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Soooooo, long time, no post...
First off, 'm fine or as fine as I ever am.. okay, nevermind, lol.

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In a minute 'm gonna post something else, so I apologize if it looks like 'm spamming, promise I don't mean to and there shouldn't be anything else today, k.

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Obsessive, (as defined by the OED), adv.- Of or pertaining to obsession, liable to obsess; obsessing. So as n., a person characterized by obsessive behoviour.
See- she who downloads a show she already has on DVD just so she can look for a single scene that she can't remember seeing since she was no older than 12 at her grandparents 'cause she decided she wants to make an icon out of it, who is the same person who spent all day combing CSS just to change a font and some random other stuff, which I still can't find the override on!
ETA- found it (the Holmes thing, erm, the DL thing) only took me three tries. Of course, the fact that I remembered it was a Burke ep, narrowed it down A LOT, lol.

By the by, if anyone knows how to, either, set my entry background to like 80% opaque, or set the entry background to an image file, I might offer you my first born, well, if I had any. And yes I know I need to get a new header done, but 'm hoping I can convince Arthur to take on the task and just hope she doesn't kill me for adding another pretty to the collection, lol.

And because it's worth saying Robertson won the Masters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dances*

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*glomps all over Mia and Arthur* I wrote 1000 words of the damn reverseBB! See, I took your advice and pushing. ♥ (now to just do that another 4 times over, lol)

So, I got six stitches above my tooth, and it bleeds a lot, and hurts like all hells, but it's done and hopefully this'll stop the random infection things I get when I get sick, too. :) And no I didn't put on Reichenbach... I put on TGG, lol. Almost fell asleep twice 'cause I was just you know going that far away. And it should probably bother someone out there that I find multiple murders terribly calming when being drilled on... there's got to be some law against that. What was best was me trying to get to the pharmacy... I kept running into walls, I was tilting to the right, hehe. Fanboy says when I got home I was "tripping over things before I got to them," lol.

I banished everyone from the telly when my games are on today (and hopefully tomorrow), unfortunately what I thought would happen in the afternoon match happened. :( Trump beat O'Sulivan, rather soundly... I would've felt better if Ronnie had been playing his A game or even his B game, this was like B- game. Anyway, the Selby/Murphy game starts in a few minutes and that should be interesting... What 'm really worried about game-wise is that whoever wins the Robertson/Williams game tomorrow will be going up against Trump and they both can have bad days... so it could be messy. Yes, I know you all were dying to hear me babble about snooker didn't you. Hey, at least 'm not on about Sherlock or Merlin or Pup being all SHE, lesser of evils I think. :P

ETA 2: FUCK OFF I have a right to watch telly, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I spend EVERY day watchcing your banal shite, but when one of my tourneys is on I'm being unreasonable and mean... wtf, and I even tried to explain it and according to HER 'm being illogical.
Oh, and it doesn't help that while 'm sitting here crying, all I can see is "the Fall" replaying behind my eyes.

ETA: I must still be a bit wonky... read the schedule wrong it's Dott/Higgins tonight, lol.

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So I have this "minor" dental surgery thing tomorrow- they're removing a pocket of infection or something and then chopping off part of the root so they can block it off or somesuch- and I usually take Col with me for distraction purposes... so I come up with the ingenious idea that I just HAVE to put Reichenbach on him... someone explain the logic of that to me, pls?
Anyway, so yeah evil dentist tomorrow. :( I could use some hand-holding, lol. Not that Mys has a fear of dentists or anything (yes, there's a story there, no I won't bother you with it- see I can be totally awesome sometimes :P~), lol. Truth be told this guy's pretty good, he does those important things like tell me what he's doing/going to do before he does it and stops when I ask him to, both of these carry ridiculously high marks. *nods*

I finished sorting out the hodge-podge of notes I had for the blog!fic (and really I need a better name to refer to it as), seven pages in my minuscule henscratch of character psychology and vague plot points/history, that doesn't include the thousand or so words/dialogue I had scratched out. Still, now I just have to convince myself to actually put it together with words and all, well, that and come up with short/basic history for some minor yet pivotal characters... why do I do this to myself? I can't start slow with a couple codas or something nice and simple and schmangsty like I normally would and, no, you don't get to throw Merlin in my face, no, I have ideas. *head desk* And no I don't know if 'm head desking because of the ideas or because I have succumb to the call.

And because I need to say it before I scream, I rrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy HATE my reverseBB... I've tried taking Arthur's advice and saying bugger it and write what I want to write, but I go to type and start second and third and fourth and fifth and you get the idea guessing myself. *sighs* It's not even like I can get Arthur or anybody to look over it, it's all still in my head. Thing is I know exactly where I want it to go and exactly what happened and most of the more general inbetween stuff, I don't think it'll be my best work because it's rather outside my comfort zone, but I think it could be good, maybe even really good, but that all hinges on convincing the words that neither my artist, nor the rest of the world are going to flame me to a fried and darkened pile of ash for it.

And then there's Silence... no real progress on that front, but 've been a bit pre-occupied. 'm still thinking about doing it in small fics instead of one large one, sometimes I just think too much time passes and there's no good, non-mind-numbing way to get that across. *sighs*

I folded and wrote down that scene (or two) that wouldn't get outta my head night before last... it actually made me feel better, lol. I think, until something better comes along, *hint hint* it's going to be my personal fanon (even in all its slashy goodness, lol- but in fairness it wasn't a big kiss just a powerful one, yeah carefully omits the one after that).

Can we tell Mys is avoiding thinking about her dentist appt? But seriously, I'm going to have the scary, scary, scary tooth hacker cut into me and play with my roots and nerve endings and the first thing I think is 'oooh, let's make sure we have Reichenbach to watch/listen to' *head desk* I couldn't be satisfied with TGG on there... or my DCFC which always works miracles on zoning off when they're drilling or the goth/industrial I recently flooded the thing with which would drown out anything they were doing if it was loud enough.

Oh! The Masters started, so far my boys are doing good, just first round and, well, most of them are my boys, but four of my top five are still in and tomorrow I get both O'Sullivan and Roberston matches. *bounces* 've already told the childer that esp when my painkillers wear off anyone who gets between me and my games tomorrow will suffer a very loud and violent death... if they are lucky.

And in a random 'ohh, lookit SPN's on' S3 definitely had the best opening sequence. :) OHHHHHHHHH, it's "Long Distance Call"!!!!!!! Bow at the feet of Rami, lol. :D

Okay, I will stop being random and actually post this... besides, SPN's on! :P~

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*giggles madly* Okay, Pup said the funniest thing to me yesterday... we were watching "Queen of Hearts" I know, but they hadn't seen it and I have to keep that whole Mys-is-on-S4 thing quiet, so I had to watch it again... though there was Dragoon, which made up for a lot. Anyway, we were watching it and it came up that Pup is under the misguided impression that I'm an Arthurian!!! It was all I could do not to completely bust out laughing... I mean seriously say it with me everyone "Mys is a Merlinian". *head desk* How does she get that idea? It's Merlin's whose lines I know, it's Merlin I risk drooling over... even HS knows I'm a Merlinian, she's said as much, lol.

I still need fix-it fic. *pouts*

I need to actually post the fic I have lying around.

Why do I get like twice as many comments on anon fic as I do on stuff I admit I wrote? *scratches head* Curious...

Silence is eating my brain, mainly because either 'm lost with too many ideas or freaked because of one of my comments (it was a good thing just freaky). Gwaine has tried to take over one part, but at least I like that bit and it actual makes sense, lol.

I'm about to make an executive decision to start looking for a beta for the pauldron!fic, which I'm terrified about doing, but I need to at some point. Unfortunately r/l is kicking my normal beta's arse.

I've decided that if it's close enough to Christmas for them to start selling the special Christmas soda and the exchange comms to start then it's close enough for me to break out my Colin Christmas icon. :P

Not that anyone besides me cares, but Robertson won the latest PTC- WOOHOO!

Similarly, the Squirrels Cards aren't doin' half bad, or weren't until the game that's on right now started... bottom of the first, runners on first and second, two outs, and one run scored for the bloody Rangers *grr* Scratch that, bases loaded... *head desk and repeat*

Lastly, anybody wanna tell me if I'll survive watching 4x04 or if I need to have copious amounts of chocolate on hand? 'm not talking details here just basic will Mys be in tears again type thing.

And yes, I really need to make a proper post, but 'm tired and don't feel like it.

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all that head desking *points* it's under here )

Okay, time to straighten the neckerchief and attack the mountain of dishes (how the hells one family can use EVERY cup, plate, and bowl in the house in less than 24hrs on a disturbingly regular basis is truly beyond me) and sort out the laundry- at least HS is gone for a few days, that always cuts down on everything. Anyway, duty calls.

ETA- Pup just came in to tell my Andrew Lloyd Webber has done a 'new' (okay, Pup just added that it was back in March, not that this does anything to disarm the point) musical with her end all, be all of the musical world, Michael Crawford, in... Wizard of Oz. *mrphle- and not the good kind* Yes, I know there are only like 3 or 4 of you who will understand the true depths of disturbing horror this is for me. She hasn't told me anything else; I take it, it is more his production rather than him trying to rewrite everything... that is almost worse. Gods, she's going to be insufferable... *dies- again not the good kind* 'scuse me while I go twitch uncontrollably for a few hours.

*NB- it is also worth of note that this was not the icon I had selected for this post, but in my horror hurry to add that last bit I scrolled when I meant to click and far be it for me to go against the power of Colin, lol.

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Holy hells, that was awesome! Ya know at the start of this thing (we're talking snooker ppl keep up) I was rooting for Robertson because it's fucking Neil Robertson and if not him then Selby (see previous Robertson statement as to why) and if neither of them made it then Williams... then Higgins. Don't get me wrong Trump is awesome and a force to be reckoned with (I remember being impressed by one of his matches I caught part of a couple years back- took me forever to find him again, too, bloody Swedish speaking Eurosport and their lousily timed Mid Session games *grumbles*), but I felt like he was getting a bit cocky, not that he didn't deserve to feel cocky, but even then you need to have some humility, yeah. Anyway, I said before (on Twitter) that I wanted to see him have to work for the win over Ding and to my pleasure, he did, and after that I was torn on him or Higgins... until this afternoon when I was literally fist pumping every time Higgins got a good shot or won a frame, I kinda realized that even if I hadn't consciously made a choice apparently I had a favourite, lol. So yeah well played all 'round, but I have to say 'm glad Higgins won- it also proved just how amazing Trump is and will be, the grace and humour with which accepted defeat was brill, I'd watch him just for that. :D

Anyway, this means *pokes Rainbow* no more snooker until the fall unless I actually find some of these exhibition matches, but I doubt 'll be obsessing or pestering you guys with that, so you guys are free from the snooker parade for the time being!

Unfortunately, it also means no more procrastinating with my Merlin Big Bang... but that's okay, I need to get focused on it anyway, bloody thing ain't gonna write itself! Just wish Gwen would behave and stop pestering me to let her find out already and that Leon wasn't trying to get me to 'explain things' to Arthur when none of them are ready!!! And of course Gaius is just sitting there watching it all with alternating sour/amused/concerned looks, all of which have their own form of 'arched-eyebrow-of-doom' though why they bother when I doubt I'll be able to explain the subtleties my mind comes up with without going on for a paragraph or more! At least Geoffrey is trying to help, he's waiting patiently, knowing his lines or at least his actions and motivations, but he's not pushing, bless is shiny bald head, he's just sitting there waiting, scribbling something. Huffs, trust the bloody librarian to be the only one not giving me a headache! And don't get me started on Merlin!!! He's being worst, he's not talking to Gwen, which is why she's being all PMSy, and he's avoiding Gaius and his all-knowing eyebrow, and well, Arthur can't decide whether he's supposed to be shagging him or playing mister avoidy prat so Merlin's avoiding him! *pounds head on desk*

*giggles* I dl'd that beautiful Colin vid that's been going around, at least I assume it has, anyway. I got it dl'd and ripped the audio for my MP3 and after a bit of an argument got the vid converted for it, too... I'm thinking it's gonna take up permanent residence next to 1x04 and 2x13 in his vid files. :D

And yet more fanishness- I is makings more iconeseses! Mostly Bradley from Kapow, I know the shots have been used for icons already so 'm only planning on posting them here or my graphics journal, unless I get a bug up my arse and wind up making oodles of other icons in a vain attempt at avoiding the aforementioned Big Bang, lol. And before you ask, mainly 'm making these because HE WON'T STOP LOOKING AT ME and whispering 'you don't have any good Bradley icons, you know you want some' to which I try to ignore him and gawk at the beauty that is Colin... but then that ring and those forearms (FOREARMS, Rainbow, FOREARMS) get me and... yeah... it's like Colin-ring-Colin-ring-Colin-ring-Colin-ring and then my mental Bradley starts spouting RPS thoughts at me, usually about what he's planning to do to Colin once they get out of there or what he DID to Colin before they got there... and herein lies madness.

Erm, yeah, that thing the other day... 's better, not okay, but better, 'm no longer seething, nor do I feel the need to rend flesh. :D

ETA: I keep forgetting to ask this, anybody got any stray protective!Arthur bunnies/prompts they might like to share, something simple and schmangsty???
Better yet anybody got any protective!Arthur fics they'd like to share????????

Ohhh, RAINBOW!!!!!!!! I was prowling some pics, so not mine, and found this made me think of you. :P

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So, after the Selby v Hendry match when it was made known that Hendry was seriously thinking about retiring, I realized that I didn't want him to. This is only odd in that, while I respect him, he's not one of my players, but I think, that's just it. I came into snooker like 6 years back and slowly figured it out and began following players and tourneys- harder than you think when it's all in Swedish, lol. Anyway, I just mean, that I as someone 'new' to the game would so miss out if Hendry retired now. Needless to say I was more than excited when he came out today saying he had decided he was still in the game and still had something to offer. I was damn near giddy, lol.

I have also discovered that I prefer the Beeb's broadcast to Eurosport, even if you get random comments like, 'the royal wedding being shown on this channel,' which is slightly disturbing only because it seems to come at the most random moments, lol.

'm actually rooting for Williams now. I don't mean anything against Higgins I do like him, he's one of my boys, but so's Williams and I think he's playing really superb this year and deserves it. But of course they're in the semi's against each other and not the final so we'll see.

And yes, 'm avoiding talking about Trump 'cause he usually fascinates me and I count him as one of mine, but I feel like he's being cocky- possibly quite deservedly- and that annoys me, still he has fun at the table and that counts for a lot with me, so...
Hmmm, I guess I didn't do a very good job of avoiding, huh?

Moving on...

Arthur made me a video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'cause she loves me and wanted me to know she's always there. *snuggles*

ZOMGs I just realized they did the final of Körslaget this past MONDAY not this coming Saturday! *squeals and runs off to watch Saturday's and Monday's- crosses everything possible for Team Andreas*

***This Post Shall Continue Shortly
We're Sorry For the Inconvenience***

Well bugger, I can't get the bloody embeds to work AGAIN!

Umm, anybody got any advice on that?


Team Andreas "Viva La Vida"

*flail* Andreas singing "Imagine"... I think I just fell a little more in love... and I don't even like "Imagine" that much *wibble*

OMFGs, okay, Team Andreas deserves to win just for this, my gods, it's beautiful!

...and this *wibble* "Halleluja"

Okay I was trying to avoid this, but they don't have the single clip...57:50 I about died because I am a crazed fangrrl first and foremost, lol. The Merlinites will understand. :D

sudgfuaqfah in case anyone who cares doesn't know who won I give you LJ cut :) )

Umm, yeah, in Thorn Valley news, I have started having nightmares about how things are *mrphle*
I have however finished one of my peasant blouses, though I admit I was channeling my inner Morgana or at least Katie's wardrobe mistress- sleeves thy name are chiffon, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, lol. And 'm almost finished with the skirt... gathering just over 10yrds of fabric is very time consuming... and I still have another 15yrds to go... hopefully it'll be done tomorrow, then 'm fixing the other bodice (or scraping it/giving it to one of the childer who might actually appreciate it and starting a new one). Yay me, and yes I AM wearing it when we go to Gotland for Medieval week so bite me ppl who have issues with it!

Now, I am going to go work on said skirt, watch the Higgins v Williams session while alternately staring at that pic of Colin [livejournal.com profile] colinm_fans posted a couple hours ago while my brain proceeds to melt at all the squee I've had today, lol.

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So, first things first, SNOOKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, 'm that big of a geek for those just recently joining our program, lol. The good news is you shouldn't be subjected to too terribly much of my snooker ramblings, thus far I have managed to keep most of them hidden or occasionally set free upon the Twitterverse. :D That said... Robertson/Trump yummy though I will without doubt pout and rant if Robertson looses this match 'cause seriously it's ROBERTSON he's like the best, okay maybe not THE best but he's one of my top 5 players, ya know him and Selby just make the game love for me. Anyway, I'm kinda looking forward to the O'Sullivan game, though I have to admit 'm kinda hoping he gets his ass beat again, he's gotten a bit too cocky. You know those players who yo love to watch play because they are masters of the game, but they really kinda annoy you otherwise? Yeah, and the more I hear about him the worse it gets... he was probably better off before I found the English streaming feeds and only had Swedish Eurosport, then all I had to go by was his playing, lol.

And in a mindless distraction I snagged this from [livejournal.com profile] silkmoth101
Here there be 'kink' memeage )

On a slightly related note, I decided I needed to look at my Merlin BB like I looked at my D/C BB last year. I know, I know, I signed up for the Mini-Bang which was like 10k (or 15k I can't actually remember, lol), point being it was the largest single work I'd ever done and getting close to, let alone hitting, the 10k mark shocked me, but I did it and then hit 15k (and upgraded to the full BB- yay, me- lol) and then 20k and then whatever I finished at, lol. Anyway, I decided I need to look at my Merlin BB kinda like that. Not thinking about never reaching 30k Oh my gods, I'm NEVER gonna hit 30k ever, ever, ever!!!!!!!!! Sorry, minor freakage, it is to be expected. *deep breath* Where was I? Oh yes, I decided I need to just look at those (relatively) little markers like last year. I'm getting close to 10k and I have a lot of flushing to do and I haven't even hit the crux or started towards the end half of the story, so I should be happy and bugger the rest. 'm also trying to take the bits and bobs like last year. I have two different tracks that will be running together and there's no reason that I HAVE to work on them together, I know what needs to happen in both while they are separate so I can work on those bits if that's where the muses want to play! So far this is helping a LOT, I don't feel nearly as overwhelmed and hopeless as I was last week. And as crappy a word count as it is, I'm still pushing 10k and got 1k words in over the course of two days last week, which for me is awesome! So yeah, keeping to the small victories until I look up one day and go 'Holy fuck! I did it!'

If you are not caught up with S6 of SPN

&@^@*%y(%)&@(!%)@&%!^)!_!)^()!%& )

And really after THAT how could there be anything else?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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So I know I posted relatively recently, but I had to go here, lol.

‘k, Mom got me a gift cert for Amazon yeah, and I went prowling. Grabbed a new cord for Colin Bastards keep telling me it’s the MP3 itself and not just an accessory so they won’t fucking deliver it here *GRRRRRRRRRRRRR*, and the 2 newest Lincoln Rhyme books, thought about getting the 2 newest Pratchett books, but figured I actually know a store where I can get them, unlike the Deaver novels. Anyway, had a good chunk left and remembered I’d wanted to look at a couple Elrod books, and well BLOODY EFFING HELLS!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, my, what prices! …haven’t you ppl ever heard of doing more than one run or reprints??? Esp for a series THAT popular, I mean seriously! Needless to say, I’m rather fond of my body parts- dysfunctional as they are, and would rather not sell my soul for these particular books. *shakes head* Anyway, this didn’t stop me from looking up the other book I wanted (this one I might consider selling body parts for) and well, I found it, I hope, secondhand, *crossing my fingers it’s one of the groups that lets you use the certs* YAY!!!!! It’s the 3rd in the Lord Richard series. :D
Now, I doubt any of you, or anyone actually reading this has ever heard of this series, but I love it. It’s a collaborative effort between Nigel Bennett and P.N. Elrod, so DUH it’s about vampires or a vampire in particular. Point is that the series has a really soft spot for me, or I have a real soft spot for it rather, whatever, it’s late and I took my meds and ‘m just waiting for my net to come back up so I can attempt to place this bloody order! (Update: Woot, they accepted it! Siege Perilous will be mine soon. *cackles madly*) Like I said, soft spot. And well, -here it comes, you guys know it’s coming so don’t even act surprised- I want to cross it over with Merlin!!!!! Why, you ask, since we all know Mys isn’t big on x-overs, and she sure as hells isn’t big on crossing those kinds of story lines, but that’s where you miss the important part of Lord Richard’s history, see he’s like over 1500 years old and he wasn’t always Lord Richard, he used to be a knight, the First Knight to a king even… come on, you know where it’s going… *nodnodnod* yeah, he went and got himself vamped after betraying Arthur!!!!! I don’t remember exactly why (I haven’t read it in over 7 years) it was some sort of self-imposed penance or some such. Anyway, I just want to write that with our Arthur, et al, maybe as a Future King, portion of Once and Future type thing *cackles* I so want! Unfortunately, Elrod is one of those authors who won’t let you fic their characters/verses and much as it annoys me no end, I’ll respect that. Damn-it, vampire Lance trying to convince Arthur and Merlin he’s not all evil and of how badly betraying Arthur buggered him up. *wibble*

Okay on to the second item of business- GWAINE!

I have recently come to the realization that I NEED, like bone deep NEED Gwaine to know about Merlin’s magic. I want to say I don’t know why, but the more I think about it the more I want to understand it. I think, I could be wrong, but I think I need it because Gwaine is Merlin’s friend first and foremost, whereas Lance’s duty is to Arthur. I don’t mean by that that I think Lance is gonna turn his back on Merlin or betray him or anything, merely that I think Gwaine is gonna always put his friendship first without hesitation. To me Gwaine would be a facilitator, not in a bad way or anything, just Gwaine takes the bull by the horns, if something needs done he does it, or drinks it, lol. I want to see Gwaine find out and be the one Merlin goes to when he needs to see both sides of a path, or when he needs a way to get something done under Arthur’s nose- I know Lance showed his ability to do this in 3x13, but to me Lance would always be putting Arthur first, consciously or otherwise. And I think Gwaine wouldn’t keep Merlin’s secret just because it’s ‘right’, but because he cares about Merlin and respects him. Anyway, I need Merlin to have that kind of friend in his life. I need him to see the wilder side of things- I don’t mean I want Gwaine taking Merlin out and getting him in drunken brawls on a regular basis or anything, but Gwaine can show him the world in a different light and Gwaine’s doesn’t have that perfect mindset that Lance has. He needs that in his life, someone who’s not perfect, but true to himself and his ideals (such as they are), and he needs that with someone who knows about him.
Of course, I’d also love to see Gwaine and Lance both being protective of Merlin and his abilities. *purrs* (shhh, depending how they handle Gwaine and Lance, I may start not-so-secretly shipping them, lol. There’s just such possibility there :-} )

And on a completely random note, did anybody see the Selby/Carter game today??? Gods my boy kicked ass and MY GODS I haven't seen him play that well in ages!!!!!!!!

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Like Becky levels of squeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Couldn't sleep last night, kept having Merlin cluttering my brain, so I slept like maybe 2hrs and got up with HS. Now any sane person would find this a trying experience, but no I for once actually am AWAKE and can't get to sleep. So I watched lots of telly- airline disasters, TW and Smv (hmmm, Jameseseses), and Mythbusters- just general happy making stuff. Also got Victory DL'd, which was surprisingly easy. *shrugs*
I also got my beta'd DCBB, which totally happy making!!!!
Then I get the notice that S5 finally got here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *is currently staring at her loverly boxed set trying not to lock herself away with a tub of Ben and Jerry's and just watch SPN all night* (and yes, I'm pre-ordering S6 Wednesday :P )
I also got Dad's adoption papers. :) (call me morbidly curious about such things)
AND I went to the eye docs (first time in over 5 yrs and when you're as blind as I am that's a long bloody time), found out I actually need reading glasses because my vision is so fucked (yes, you may commence with the old fart jokes) *rolls eyes* but hey it means I can see when I'm reading and typing and writing and my eyes'll stop going all wonky and headachy so, yeah anything that helps with the writing/computer thing is of the good.
I had a cracktastic image while at Stadium (it's a sports store for those who don't have them) with Pup while she looked for shoes before the eye doc (dragged her ass there, too, she hadn't been in longer than me!!!!)- lets just one having as little sleep as I've had should not under any circumstances be allowed to think things like 'hmmm, football cleats, wonder if they come in Pendragon Red' because if one is allowed to think such things she results in getting scared looks from everyone in a 10 foot radius 'cause she can't stop giggling. *headdesk* Thankfully the concept of 'air bagpipes' waited until I was on my way home... it did make it much easier to get a comfortable position on the bus, something to do with the wild manic look seems to have that effect on ppl. :)
Anyway, my muses are on crack, hoping to get some decent work on the cloak!fic done- ah, that was another happy thing I found a period word to use instead of 'belittle'. :D And maybe some angsty Dean/Cas... depends on if I can catch the muse.
And I got to record 5+ hrs of Snooker to watch tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hopefully either the O'Sullivan or Robertson matches, don't know which yet since I haven't been here, lol)
So yeah all in all a fabulous day (I blame Kyo, she spent an inordinate amount of time cheering me up yesterday and it feels like all her efforts came to fruition today *hugs her Kyo*)
Mark this down in your calendars ladies and gents, it's not liable to happen again anytime soon.
Mys is happy.
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Greetings and salivations!
I'm feeling kinda weird today so bear with me, k.
See, first I'm dangerously obsessing about Merlin (and since last night Bradley's ass), even considering ficcing. *denies she already has a drabble squirrelled away*
Then my snooker is starting back up, so months to come of arguing with MM and MB over who gets to watch/record on the telly- Mys will out, damn you!
And of course SPN is approaching rapidly, not to mention S5 dvds are out soon, so I'm gonna be sitting here alternating between Merlin and SPN and snooker- I almost wouldn't blame the childer from wanting to kill me, lol.
AND, AND I'm guessing the Dean/Cas-SPN seasonal comms will be opening soon so not only will I be signing up for those, I went and signed up for [livejournal.com profile] fall_for_sx. *head desk*
Anybody interested in helping me suss out the last bit of a Spandery fic that's been sitting unattended for MONTHS. It's one of the last 2 pieces I plan to finish before I bow out of fandom (BtVS/AtS, not SPN or anything), so I really wanna get it done and figured this was as good a time as any. :)

And why is it so hard to find caps of that one scene in 1x11 where Arthur's rolling around on the ground with his butt being all guh! in front of the camera! I need an Arthur butt shot!!!!! :P
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*waves at f-listies* So, I know it’s been a while, but with the new laptop I’ve actually gotten that Trillian thing to work (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] darkamber for reminding me it existed) and can actually use my Twitter account properly! So yeah a lot on my stuff is going over there now. If ppl are interest my Twitter is linked on the side bar. *points at stalking link*

You’ll be glad to know my tourney is over and it was the last of the season so you will be free from Snooker related posts until the autumn. Btb-ROBERTSON WON!!!!!!!!!

Ya know, I know there was other stuff I was gonna go on about, but the boys have kinda melted my brain, so I’ll get on with the ep babble, k.

Wherein Mys speculates and for once doesn't automatically wanna kill Kripke )
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It really shouldn't bother me so much... going to check on the site, I mean, but it does. It's like the closest thing I have to maternal instincts I guess, I feel like a parent who can on occasion glimpse their baby, but never really see it. It's stupid I know, but there it is. *whimpers*
Between that stupid move, the fact that almost every fic I've tried to read in the last three days has been stealth fallen!Cas fic (as if fallen!Cas fic wasn't bad enough! *growls*), and I'm having one of those angry/crying PMS months, I'm about ready to kill!

Despite all that I'm actually in a fairly good mood, just uber touchy- and it is so not helping that Dott is catching up to Robertson... it's gonna be a long night, esp with the lack of chocolate in sight, lol.
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Dear gods, I've just had my brain forcibly sucked from my ears and my eyes feel like they've been melted out of their sockets! Bloody MM and her fucking Twilight shit! Yeah, and when I complain Pup compares it to SPN. *rolls eyes* The funny thing about that s that she actually used to love SPN, but then she missed most of the 2nd season and now doesn't like it because I fic it. Still, no reason to compare it to icky, mind numbing, wanna-be vampires. I think I\m gonna go watch one of Misha's con panels or something, hopefully that can get some of my brain back!

And bugger it all, it looks like Dott's gonna win. *pouts* Ah, well at least he usually has fun when he plays so that's of the good.
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For starters, the router is now up and running and Mys is now coming to you live(ish) from her laptop!
Turns out the router was faulty and that’s why we couldn’t get it to work. Went and exchanged the bugger and within 20 there was net to be had, lol. See, it’s not always because I’m a relative computer idiot.

One weird thing, I accidentally, sorta, set the keyboard to US… yeah I’m having to re-re-learn the keystrokes, I’m doing pretty good, but if you guys see funky symbols showing up that’s why, lol.

Anyone know how to set the auto cap on VLC? When I dl\d it, it was a newer version and now I can’t find the “Image Video Output” option. I can find where it should be, I just can’t find it.

So semi/finals of the tourney and the match I was worried about went down easy (comparatively), and the match I wasn’t worried about is not, lol. On the upside, we DO get Robertson in the final, *dances* On the other side, Selby isn’t doing that well, he’s down 11-14, but it’s first to 17 so there’s still hope.

Alrighty, it’s now time ladies and gellyspoons for Mys’ weekly(ish) SPN babble, so grab your seats and the Ban and Jerry’s and prepare to be bored stiff at my randomness!!!!!!! *mawahahahahahahahahahaha*

believe it or not I’ve actually had the ep since yesterday, I’ve just been too nervous to watch it, lol. I keep having the irrational fear that Cas is gonna come back completely Fallen and I just can’t handle that. Yes, I’m that pathetic, shut it!

Anyway, without further ado, the babble…

Geez, Mys can be quiet sometimes... )
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So, I'm sitting in a laundromat reading about myself sitting in a laundromat, reading about myself... erm, no... confusing reality with SPN again.

Take two-
So, I'm sitting here stuffing my face with fic in an effort to stay awake until the damn internets ppl call- bloody router is evillllllll, lol.
I finally got my laptop! Set the bugger up in bloody English, too! (This makes sense if you realize I've spent the past 5 years trying to navigate, troubleshoot, and generally fix and on occasion hack into our comp- our 'no, hun go ahead and put it in Swedish- 's not like I'm gonna need to get into it or anything' comp. *rollseyes*) So yeah, I'm happy! Also, I wasn't planning on getting on-line with it, but since we also got MB a mini-PC for his b-day and all he ever does is play RuneScape, Pup ordered me to get a router, so once that's up and running (don't hold your breath) I'll actually have net access there, too!!!!!!! Woot! This is especially useful info to those few of you who I actually may have occasion to chat at.
It should say something though that the name I gave the laptop was A'Tuin and that the first thing I'm moving is my 5x16 wallpaper, my fic, and my icons... oh and VLC and GiMP- what? a girl's gotta have her priorities, lol.

Anyway, I plan to spend the rest of today, moving files and fighting with the aforementioned router, and watching the semi-finals on Eurosport- and do I need to mention how fucking awesome the O'Sullivan-Selby match was???????? *squeak* Now, if only Robertson can take out Carter then I stand to have one of the most amazing finals!!!!!! It's not guaranteed or anything, just highly probably.
This is all of course, in a vain attempt to distract myself from it being FUCKING THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!! I find myself in a depressing state of 'OMGs no, I can't look' and 'give me my fucking crack NOW!'. I'm hoping to settle into a calm 'Just give me fucking Cas back!' by the time I can actually get my hands on the ep.
Do you know that since the heartache of last weeks ep I have managed to catch up on ALL of my "To Read" bookmarked fic? That's no small feat, let me tell you. Of course I added two big ones last night so hopefully they will keep me sane(ish).

And a final thought, any perceived Gabriel fic that I may, or may not, have been writing will probably never see the light of day or at least it won't see the light of anything more than a possible f-locked post here. Mys can take a hint, lol.

*off to battle the evil router... compared to this Luci would be easy*
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OMGs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! I get my Selby-O'Sullivan game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The childer are so gonna hate me, but, ya know, I'm okay with that. :P
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FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something had to be good today! Robertson pulled it out *bounces* 12-12 to the final frame and he pulled it out!!!!!!!!!! He’s through to the 1/4 finals!!!!!!!!!!!!! But damn that Davis-Robertson match is gonna be sweet, I will have to kill all those who keep me from seeing it! Of course, I’m also hoping for another Selby-O’Sullivan match because they just make me happy, but the jury’s still out on that front. *cackles*

Random fandom note- it is very disturbing to be on the train in the middle of the night after spending a long day in Stockholm only to look over with your fried brain and see a large sign purporting the virtues of Jensen Gymnasium (basically Jensen High School) sometimes I forget the name’s actually Scandinavian, lol.

So, now that 16 hours have passed, I think I'm calm enough to finish my ep babble, which shall only include one thing-the one thing )

I’ve spent the better part of the past four hours drawing nekid angels with iridescent wings and Fenris- not like together, I’m not THAT big of a perv!
That in and of itself is weird since I can’t draw. Well, not like draw draw, I’ve been known to sketch out the occasional dress design or copies of other pictures or paintings, but just drawing- not gonna happen. So yeah, wiggy.
I spent the rest of the day in the oh so productive state of wallow, lol. It’s been kinda funny, I kept randomly jotting notes about the ep, the various mythos and such down on convenient scraps of paper… the great end of which left me feeling like Jack Ryan in Hunt for Red October:
“‘The average Rooskie Archangel, son, don't take a dump without a plan.’ Wait a minute. We don't have to figure out how to get the crew off the sub he’ll get out of there alive. He's already done that, he would have had to. All we gotta do is figure out what he's gonna do.”
*shakes head*
Anyway, now I got these strange ideas floating around my head but can’t quite seem to make them coalesce into something that even resembles a plot bunny, it’s like plot sperm and I don’t even know if it’s a good swimmer yet…
I just have these thoughts about space-time and Norse mythos (Loki, Volund- long story, don‘t ask-, and Fenris to be precise). It’s kinda annoying too since, when I was a kid (like seven and checking out my first library books- what, I never said I didn’t have Sam traits!), I was fascinated by Norse mythology. Of course that was soon followed by an unhealthy fascination with different mythos and how they overlapped- probably a big part of why I’m a pagan… *considers being disturbed by that realization* Anyway, because it was so long ago I’m just getting whispers. Of course the other part of my brain is screaming to go read the Volundra and the Eddas again- and I can’t remember WHY, I know there’s something there, but it just won’t come. And every time I try to grab that little tidbit… well, I wind up feeling like Tyr and Fenris.


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