *boom* mopey Mys.
Me no like. *pouts*
Worst part? Even if I get completely disillusioned and down on it I'm still gonna have to watch it 'cause the Clan loves it. :(

Yeah, and I just saw the season finally of Criminal Minds and am not sure I like the box shaking they're doing, I know it's mostly to scare and boost season premiere ratings, but I really don't need this, too. They're fucking with Merlin, they've totally buggered the hedgehog when it comes to SPN, and now they're threatening to mess about with my CM! Yes, world fuck up the only shows I actually like!

Sorry, just didn't need that. I think 'm gonna go hide back in my fandom bubble where Arthur and Merlin are grousing at each other and making with the soon to be resolved ust, Dean and Cas are eyefucking 'cause Sammy won't take the hint (and Gabriel's off plotting something fun that probably involves cotton candy and clowns), Spike and Xander are snarking away, Reid is getting googly eyes made at him by just about everyone, while being his awesome self, and there is definitely NO GSR! *climbs in bubble and hides*

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all that head desking *points* it's under here )

Okay, time to straighten the neckerchief and attack the mountain of dishes (how the hells one family can use EVERY cup, plate, and bowl in the house in less than 24hrs on a disturbingly regular basis is truly beyond me) and sort out the laundry- at least HS is gone for a few days, that always cuts down on everything. Anyway, duty calls.

ETA- Pup just came in to tell my Andrew Lloyd Webber has done a 'new' (okay, Pup just added that it was back in March, not that this does anything to disarm the point) musical with her end all, be all of the musical world, Michael Crawford, in... Wizard of Oz. *mrphle- and not the good kind* Yes, I know there are only like 3 or 4 of you who will understand the true depths of disturbing horror this is for me. She hasn't told me anything else; I take it, it is more his production rather than him trying to rewrite everything... that is almost worse. Gods, she's going to be insufferable... *dies- again not the good kind* 'scuse me while I go twitch uncontrollably for a few hours.

*NB- it is also worth of note that this was not the icon I had selected for this post, but in my horror hurry to add that last bit I scrolled when I meant to click and far be it for me to go against the power of Colin, lol.

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So, how's tricks?

The ick )

Okay on to other things- fabricy stuff and sewing, much better topic, yes. :)
Yeah, so I made another bodice. :D I picked up a bit of fabric a few days (week+) ago, some luscious dark blue, not navy, more like midnight... I told Arthur it was the colour of Merlin's eyes, lol. Thing is, it really is, that dark blue they turn when he's being all intense, anyway, fabric, turned out there was this fault in the fabric so I had to do some creative cutting but I got it. 'm actually really proud of it, finally got all my adjustments right.
I think I mentioned that Pup and HRH sprung on me that they wanted me to make HRH's graduation dress... and when I wasn't all hoo-rah about it, I got the behind the back insults, so yeah guilt tripped me into doing it. BLEH. Well, I finally sussed how to do the design she wanted since 'm sans pattern and they don't exactly have pattern stores or patterns at the one fabric store I've found, so yeah. Anyway we're at the fabric store (thankfully Fanboy was there, too so I got to distract myself comparing notes on Irish rock/punk bands, while HRH was being indecisive, lol) and I mention an alteration I need to make on her design idea, which somehow turns into her COMPLETELY REDESIGNING THE DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, thank the gods for Fanboy otherwise I might have strangled her, but everytime it got close he cranked Colin up (he stole him and that should tell you just how much I trust/like Fanboy- I NEVER under ANY circumstances let other ppl use my earphones or run off with my music makers, even if by run off I mean still staying in sight usually right next to me, lol) so I could hear my music, lol... I doubt he completely did it on purpose but it was still a welcome respite, lol.
Really there is a point to this story, ok maybe not directly, but still, see after our big to do t'other day Pup's been trying to, well, I don't know, but she's been trying, anyway one of the things that came out of it was that she told me Monday that she was the one who suggested I make HRH's dress and she did it 'cause she thought I'd like it, and she was trying to pay me a compliment... I kinda told her it didn't work, but I appreciated the sentiment. All in all it was kinda nice. Good stuffs. Except that, well, 'm now hip deep in making a dress that I have no clue how to make, lol, but I will fight through it if it kills me and her and any stray bystanders, lol.

I made icons! Lots of them (by my standards, lol), lots of Colin... and his hands for some reason... I think I've found a not-so-new-but-suddenly-very-much-demanding-attention kink, lol. And his neck, 've become obsessed with his neck in OPL, it just kills me.
*points* I mean just LOOK AT IT!
Anyway, icons, yes, I know they're not great or anything, and I think 'm gonna go back to just hoarding my secret collection... I'm just not up to the whole nerve wracking process with sharing them, at least sharing them publicly (and let's just see how long that lasts, why is this the one thing I can be totally fickle about?), you guys might get saddled with them, though, lol.

And yes, 'm avoiding SPN, I don't think I can take the possible badness atm, lol.
Oh, and seriously, ppl, it's no secret that 'm a huge CM fan, yet somehow, somehow, no one bothers to mention ANYWHERE that Sebastian Roche did a stint on CM!?!?! We're just getting there here and Pup thought I was nuts because I look at the tv and go "They're gonna kill Balthy!" Well, I assume he's not gonna last, but I could be wrong... anyway then I had to explain wths I was on about which got me the calm nod and quiet she's-being-fandomy treatment, but it wasn't the hateful one, it was the slightly annoyed humour-the-crazy-woman one, which all things considered, I'm good with, lol.

And as had been noted elsewhere, me and my BB are not getting on. Though I did send some of the main bits off to Arthur and she really liked it, pointed out a couple issues I was already having, but you know, nice to have it confirmed that it was in fact awkward. 'm hoping we can talk some stuff out and get the muses to fill in the blanks. Which reminds me, Rainbow, if you're reading this I'd love to get your input on something ficwise if you don't mind- I need someone who's used to playing in Gwen's brain.

Oh yes, Barleyjuice! (I wish I had better linkage 'cause really that does NOT do them justice. Hrmph.) I have discovered several happy bands through this nifty internet radio thing and well, yes, Barleyjuice, Barleyjuice makes me HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! I even told Pup about them and that I wanted to get some of their albums; they're not exactly mainstream so my parrot's finding it hard to find them, only found one full album, but that's neither here nor there, point is I told Pup and she ordered me one of their albums for my birthday!!!!!!!!!!! *is happy*
*is having way too much fun with her Celtic rock (pub) radio station* And seriously how can you NOT like a band called Enter the Haggis ('s my favourite of theirs).
Though on the, uh, creepy side, I think I now know all the lyrics to (and several versions of) "Black and Tans" and "Broad Black Brimmer", and yes I do know the difference in incarnations and meanings involved; it's still creepy on some level, esp when you're used to being around ppl who DON'T understand the difference, lol.
Here, this is a bit uncouth (and is yet a third band) and I love it: )

Anyway, 'm probably forgetting something, but 've probably tortured you talked your ears off enough for awhile, yeah.

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Oh gods, where to start!!!!!!

Expect random Mys to be random, she’s not feeling the organizational side of herself today AT ALL, lol.

On Christmas and Fanboy )

On MIs, mine and other ppls- including Aspie rant! )

On my fic- short for once, lol )

On other ppl's fic and how to annoy Mys with buggered info  )

There’s other r/l stuff, but it’s a little to close to home as it were and yeah, if I dump, I’ll dump in a nice locked post later. :P


Dec. 16th, 2009 09:38 pm
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JESUS CHRIST!!!!!! It's done!
And I thought r/l moving was hard, lol. Anyway, for those interested, all the fic from ALL my fandoms has been moved to [livejournal.com profile] onthe_razorwire!
Exceptions being my [livejournal.com profile] joss100 table, which I will move when (if) I ever finish it, and my [livejournal.com profile] spn_30snapshots table which again will be moved once it's complete. Oh and since the Closet!verse is personal it will only be moved to this journal... but not today- and at least I can backdate here, lol.

Now, I'm gonna go try to find something that I can actually keep down, and maybe something unhealthy while I'm at it.


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