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Okay, it's almost week on and I finally watch HLV again. And, well, I can say this, my head canon is still going strong... it was forged in the fires of Kripke hell and survived the age of Gamble the Destroyer, now it is taking on that deepest of evils- Moftiss.

Nah, you know that little part of you that just has to find a way to explain everything, a way to make Dean treating Cas like shit 'alright', and Cas being an evil psycho angel who didn't go to Dean in the first place *head desk and repeat* be understandable and more to the point fixable (and by the way PTB, we of fandom could have offered you many, many suggestions on how to do this), a way to bring Gabe back, a way to explain Lisa without being all bashy... yeah, that kind of head canon. It's been going to work on all the wtf bits of HLV, and slowly I am coming to terms with a lot of it (my brain just kinda short-circuits when it gets down to what Sherlock knew about Mary and can't get past that, but give me time, I'm sure I'll come up with something before series 4 comes along).

Anyway, just putting that out there. 'm gonna go back to oogling tumblr and being sick... though surprisingly these two things are not related... at least this time they arent't.
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The road so far... (in which Mys' life feels too much like S3 of SPN, if only in my head)

  • finally get a call back from the psych ward and they give me appt with someone I've never heard of on the 31st

  • get the paper with the doc's name and exact time for the appt and, unless I'm completely off, they book me with a psychologist not a psychiatrist. *head desk* This is useless for me wanting/needing my cocktail messed with.

  • I can barely be bothered with anything, even tumblr

  • when I am over there I wind up all angsty and upset (more than is called for) over three generations of Reichenbach and random acts of Jeremy Brett.

  • I've been working through my Who, and am at, well, the change over from Ten to Eleven... just thinking about it makes me disturbingly weepy

  • it was the SPN finale last night, and damn it, I kinda want to watch it, even though I hear it's big

  • and just now, one of the other players in my game (the only thing I am really being any good at being bothered with 'cause, hey, casting spells and stealing things from ppl makes me happy) has sent what is either a badly worded encouragement or, to my way of thinking right now, insults under a flimsy veil of half-arsed sarcasm.

  • I think I'll just go to bed and cry now.

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Somebody tell me not to watch my tumblr when it's the Reichenbach anniversary... I've been on the verge of tears all day. I was fine until they broke out Canon and Granada and the combo of all three is just KILLING me!

*slinks off to watch her tumblr*
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So, I did something my shrink might be proud of... I opened a side blog on tumblr and put up a bunch of my gifs, mostly (like 99%) my Sherlock ones, and my 221B. I'm thinking of trying to use it as a dump site for my gifs (obviously) and maybe some of my strange half fics/drabbles that have no real place in other fic or much of a chance of becoming fic in their own right. We'll see. It's locked down atm to spare ppl having to witness my butchery, or more likely to spare me from their butchery, but it's hard to tell...

I've started to get scared about the dental thing... it's like this low hum of anxiety that every now and then pops it's head up and screams THEY'RE TAKING YOUR TEETH then drops back down to just lying there snickering at me. And it didn't help the panic attack I had today. Some damnable thing event dooha downtown had ppl and children everywhere, and I had been sent to the sweets store... you couldn't move for the damn things they were everywhere under foot over foot slamming into you and just... yeah, it was a small miracle I made it out of there, and a full blown second coming type miracle I didn't blow up or start screaming and hitting ppl. I would've been proud if I could even catch my breath. So, yeah...

For the record, my fic is being weird. I wrote the same scene no less than three times- two of them on the same day. I thought I'd fixed it when I managed to merge those two, then I found the third which I'd forgotten I'd written. *head desk* That and the fact that my John muse is so not being helpful in one of them and my Sherlock muse is being well, erm, troubled in the other... I think I may have broke him. :(

Okay, going back to my fic and obsessing over tumblr, writing good.

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Soooooo, long time, no post...
First off, 'm fine or as fine as I ever am.. okay, nevermind, lol.

A bunch of random stuff you don't want to know )

In a minute 'm gonna post something else, so I apologize if it looks like 'm spamming, promise I don't mean to and there shouldn't be anything else today, k.



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