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Fangrrl moment!!!!!!!!
I met Michael Shanks. :) He's sweet, and gorgeous, and just a little twisted...
And this is why Mys should not be allowed to meet ppl, lol )

Other wise it was pretty much what I expected for their version of a con, mainly dealer space and stuff, none of the really fun stuff, but it was still fun and a trip...


possible spoilers (SPN) )


To two certain special ppl on my f-list- I hate you. I'm having bunnies! *GRR* Well, one real bunny and a couple bits of short angstiliciousness that keep trying to write themselves in my head. I have a feeling I will be e-mailing one of you, you know who you are, about this in the next few weeks (hopefully you will talk some sense into me *head desk*).

In a related note, Benedict Cumberbatch has the most beautiful voice... it makes makes me all warm and fuzzy- I have added him to my list of ppl I'd listen to read a phone book, lol.

Speaking of I really need to put Dead Beat on Colin to listen to... just wish I had a copy that was chaptered :( and not well, not in two 7 hour blocks, but still, James' voice is worth it (and I love the books anyway, though really WHY did he have to make Thomas and Harry brothers? I mean, my head was all ready to go there, then he does that *piffle* waste of a good pairing that was, lol).


I think 'm gonna have to withdraw from one of my exchanges... don't wanna, but the words won't come and I don't think my heart is in it :( I even have an idea and it should be easy to bang something out, but every time I open the file it just sits there and taunts me. Not of the good. 'm gonna give it until morning, if nothing comes I'll do the horrible and withdraw... I feel like 'm doing that a lot lately, DNW :((

And now I am going to go fight with printing out these SSDI papers, so I can have a nice panic attack or 50 over that... yes, lovely way to spend my time- 's no wonder the muses are being fickle. *humphs*

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So apparently, today has been the day of books. Woke up early and decided to ignore ficcing in favour of reading Making Money. What with the Big Bang and Casfest and the S/G fic exchange and the fact that I keep signing up for bingos, I'd almost forgotten why it was lying next to my thesaurus, printout of Gmicalzoma, and MP3 player- yes, my life is that weird, lol.
Then later on I got the bright idea to check with my parrot about the audio book of Blood Rites and well my parrot found A LOT more than just Blood Rites. :D I think I can happily melt into a world of audio books for the next month or so, lol.

On a side note:
Technically it appears to be a classic Bag of Holding but with n mouths, where n is the number of items in an eleven-dimensional universe which are not currently alive, not pink and can fit in a cubical drawer 14.14 inches on a side, divided by P.
- this describes my world with frightening accuracy.

...I'm so going through withdrawal, I was just flipping channels and saw that Friday the 13th (the remake) was on in like 2hrs and I actually considered staying up to watch it *head desk*


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