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So I survived the amusement park. It was actually a lot of fun. HS didn't have any screaming sessions and HRH only got in one fight with Fanboy, lol. Somehow, I got browbeaten talked into going on the Free Fall with HS (no one else would brave it, lol)- it was fun, I didn't even burst anyone's eardrums with my screaming. And they had a couple new coasters, including a wooden one, well, partly wooden. I think it was designed to give the overall feel of a wooden coaster, which it did admirably, with the added support of a steel support structure. Whatever the idea, it was brilliant. :D I could have happily ridden that one all day, lol.

We went up to this shopping centre a couple days before that- it's the only proper 'mall' they have imo and it was actually pretty big, and... I bought stuff!!!!! I finally found my pens! And Pup promptly gave me a hard time for not buying a million of them, lol. I told her that's why I bought two and not just one. The things last me forever even with how much I hand write fic and research notes and stuff, my last one lasted me over six months, so two is plenty. I also bought new leggings, a tank top, and a light weight 'cardigan'- big spending there, lol. I also got the nerve up to ask Pup to help me order new jeans and a top from this one catalogue, haven't done it yet, but I actually spoke up about something I need/want. *is proud*

This walking thing is still only making me feel worse. :/ Sometimes I wonder if it'd actually make me feel better if I went at night. Night's always better for me, so maybe it'd work then. I don't know, just something else to think about and deal with.

Doc said I'm alive and all my tests were within normal range for a type 2 diabetic- he even took me off one of my diabetes meds (not that big a deal when you consider that the pharmacies 'round here have a problem getting it in so I haven't been properly on it for almost a year, still I'm diabetic and almost a decade ago they said I'd be on insulin within the year- I wasn't, and now they've taken off two of my three diabetes meds, so it's all good; and ohhhhhh, look at this run-on sentence, a parenthetical one even :P ) and said they could increase the dosage of the one I'm on if needs be, another oddity, since I was told I was on the max dosage, hence the other two diabetes meds. Whatever, it's a good thing. :D

I'm going slightly nuts with Utopia. My KD's leadership is not what it should be, but he's been the monarch there for YEARS, so it's not like I can call him out on any of it. *grr* And compared to a lot of KDs he's good. I have a friend who's moving to another KD with a friend of his and he wants me to go with him. Me and two others, basically those of us who actually planned and tried to run proper wars and kept us from getting thoroughly wasted in the ones we were in. But I don't think his friend likes me... I'm a thief and she mainly wants attackers. :/ And she totally verbally bitch-slapped me when I asked what she thought about doing a T/A. My friend says he'll help me go attacker, I've only ever been T/M or hybrid, and he really wants me there (and he's helping me figure out a way to go T/A without officially going T/A, lol), but I don't think their monarch is gonna let me in, and there's less than a day left before the Age resets. *sighs* I really want to be in a working KD. I really want to stay a thief, but I can try attacker if I'm in a decent KD. Sometimes I think I expect too much since I was monarch for four Ages, years ago, I have standards that other monarchs don't. And do not misinterpret that- I do not want to be monarch again; I just have ideas on how a KD should be run. Oh, well, we'll see what today brings.

I did drop the blog!fic out of the big bang and I feel better about it, now I can sort it out properly and not try to force it out. It was a good decision. Now, if I could only get my Giles voice to work properly, I could finish Briana's b-day fic... *sighs* If it's not one thing, it's another, lol. On a happier or at least more satisfying note, my other big bang fic, Battle Hymns, is all wrapped up; put the finishing touches on it last night and my artist has done some absolutely amazing art for it. :D
In related news:
I GOT MY POSTING DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 15th of August if anyone's wondering. It's the last fic to go up. I'm excited! And terrified; like I told Arthur, I'm gonna be a wreck and hiding behind her once it goes up- I always get freaked when I post to a new fandom, or to a big bang, and with this I'm doing both! *head desk* (No, I'm not counting my 221B, since I only posted it on AO3 and it's a bloody sappy drabble; this 'll be my first proper foray into Sherlock fandom... why do I do this to myself again? Oh, yes, Glutton For Punishment.)

Okay, Mys' shutting up now; got dishes that need doing and drying laundry that needs tending and all those other lovely housey things.

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Good news-

It looks like they finally fixed my SSD! Yay, I'm crazy again!!!! Seriously, all it took was sending the paperwork in three times to two different offices, getting ignored by my caseworker and have her refuse to arrange to talk to me (or to my mom who has my POA for just such occasions *head desk*) and tell me I need to talk to another office, but not give me the contact info, and a nasty note sent in with the last set of paperwork saying just that... but I still haven't received any notification, just a magically appearing deposit in my bank account from Soc Sec. *sighs* One day I will figure it out, but not today; today I am just accepting something good happening and not looking at it too closely.
On a related note, Mys went shopping! And yes, this is Mys' idea of a shopping spree. I bought a new backpack, I've had my other one for 8 or 9 years and it was secondhand when I got it, lol. I bought new shoelaces from the place that has the shoelaces that I don't kill within a month, and insoles for my boots. A new writing pad, the other one only had about 5 blank pages left and considering it's gotten me through 3 big bang fics over the course of two years and a handful of other smaller fics I needed to take notes on, I didn't feel too guilty about it. I also bought a pen! I finally found a fine point blue Pilot, not the kind I wanted, but considering how hard it is to find a fine point pen of any kind around here, I'll take it, lol. Oh, and socks! I was down to my last two pair from the ones I got winter before last. We're planning to go up to Stockholm this week and I thoroughly plan to buy books at the Sci-Fi Bookstore, now whether or not I actually find anything I haven't read or have is another matter entirely, lol. And there is an outside chance I may see about getting new boots, the ones I have I got two years ago and after two Swedish winters they're showing their age, and some new jeans, I'm down to one pair and they're, uhh, whatdya call the ones that only come to your calf? Whatever, it's a pair of those that I've had to patch up twice already, of course, I've had them since before I moved here, so they're doing pretty good for being about 6 or 7 years old, lol. See, I'm really good at this spending spree thing, *tongue firmly planted in cheek* lol. It's the one cliché thing about BP I don't really suffer from; don't get me wrong, I can go on a binge just like anyone else, but that's the thing it's like anyone else, not like someone in the throes of a mania, or maybe it is... it's the one of the only times I'll actually say I want something, of course, most ppl just take that as me getting past my other dx's... so few docs understand the difference, but that's another tale.

I've gotten previews of some of the art for Battle Hymns!!!! It's brilliant! *hugs art* And she's trying to do something from the scene(s) Mia and I asked for (nearly impossible in my opinion, so I'm just soaring on the fact that she's trying to do it :D ).

Not so good news-

My blood sugar is all over the place, so the doc is running all sorts of tests, which is good I guess, at least this guy's taking me seriously. I'll know more Monday. *crosses fingers*

I hate my shrink. I've calmed down about the therapy thing, Pup keeps telling me I over-reacted and that he really does want to get me a therapist- nothing I heard said that, but I was already freaking out so I'm trying to at least tell myself I believe her. *sigh* I'm managing to get a 'list' thing together for him- slowly- I just don't see how to make these things "measurable", but I'm trying.

Oh, and I finally started watching S7... only four eps in... and not exactly a happy camper, but I have yet to attack the tv, so it's a start- I'm making Fanboy sit through it with me, which helps, gives me someone to rant at, lol.

Bad news-

I'm 99% sure I'm dropping out of the JLBB, well, the blog!fic one... it's just killing me. Every time I think I'm getting somewhere I go over it and realize it's either utter garbage or taking the story in a direction I don't want to go... I swear I've deleted enough for at least three 10k+ fics. And now I'm trying something a bit different that involves writing blog entries for John, so I went and read over all the entries on the BBC page... my gods, they are AWFUL! I mean seriously, if I was reading that, guh... if it were a fic I would actually stop reading and put the author on my mental 'Do Not Read' list. And do you have any idea how hard it is to mimic that kind of awful writing?!?!?!?! *rocks head in hands* Kill me now, pls...

I have two other birthday fics I'm supposed to be writing and that one *points angrily upwards* is totally fic-blocking me. Grrrr.
Brianna, one of those is yours, and I will get it done if I have to stab the blog!fic through the heart with a nice sharp stake to keep it pinned down and out of my way!

Back to the shrink. He was getting on me about not getting out and walking and stuff like that. Which, I know, walking and exercise are supposed to help with endorphins or whatever it's supposed to release, so to humour him and Pup I've been walking to the store and taking the bus home (I always walk to and from the close store, this is the big one), and walking downtown and back (when I'm coming back and not going to the store)... it's only making me feel worse. I told Pup I was being good and walking places, she was all upset because I wasn't telling her how much better I felt... I told her the truth- I feel worse; drained and stressed out and not so much tired as just uber lethargic with no energy or interest in doing anything. She just glared at me and went back to her writing. *sigh* It's not my fault the 'magic' cure (or aid rather) isn't working and it's not my fault that it's just exacerbating the down I'm already on... Now, I just wonder if the doc'll believe me. :/

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I was finally cheering up about Merlin or at least going into a nice unhealthy state of denial about it, wallowing somewhere in S2 and being quite happy there, then... THEN I go off and trip over spoilers, not even big spoilers just general spoilers and *boom* mopey Mys.
Me no like. *pouts*
Worst part? Even if I get completely disillusioned and down on it I'm still gonna have to watch it 'cause the Clan loves it. :(

Yeah, and I just saw the season finally of Criminal Minds and am not sure I like the box shaking they're doing, I know it's mostly to scare and boost season premiere ratings, but I really don't need this, too. They're fucking with Merlin, they've totally buggered the hedgehog when it comes to SPN, and now they're threatening to mess about with my CM! Yes, world fuck up the only shows I actually like!

Sorry, just didn't need that. I think 'm gonna go hide back in my fandom bubble where Arthur and Merlin are grousing at each other and making with the soon to be resolved ust, Dean and Cas are eyefucking 'cause Sammy won't take the hint (and Gabriel's off plotting something fun that probably involves cotton candy and clowns), Spike and Xander are snarking away, Reid is getting googly eyes made at him by just about everyone, while being his awesome self, and there is definitely NO GSR! *climbs in bubble and hides*

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Oh gods, where to start!!!!!!

Expect random Mys to be random, she’s not feeling the organizational side of herself today AT ALL, lol.

On Christmas and Fanboy )

On MIs, mine and other ppls- including Aspie rant! )

On my fic- short for once, lol )

On other ppl's fic and how to annoy Mys with buggered info  )

There’s other r/l stuff, but it’s a little to close to home as it were and yeah, if I dump, I’ll dump in a nice locked post later. :P
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So, I got [livejournal.com profile] deancas_xmas sent off, Arcana is with the beta, and [livejournal.com profile] merry_merthur is going nicely and I haven't gotten my assignment for [livejournal.com profile] merlin_santa yet, so yeah, good things. Only I think mys fried some braincells getting Arcana done because my brain just will not stay focused on writing!!!! When this happens I wind up doing absent-minded stuff instead, like play incessant hours of Freecell and SpiderSolitare, or maybe some Canasta- what I'm a geek, I know this. Anyway, this time, I decided to finally get a working copy of Diablo IIe on Cas... which was surprisingly easy considering I've never used virtual drives before, what's more, I got my old charries back! What, geek remember, I may not be computer savvy, but I know a character data file when I see one, lol. Yeah, so that monster slain I decided to see if I could actually suss installing new brushes and textures into my GIMP... I was on a roll, lol. So, logically I decided to aim for getting GAP installed into GIMP- I ave had oodles of issues with this in the past (mainly because the comp I was using was a bit ANCIENT and not Cas). Well, yup, got it up and running and I think I even understand a tiny bit of it.
All that is to say I've been playing with GIFs, lol. Crappy ones, I know, but everybody's gotta start somewhere, yeah? And now I am going to torment any of you who dare to look behind the cut with crappy GIFs and icons (and a couple not so crappy icons)!!!!!!

Enter at your own risk... *may contain dragons* )

Okay everybody survived that? Good... I shall now leave you to whatever it was you were doing before I distracted you. :)
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So, I'm torn between doing pretty good considering and feeling like shite...
I actually got some writing done last night and this morning so bonus!
Got all caught up with dishes (this may not sound like much, but when there are 5 ppl, none of which can clean up after themselves, save she who does do the dishes, nor do they seem able to grasp the concept of reusing your glasses it piles up quickly and that's before dinner), woohoo, and the hall, again, and laundry (well, not caught up because that seems impossible, but I got two loads done ETA: this now goes in the crap column 'cause apparently I did too much laundry... how come when she piles stuff on me to wash and I tell her there's no room she gets pissy, but when I do the laundry and there's too much I should've known better??????? Double standard much?), and the dogs, which I'm gonna rant about later(or not), so all in all pretty good.

Pup wants to say yes to this apartment. :S They have this really weird way of renting here. First, you get in a queue for a complex and they tell you if they have the kind of apt you want available. Then you get in a queue for that and you have to say yes or no that you want to be in that queue. So yeah she wants to say yes to this place and I want to go see it first 'cause well I like to know where I'm agreeing to move and I don't like that she's jumping at the first thing that comes along, but apparently my opinion counts for shit. I'm not even saying not to say yes, I just wanna take a look first!

Top that with the toilet seat breaking, which Pup doesn't know about yet because if I tell her I'll get blamed for it. Grrr. ETA: Holy crap, she didn't blame me! This now goes in the good pile. :D
And now the garlic is missing, obviously it's my fault, either for using it, which I didn't, or not telling her, which, well, there was a half clove last time I checked.
Sometimes I HATE my life.
ETA:Now, I lost her towel and it's my fault HRH hasn't taken home the Christmas ornaments Mom sent her last year...
...and all this ladies and gellyspoons is why Mys actually DID change her Twitter name and ID!

Oh and I think I'm doing better on the tweaked meds, but Pup thinks I'm back to being where I was before they upped the Seroquel last year. But damn-it I feel better and I'm writing better, okay the bunnies are coming kinda fast, but I'm catching them and they aren't whizzing all around my head like they're on crack and multiplying at the same rate. I still got a lot going on fic-wise, but 2 are for exchanges, 1 is for [livejournal.com profile] fall_for_sx, 1's been in progress since 5x21 so I'm not in any rush, lol, 2 are half formed ideas that may be drabbles or ficlets at best, again no rush, there's the Loki one, which I still haven't decided whether or not to follow through on, 1's a bit o' porn that I'm whipping up in my spare time, 1's a sequel to The Lee, which I want to take my time with, so yet again, no rush, 1 I actually want to work on, but it's having to wait until the exchanges and seasonals are done, and finally 1 that I don't know what it is yet because it's another exchange and the assignments haven't gone out yet.
Okay so that's what 11 fics, but only 6 1/2 are actually active projects... that still sounds bad, doesn't it... the thing is that after Christmas 4 will be gone, so see not that bad... oh wait there's the Other One which may or may not ever get done, long story not going into it, save to say, GUH!

Anyway, I still think I'm doing better, I don't feel like I'm walking around with my brain in molasses... and damn-it that and having my muses back are important! *sigh*

I've started taking Colin (my MP3 player- what I name stuff, my phone is James and my comp is Cas and, well, the first thing I put on my MP3 was 3x03, lol, so it seemed fitting :P ) to bed with me, and yes I realize how dirty that sounds and it was NOT why I named him that!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I've been sleeping so much better with noise... ppl say I'm nuts, well, a different kind of nuts, but I really do sleep better with sounds, and here it's just too damn quiet! I long for gun shots or sirens or the telly to be left on or ANYTHING, wolves even, just SOMETHING. So yeah, I've been sneaking him to bed with me and setting the volume really low and putting the timer on and well, 15 minutes tops and I'm asleep, none of this staring at the ceiling for HOURS, it's been wonderful... *sigh*

Random comment, I still haven't been able to watch any more Merlin OR SPN... this must not stand!

On a totally geeky note, I dl'd the Oxford English Dictionary :) the CD version anyway... it makes me happy and scares the childer, lol.
I also managed to get S1 and S2 OST for Merlin, it's beautiful, no really, it's lovely. *nodnodnod*

Now, I must go find room for House and Voyager on the HDD... *straightens neckerchief and goes to fight with the HDD and then more dishes*

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So, where to start...
Hi, my name is Mys and I'm nuts.
I'm also going through some major self-hateage. Is that the reason I've been so quiet, probably not. That probably has more to do with my head being weird and my spending too much time blurting my randomness on Twitter. Anyway, today we are playing catch-up, sorta, lol.

First off, so far lowering the Seroquel and uppiing the Lyrica seems to be working, I know strange thing to say considering the above statements, but most of that stuff I think has roots in reality and therefore not the Mi's, hence I think the change in cocktail is working nicely. :P We'll see what happens when the doc checks iin tomorrow though... :/
Well, I survived Mom's visit- barely, but that was more the running all over hells' half acre than Mom, so yeah. :) On the not-so-upside, Pup is being all wiggy about Mom's visit and her leaving (don't ask, I'm still trying to sort it).
Got my Dean/Cas Big Bang posted, in and out of the comm, though it's going over rather lukewarmish. :((
Finished a 13k Merlin fic that didn't even involve sex! I think I scared ppl, or possibly scarred them because of the other two, lol. This however is alternately going over surprisingly well and like a lead balloon. I say this because here on LJ total lead balloon I've had over 4000 hits on my fic journal since I posted it and three whole comments wtf?????? But on ffnet it's lacking in reviews but it's soaring in the favourites department, again wtf????
Yeah, really feeling my icon these days, lol.
Let's see, I went off and signed up for not one but TWO Merlin fic exchanges *head desk* on top of already having DCxmas, which my gods what the HELLS were they thinking okay the likes and dislikes I can see but the prompts??? three prompts three squicks, WHAT?!?!?!?! Anyway, I'm taking the good ol' throw the prompts out the window strategy 'cause I don't care I'm NOT writing my squicks, I told them I wouldn't write this shite, so I'm not and it's their bloody fault if they or the giftee has a problem with it! Sorry, it just pisses me off.
I feel weird with my fic atm, I just did Secret Angels so that one's still under wraps, the next is DCxmas, which will be under wraps for however long, the two Merlin comms- again under wraps... it's gonna look like I stopped writing altogether! Only thing that will hopefully come out is Arcana and that's like middle/end of December. Though I do have a vague hint of what might, possibly, eventually grow into a fullfledged idea for a Merlin fic, so we'll see. And my Dean/Cas muses seem to have returned, so that's something. All hope is not lost, yet.

I'm totally jonesing for my SPN and Merlin, I haven't been able to watch either for WEEKS!!!!!!! I'm kinda hoping to do some of that today and maybe it'll make me feel better. I wanna sew some, too, but that means finding a big enough space AND enduring the mocking. And I'm really not up for the mockiing. See this is what I mean, maybe it's just the PMS, but just the thought of that has me crying! *sniffles*

Ah, well, gotta go, dishes to do, ungrateful mouths to feed and at least two separate dinners to make (which they would probably preferred to have had an hour ago). Yes, I am considering changing my name to Merlin. :P

ETA- Oh yeah adding to the Mys feels like shite or maybe shat on, got in one of those loverly lose/lose situations with Pup where I asked her something and then "made her feel stupid and small', this is one of those English vs non-English speaking. It usually comes up when I've been writing a lot so my language changes and I use words or phrases she doesn't know, then when I apologize and try to explain I'm makiing her feel stupid, blah, blah, blah and when I apologize for that... *throws up arms in confusion* This time it was a question and turns out SHE was the one trying to make me feel stupid... *rolls eyes* PMSing Swedes are NOT nice, esp when you're PMSing, too. *sighs and runs back to make sure she didn't burn the chicken*

ETA2- *bounces happily* I got my copy of Keeper of the King Mom ordered for me! *hugs her bordering on cheesy vampire book* Now, I just need to find the third one, Siege Perilous! I haven't read that one yet... what is it with me and vamps and Camelot, it's not like I MEAN too, half the time it's an 'oh, yeah' moment it just HAPPENS. *shakes head and returns to fic cleaning*
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Greetings and salivations!
I'm feeling kinda weird today so bear with me, k.
See, first I'm dangerously obsessing about Merlin (and since last night Bradley's ass), even considering ficcing. *denies she already has a drabble squirrelled away*
Then my snooker is starting back up, so months to come of arguing with MM and MB over who gets to watch/record on the telly- Mys will out, damn you!
And of course SPN is approaching rapidly, not to mention S5 dvds are out soon, so I'm gonna be sitting here alternating between Merlin and SPN and snooker- I almost wouldn't blame the childer from wanting to kill me, lol.
AND, AND I'm guessing the Dean/Cas-SPN seasonal comms will be opening soon so not only will I be signing up for those, I went and signed up for [livejournal.com profile] fall_for_sx. *head desk*
Anybody interested in helping me suss out the last bit of a Spandery fic that's been sitting unattended for MONTHS. It's one of the last 2 pieces I plan to finish before I bow out of fandom (BtVS/AtS, not SPN or anything), so I really wanna get it done and figured this was as good a time as any. :)

And why is it so hard to find caps of that one scene in 1x11 where Arthur's rolling around on the ground with his butt being all guh! in front of the camera! I need an Arthur butt shot!!!!! :P
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Now I remember why I stopped reading Dean/Cas!!!!!!! Not that they aren't still my OTP and I still love them insanely, but I HATE, absolutely HATE as in LOATHE as in find utter DISGUST in human!/Fallen!Cas. It makes my fucking stomach churn and bile rise up in my throat, I swear the only thing worse was when I read Jameschick's Quantum Xander I and II (which despite it's uber-squick I can highly recommend to the Spanderly inclined)!!!! And those who know my 3 Cardinal Rules of Spander/SPN know why I damn near heaved reading it!!!!!!
Why, WHY is it so FUCKING HARD to WARN about human!/Fallen!Cas? I know for some irrational reason (and pls don't try to explain it to me, it's a battle that no matter how logical you make it, you will never win) a lot, a ridiculously lot, of ppl seem to love this concept and that's cool, but keep it to your fucking selves- by that I mean BLOODY FUCKING WARN PPL!!!!!!!
I'm tired of getting halfway through a fic and being confronted with surprise non-winged Cas!
Cas has wings damn-it! Just like Spike has fangs!
You do not remove/destroy/or in anyway permanently remove any set of appendages, wings, and fangs, unless you want me furious or heaving!
It's why I spend almost all my time in the Sam/Gabriel comms now, they almost never de-wing my angel and if they do they WARN about it!

*huffs* Now, I'm tired, stressed out, AND angry!!! *wanders off to comb her Mems for something to make the bile go away*
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Woot! Hellllllllooooooooo pppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllsssssssss! *waves- okay so more like flails insanely because she's in a VERY weird mood*

Despite appearances this post is incredibly low on the fandom levels, lol

First, some fandom stuffage. "Last night I had the strangest dream, I'd never dreamed before," umm, no... Last night I finished my [livejournal.com profile] spring_with_xan fic! Well, the main one, I'd had a small little PWP squirrelled away just in case, now, I got both. :P
Also, I bit the bullet and signed up for the [livejournal.com profile] deancasbigbang, just the mini-Bang, but still. Thanks for the input and support guys. I've even had an idea, I had this kinda disturbing post 5x22 fic, Dean's a bit, umm, dark, not evil or anything... think Sammy towards the end of "Mystery Spot". Anyway, I realized that I could actually flush it out a LOT more than I was originally planning, and it would work nicely. I think I might even be able to get it close if not over the 10,000 word mark. *chews lip* Whatever, I'm giving it a shot!
Of course, I also signed up for CasFest because, dude, exchange fic makes me surprisingly happy, lol.

And now for the main part of this post, NO it's not chocked full of Supernatural goodness, more a slight 6 degrees of SPN kinda thing. See, I was signing up for CasFest and they wanted prompts, now I'm lousy at prompts, so I went rummaging through my music collection. Hey, what can I say, sometimes I am a walking cliche, lol. Anyway, I wound up listening to some of my old Excentrics and Getaway Car (two of my favourite bands ever, Getaway Car was the spawn of Excentrics when they split up), and yeah unknown indie bands from DC not likely to be easy to provide lyrics for, right. So I did a quick web search and about had a coronary when I found there were actually places that had their lyrics- floored doesn't begin to cover it, lol.
Now, I know this will come as a shock, but I get picky about how lyrics look, if they are comfortable to read, etc... so I clicked on a couple links, then a couple more. And one of these blessed links had a set of vids from one of the guys' last performances. Not just vids- YouTube vids. So yeah, this led to a helluva lot more clicking and much annoyiing squeeing on Twitter and an unremorseful spamming of Facebook (uber apologies to [livejournal.com profile] half_vulcan who suffered the brunt of my insanity)- oh and LOTS of downloads, lol. See, it seems the lead singer of those groups is still doing some random gigs, so yeah freakout. Then- yes, this story continues- the next day I set about ripping the sound from the vids, but one little vid hadn't dl'd properly, so I went back to YouTube, looked up the song and discovered a different uploader than the ones I'd been skulking around the day before. And this person kept referencing Todd's 40x40 project and these vids were remarkable NEW, like March of 2010 type new. So in the midst of my hyperventilation I manage to do a search on Todd... and I found LOVE. Not only is he still around, but this 40x40 project is him releasing one new/refurbed origiinal song every week for the 40 weeks before his 40th birthday (which is the second week of July for those of you interested, and no, I didn't have to look it up- some things you remember--- random scary thought: I've known him, like actually known him, since before either of us were legal to drink- though I doubt he'd remember me, it's been @ 10 years or so since I saw him last, lol). Yeah, but wait it gets better, see he's offering each song as a FREE download *flails* so yeah I just dl'd 33 heavenly, beautiful and absolutely miraculous songs. *beams cheesily* Anyway, he's releasing them on Cd, too, so when it's all said and done I'm gonna buy it/them because he's Todd and I can't not. He, well, his music makes me unreasonably happy.

Oh, if anyone is brave/insane/curious enough to see what I'm talking about there's one of those nifty music players on the MySpace page, may I suggest Unlucky Stars, Blood Red, or Imperfect Heart, oh 45's really awesome, too... assuming you ppl actually know what a 45 is, lol, and Too Late Tonight... I'll stop now. Really. See, I'm pressing enter. Look. See. I am. Damn you, I said look!
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Ohhhhhhh, ahhhhhh, SPN!love memeage!
Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] morganoconnor

The character I first fell in love with: The ’pala, no really, that scene in the Pilot where they pull up to the bridge and the motor’s just rumbling it’s heart out, yeah… I had ’pala lust from day one. But if you must have a flesh and blood character then Dean, bringer of awesomeness and grand master of ’pala lovin’
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Bobby probably, but it might be Sammy- Sammy really annoyed me for the first little while (like 3.5 seasons), but he annoyed me in that 'annoying baby brother’ type way, so I figured it was meant to be, but now he’s kinda grown up and I can work with that.
The character everyone else loves that I don't: Adam *waits to be pummelled*
The character I love that everyone else hates: erm… no clue, possibly Lisa, but that’s more because Ben is so many flavours of awesome and they’re kinda a package deal, lol.
The character I would shag anytime: Damn, Dean I guess, since I’ve been willing to shag him longer than Cas has been around, lol.
The character I'd want to be like: I’m horrible at choices like this, so- Sarah from Provenance, or Bobby, or Mama Winchester (In the Beginning type Mama Winchester)
The character I'd slap: DEAN! ’cause sometimes Bobby doesn’t do it enough. I love the boy, but sometimes he just needs it
A pairing that I love: Dean/Castiel
A pairing that I despise: at the risk of getting pummelled further, any Wincest pairing *shivers*
My five favorite characters: Dean, Cas, Bobby, Ellen, Sam
My five least favorite characters: Ruby 2.0, Meg 2.0 (umm, I think, unless 2.0 was when she was riding Sammy), Adam, the Trickster (before we found out he was Gabriel, see to me the Trickster was a pointlessly vengeful creature who just irked me every way possible, but knowing what we know now about him being Gabriel it all makes more sense and I can get behind sense), Gordon Walker
Which character I am most like: Well if I go by those silly Which character are you ? quizzes, I’m either Dean or Lucifer, lol. Personally, I think I’m a bit more Bobby.
My deep, dark fandom secret: Don’t know that I have one… unless it’s the whole Trickster vs. Gabriel thing or possibly my Adam hateage, but neither of those is really secret. Oh, maybe that before I had someone to slash Dean with I actually wrote 1.5 gen x-over fics (of course, since Cas I’ve added a squeal to it that slashes my boys up like they should be, lol).


So yeah, I’ve been a wee bit quiet and I figured for those who are used to me babbling almost daily I’d mention- World Snooker Championship!!!! My dirty little secret. *shhhhhh* In other words with Eurosport and Eurosport2 showing both tables almost 8 hours a day, you’re lucky I’m even looking at the comp, lol.
Anyway, my other boys will be playing for another week and a half so don’t be surprised if I’m rather sporaticly around or if I start babbling/squeeing about the tourney.

Oh and in another SPN related thing- Lookit! I haz Gabriel iconage :D and it’s not even my own doing! [livejournal.com profile] mrs_obsessive was kind enough to change the background for me and everything. *beams* See, I’m embracing my inner Gabriel/Sam girl.

Speaking of, my BtVS peeps- anyone wanna tell me how insane I am for wanting to ship Gabriel/Spike? *giggles madly* They’d be soooooo cute and the snark!!!! I’m tempted to hunt down one of the Gabriel fic memes and leave a prompt, but I’m afraid ppl might hunt me down and kill me with sticks.
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So, I was prowling through my fic folder and decided to take a look at Void, it's this x-over fic (BtVs and SPN). Thing is, I started it YEARS ago, like the tail end of SPN S1 and it's like my 3rd fic ever but it's not too bad, I think... maybe... anyway for some reason it struck a chord and I started working on it again, but I could use some opinions-

Pay attention I'm asking something here, lol

See, since I started this early on in SPN terms, there are things that don't sit well knowing what we know now.

Like, my John isn't a dick/deadbeat dad who left Dean to practically raise Sammy on his own.

Dean's much more easy going (like he was in S1).

And it's either gen or Xander/Dean, it keeps changing it's mind (right now it's gen and I kinda like it that way).

So, yeah, makes me wonder if anyone'd even be interested... and so I give you a poll! (Don't worry I fully expect to hear the crickets chirping, but I thought I'd ask *shrugs*)

[Poll #1551427]

And lastly, *squeeeee* I just pre-ordered S5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeeeee*
Yes, I have no life, but we knew that already.
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I wrote you fic, I don't feel like it's up to my usual standards but it's there. Hope you enjoy it at least a bit. *HUGS* ♥ ♥ ♥

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Sorry it just seemed to fit.
My muses and BAMF!Cas seem to have come to an understanding, WOOT!
Basically, I wound up writing more of Arcana (a bit I was having trouble with no less) and then watching s'more of S4.

I rewatched "Monster at the End of This Book", "The Rapture", and "Lucifer Rising" (really easy going stuff there, lol) and wound up with a couple pointless fangrrlly questions.
-Why did I never notice that the thing Chuck's publisher was ranting about 'all anybody wanted these days' was Dr. Sexy, MD???????
-Is it just me or is Sam's anti-possession tat facing one way and Dean's another?

Oh, and to prove a point, yes, I screeched when she shot Jimmy- again. I always do that, no matter how many times I see it (okay, so this was only like the 4th time, but still) or how much I know it's coming.
And then today I've been running around hells' half acre trying to find interfacing and a card wallet. You would not expect either of these items to be particularly difficult to find... they are here. *grrr*
On the up side, I decided to go for a swim since I was downtown, spent almost a full hour doing laps. This all does tie into the muses/BAMF!Cas war because, while I was there, I kept thinking about this strange thought I had last night... the summary of a Dean/Cas fic- "Dean, Cas, and a candle-lit dinner" it went downhill from there, lol. Anyway, the line wouldn't leave me alone then somehow the other boys (the Spandery ones) snuck in and seemed to randomly suss where Briana's little ficlet is going, so this was of the good- no, it does not involve candle-lit dinners.
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So just a quick in and out here, I'm really trying not to get the muses derailed now that they're working again, but... there's just something breathtaking and oh so distracting about Castiel's first entrance when seen on 40"s of HD LCD television (esp when you've never had anything that big or that high quality in your life! The telly, not Cas- pervs ...although...), let alone the extended version... I swear, I almost put it on repeat yesterday just to watch the sparks fly off of him.
Yeah, so me, my muses, and my addiction are gonna try to fight with themselves.
Until then, to paraphrase the words of the great Dave Lister- "...four seasons of Supernatural. I'll see you in the spring."
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Holy hells!!!!! I got something Spandery written! (small though it may be) *hugs [livejournal.com profile] mulder200 and [livejournal.com profile] jjean65* Thank you, guys! No, it's nothing from your prompts, but if it wasn't for your prompts rolling around in my head I don't think the muses would have woken up. Now to just keep them going, lol.

Useless info from SPN!fangrrl: You remember the beading project(s)? Well, the most recent (and only one worthy of completion) is almost done! Just need to find where the hells Swede's hide the interfacing and tack that on with the final three rows of beads and sew that onto the mount and it'll be done! *dances* I'm hoping to have that sussed by tomorrow. Then I can walk around confusing pagans everywhere, lol. If I can ever figure out how to actually get the digital camera on MM's cell to upload to the comp, I may even torment you with pictures later, lol.

Random information: I'm almost finished with Unseen Academicals. *pouts* I'm debating rerererererererererere-reading Good Omens or actually reading Making Money, which I somehow forgot I had under all the Dresden books, lol. I need more Pratchett in my life!!!!!!!

ETA: It wigs me out, more than a little bit, when I still get ppl favouriting my first scary het/OFC fic over at WWOMB and FF.net. Just thought I'd share that.
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Well, ladies and gent(s) it Friday and I’ve actually got comp time! So yep, two weeks in a row, Mys’ nonsensical play by play SPN babble, cut for spoilers obviously, lol.
Oh stick around after ‘cause I have a couple REAL questions for ppl!

Wherein I say ‘dude’, ‘OMGs’, and audibly squeal/laugh/scream on way more occasions than necessary )

Jesus H. Christ that was so fucking awesome on so many levels. ‘scuse me while I set to capping and probably ficcing. Holy shit. WOW.

Fuck, I’m having trouble coming down from that. Shit, and I was gonna watch Misha’s panel after, but now I don’t know... I’m just kinda lost.

Oi! Pay attention 'm asking a question here!
So yeah, the question I was gonna ask, I need prompts. Spandery ones. My muses are so unfocused or rather they are so focused on the two Spander fics I’m in the middle of that nothing else is seeming to get through. So yeah, begging the f-listies for prompts, PLEASE.

Now, I think I’m gonna go have a lie-down, I feel like that ep just ran me over and took me for a ride, which let’s face it, it did. DAMN. I think this is gonna go on my not-quite-as-long-as-you’d-think-it-is list of fav eps.
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Holy FUCK!

I DON'T win Forbidden Awards- runner-up or anything! It just DOES NOT happen!!!!!!! *flailsqueeflail*
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Okay, FINALLY I have time to actually watch Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid! Of course this means you lovely peeps get to suffer my play by play babble- aren’t you lucky, lol!

Here Lies 5x15 Episode Babble )

More fandom, then R/L- promise.

The Clan watched Percy Jackson Friday, not bad for a teenage version of Clash of the Titans (and it was more than a little depressing that none of the Clan knew what I was talking about when I said that)… and of course, come on, you guys can guess what the one thing I noticed was- “Dude, it’s Adam!” I don’t even like Adam (no offense to my Adam-lovin’ f-listies) and I notice these things. *head desk*

Oh, gods know what possessed me, but I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] spring_with_xan again this year. Only took one date though, the way my muses are acting that’s gonna be enough trouble, lol. I’m thinking about finishing/refurbing this one Jesse fic I was working on. It was originally a project for you know who, but she wanted some stuff I was having a hard time working into the fic so it kinda, not exactly died, more like went into a deep hybernation, but I was thinking it would be good for that maybe…

On a side note- I HATE MY SPANDER MUSE! It’s evil and schizophrenic and totally off it’s meds! Seriously, I’ve been trying to work on something short and simple for Briana and one minute there’s nothing coming out and the next it’s all over the place, like two or three ficlets trying to escape at once! *glares at muse*

You know I really hate this time of year… it’s when I get all introspective-y. I always figured it was the BP, so until they official change my dx I’m gonna keep going with that theory. Anyway, I had one of those icky realizations t’other day- ya know one of those where that little part of you that you try to keep well hidden and buried that reminds you that in all probability and honesty you’ll never get to do ANY of the things you dream of. I really don’t need that right now… I hit it over the head with a nice stone club… it cracked the club and only stunned the thought. *grrrrr* Oh well, I’m trying to ignore it and it’s friends (and why they are insisting on looking like the dancing chickens from Sledgehammer I’ll never know).

Anyway, gonna try to abuse the muses into behaving or at least talking in turn instead of all at once, lol. (and gods help me I’ve already got coda stuff rolling around up there)
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Okay, I WILL NOT normally torture ppl with completed fic, but this one's been in the works so long and I have posted parts of it here, so for anyone who doesn't get side swiped by this on the comms who might be interested, I give you in it's entirety...

Title: Streets of London
Pairing: Spike(William the Bloody)/Xander
Rating: PG13
Feedback: Mys has decided that she actually likes FB, so… constructive crit is fine, just be prepared for Mys to defend/explain her choices, and try not to do any permanent damage, k.
Disclaimer: Just playing with the pretty kittens. Unfortunately, they are not mine, but I will gladly groom and bathe them before sending them back home to Daddy (aka Joss/Mutant Enemy/et al).
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] staticspinning graciously volunteered to put up with Mys and her psychotic writing process for this. *huge huge hugs* I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for this, hun!!!!!!
Warnings/Squicks: severely AU
Summary: It’s the summer of 1890, Alexander stops by his favourite bookshop and is drawn into a discussion with the shopkeeper (and family friend) Wesley Wyndham and the attractive young blonde visiting his shop.

Chapters 1-3
Chapters 4-6
Chapters 7-9
Chapters 10-11 + Epilogue


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