Jul. 3rd, 2014 02:27 pm
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...but someone pls kill my brain.
I've just finished the fic of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.
My world is getting weird. I've started going to the gym and swimming again. I went and did the initial testing for the damn Swedish class. (Which was funny since I had to write this blurb "about yourself" in Swedish, and I ended it with "I don't think my Swedish is very good and I'm starting to have a panic attack because of it." in Swedish of course, then had to do the computer part and the lady wound up saying, "you know a lot of Swedish.") And on a more playful(?) note, I have somehow managed to become a central leader in Uto. Do not want! But it's one of those things where no one else will step up and do the job. Like Juke doesn't really want to be monarch, but no one else will do it, I don't really want to be steward, but no one else will do it, HD doesn't want to be monarch or steward, but he winds up doing the latter during wars. The fucked up bit with that is that it actually works for us, well, the KD, lol.
And let's not even touch the headachy bit (much).
But all I can think of is another fusion, a proper fusion this time and it's the most... I mean... well, on one hand I can't believe it hasn't been done yet (yes, I checked), on the other all the bits just fall into place so bloody well! Oh, and I think it's gen... maybe... probably... possibly pre-slash... definitely bonding- not BONDING bonding, just normal friendship bonding.
Here lie bits of the bunny if anyone's interested ) ...shoot me now.

In other fun news, I finally sat down and watched Dredd. I think I'm in love. I don't know what the naysayers are on about, it was gorgeous. I also finally got to watch Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit and damnit all to hells they made a Jack Ryan that feels like Jack Ryan again- thank you Ken Branagh, proving once again, what I have known since 1989, that you are totally AWESOME! I want mooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee of both. Need more. *pants*
Watched a bunch of other Urban-y stuff too, but that's not for here; just really needed to mention Dredd- it makes me happy.
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Why is it that She gets persnickety over my amt of tv/film knowledge then gets upset when she comes barging in declaring so-and-so is dead and I look at her like she's grown another head ('cause usually it's someone I've never heard of or don't care about- in a proffessional/theatrical sense)? Or in this case- "That Fast and Furious actor is dead." "Vin Diesel?" "I don't know that Fast and Furious actor." At which point she walks off in a huff... It was Paul Walker for anyone interested, not Vin Diesel.

Before that, like minutes before, I was asking what she thought of the Christmas tree... she declares she's not looking at it and doing her best to ignore it because it goes against everything she was raised with. <---that's pretty much a direct quote And then she starts muttering about 'bling-bling'. I just... I wanted to have a proper Christmas this year. A properly decorated tree with bits of Swedish tradition and what I grew up with. That's why I got HRH and MM to help me and go picking out decorations with me, so we'd have both. But no, she's not happy being all fucking bah-humbug at me for wanting to do Christas to begin with she has to be a fucking bitch about the tree! I'm the one who put it up, I'm the one who bought the lights and ornaments and trimmings, it was MM and me who decorated it, she doesn't like it fucking fine, but she doesn't have to be a bloody cunt about it. And yes, I just said cunt- I'm upset!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday it was trashing my music. I've been on this weird ass country kick the last few weeks and she gets all in my face about it; then she tells me I'm getting old because I only listen to music from the 60's and 70's. Which seriously, since when is DCFC 60's and 70's, or Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly or Barleyjuice... at least she could move it up to the 90's with my LoA, Bloodhound Gang, Sisters, KMFDM, Rage Against the Machine, Book of Love, etc... etc... etc...

And after that we were watching something, I don't even remember and I was shutting down the DVD player and said something about checking my prov and I decided (I'd been debating it for a while, but I finally bit the bullet) that I'd try to broach a wee bit of my on-line world to her (she's always saying how I'm all secretive, which really, if someone gives you grief every time you bring up something are you gonna be all going outta your way to share that something with them in the future????????). Anyway, I figured the KD based on that Vikings tv thing from History Channel whould be a good tidbit to test the waters with then maybe the Sherlock Holmes KD from a couple Ages back just get the idea out there. But no. She comes at me saying something about "It's sad when 38yr old women play with fiction characters." And then something about being a delinquint or crazy- the drooling over your apple sauce kinda crazy, I was already shutting down at that point so it kiinda got lost in the roaring of my head trying not to react.

Anyway, I just get the feeliing this weekend was some sort of Bash the Mys celebration. Could've at least given me a nice last meal or something. :/

And I'm almost outta my meds and I still don't understand why the fucking asshat doc couldn't just write the prescription last month when I asked, which means I get to spend the next week trying to get up the nerve to call them again.
And I'm late on my Secret Santa fic.
And WMTDB has gone down for some reason and I was right in the middle of a fic!
And in another (albeit unintentional) kick the Mys while she's down move, my only other real friend in my game is quitting after this Age. I mean, sure, I talk with a couple other guys, but he and Tam were the ones who I could go to with questions and who knew about the r/l stuff that got in my way sometimes. Tam left last Age. There's only two other ppl who've been around this KD as long (longer actually, in at least one case much longer) as me and neither of them know my extenuating circs and at least one of them isn't going to know and I don't think the other is in enough of a position that he needs to know. I'm feeling kinda lost... :(
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Sorry, random exclamation is random.

When HRH and Fuckboy got kicked out last year they put all their shit in our storage room without any concern as to the stuff we (read I) needed to get to. This included the Christmas stuff, which since Pup has gone all bah-humbug, hasn't been much of an issue, until now...
Anyway, I've been begging for help to get into the storage room and find at least the tree. Today I gave up and attacked it my myself and after much manhandling of random furniture, I emerged victorious! Receiving much bah-humbugging from Pup when I came in with the box, beaming like a fool, and proclaiming my tree gathering prowess. But you know, she can bite me. I have gotten prezzies for her, MB, MM (who is either gonna kill me or kiss me), and I'm about 1/4-1/3 done with HRH's, which just leaves the Evil One and you have no idea how much I just wanna drag out one of the stockings (I have a couple in my stuff for some reason, lol) and stuff it with coal, but the significance would be lost on her.

Anyway, one dragon slayed, off to face the next one... and the next... and the next... mardi-gras
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Pup and I went to the couples counseling the other day… it went okay, mostly background stuff, so hard to tell how it’s gonna go, but it had all good signs, so we’ll see.
I also got the results from the psych eval… and yes, I have yet another dx I am now known as Princess BiPolar, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Banana Fanna Asperger the Third, but you can call me Dot. (I know bad joke, but it’s always what I think of when I start rattling off my dx’s, and even there I couldn’t fit in the social and agoraphobia, lol). So yeah, lots of fun there.

I also did something I just don’t do, no matter how badly the muses and life are behaving- I dropped out of not just one, but both of my Christmas exchanges, incl [profile] deancas_xmas, which I’ve completed every year it’s been around, even the two years they gave me squick city prompts/likes/dislikes. Seriously have you ppl seen how many times I use the words “happy endings” and “I don’t write fallen/human!Cas”… I repeat the later a minimum of 5 times in my ‘dislikes’ and ‘what I won’t write’ sections, each, you would think they’d take the hint, lol. Anyway, I’m trying (and failing) not to get uber depressed about that. Doesn’t help that I’ve barely written more than a sentence or two in something like five or six months. :/
It also doesn’t help that I started to get a bunch of favourites on some of my old Dean/Cas fic (usually happens when the season starts and during hellatus) and I wound up going back over some of them and came to the very depressing conclusion that they sucked; which is extra depressing ‘cause I really enjoy(ed) writing Dean/Cas and those fics… right now I have the urge to delete them all from existence.
*sighs* Sometimes, esp lately, I think maybe I should just give up fandom altogether; I mean, seriously thinking about it, not just those bouts of self-doubt that I think all writers (and everyone else) go through from time to time (we just seem to do it more often, lol).
On the upside someone fav’d a story of mine on WWOMB that I couldn’t remember, so I went to look and I actually liked it. On the downside, it was a fic written for a friend, who isn’t a friend anymore, almost an enemy you could say, I usually settle for backstabbing bitch, though, in a matter of a couple hours, in a fandom I don’t write in, for a pairing that I have major misgivings about. *sighs* And the damn thing was actually pretty good. :/
I still feel like deleting everything or at least denying the existence of it all, remove any trace of my existence, change my penname to anon or something and erase all my details and put my fic comm on lockdown.

All the movie reminiscing lead to my deciding to follow a whim and see if I could actually find all 4 seasons of PtL. I’ve tried on occasion with little to no luck… but this time… this time I found all 4. :D By the time I actually post this they will be in my grubby little hands and the Clan may not see me for many, many days… or at least they wouldn’t if I had my way, lol.
NB- Since I started rewatching Legacy, I am having the subtle strings of an urge to find SPN/PtL crossovers, even though I sincerely doubt that any exist… and before you start suggesting it, no, I do not feel the urge/motivation/inspiration or otherwise to rectify this grievous oversight. Btb, if anyone knows of any said crossovers, even gen… maybe even het if it’s Derek/Rachel, I can stomach Derek/Rachel… let me know, PPPPPPLLLLLLLLSSSSSSSSS.

Right now, I’m supposed to be fixing this blasted dress for HRH. I don’t mind really. I just hate it when she asks me to take something up and it winds up with me doing things like add sleeves. I hate sleeves. Sleeves are the spawn of the devil. Esp putting sleeves on a dress not meant to have sleeves without the arm of the person said sleeve is supposed to go on, after having had to do rather large adjustments of both the breastline and the shoulders. *sighs* But I’ll get it done. I found an old pattern with a basic sleeve that I’m altering to hopefully fit the bill. Yay-rah.
Oh, and Fanboy thinks I’m talking to him again. I fed him the other day and now he thinks we’re back on speaking terms ‘cause I said like three words to him ("take," "here," and "yes" I believe). Thing is about a week ago I thought I might actually be there, but then I started having nightmares again. So far no nightmares, and I’ve stopped tensing so hard I hurt every time he comes in the room. To his credit he’s not pushing, just being rather obvious with the talking. We’ll see.

You guys know how I admit to liking weird music, and not necessarily weird in its nature, but weird in the hide-it-under-the-bed-in-an-old-shoebox-so-nobody-knows-you-actually-like-that way. I try very hard to let my guard slip here, since I can’t hear the ridicule or see the horrified condescending looks (did I mention they said I had marked levels of paranoia during the eval?). Anyway, every now and then I actually get in a Christmasy mood, music-wise, and I’ve been slowly, moreso the last couple years, but still pretty slowly working on gathering a collection of Christmas music- and really trying to locate songs that you never knew who they were by or rarely heard when they weren’t being sung by your family is a pain in the ass. But anyway, some of the stuff is just, you know, standard generic holiday, snow frolicking, well-wishing, blah, blah, blah stuff and some of it’s more uh, religious, for lack of a better word; not because I’m religious in that sense, hello, pagan, but it’s just the stuff you grew up with and just because something is ‘religious’ in nature doesn’t mean it’s not pretty or enjoyable. Well, like I said I’ve been working on getting a collection together and have finally managed a small selection of stuff I grew up with, and a lot of it I’ve even managed to identify the artist involved- I am unabashedly proud of this accomplishment, lol. And well, the other day I was cooking, baking actually, and was playing my music… it took all of about five minutes before Pup was ragging on me about it being all “hallelujah this and hallelujah that”- not my fault she doesn’t like Handel. Yeah, well, she’s not letting me live it down either… ‘s hard enough to get me to admit what stuff I like, esp when it’s something I feel self-conscious about, I really don’t need her of all ppl making me feel like shit for it. *sighs*
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OMGs I was looking for something else and just found out (like a year after the fact) that Edward Hardwicke died last year. *wibbles* I was actually fighting back tears when I saw that... I don't do that. :/
Of course, on the upside I found the name of that damn play he and Jeremy Brett did... the one that, literally tears on the pages, made me cry when heard about it 'cause it was basically my, not head canon, but head 'what if' (if I'd known then what I know now I would say it was my first fully formed plot bunny- now, remember this was some two decades ago, so I think I can be forgiven what is now a common concept). And really come to think on it Gatiss and Moffat probably took a page from there... hmm, I hadn't thought about that before, but it would explain why my brain became obsessed with finding proof of it's existence right after the Fall (most ppl have no idea what 'm on about, hence the need for proof, lol) I feel the need to poke at my own brain. I wonder how hard it'll be to track down a script for this thing? (item 264 of the to do list)

Woot! I also found the damn rip-off movie CBS did back in '87. Hmm, now, that was what, a year after Granada's Holmes came out... do I detect a trend??????? Not only can they not have an original idea, they recycle a flopped one from 25yrs ago. Okay so that one involved cryogenics, which just instantly screams BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD, but still...

Pup's having surgery Friday when 'm at the dentist. It's kinda a big deal- nerve stuff. Now, here's the thing, and don't get me wrong 'm not belittling this AT ALL, I'm worried about the surgery, too. Anyway, she says to me today that she's going to not be sleeping much between now and Friday, so she'll be snappier and all because of it. Okay, fair enough, wouldn't expect anything less. What got me was the 'ppl take things too seriously and I can't go around watching what I say worrying about offending someone'... it was all I could do not to scream. I mean, really? You, who takes great pleasure in saying cruel things for fun, who makes fun of my writing, who constantly gives me shit about being on-line, who, and this is the kicker, goes off if I so much as voice a contradictory opinion, or say even the slightest thing, even if it's in jest, about any of her shows or food, let's not forget food- I hate sausage, not like brats and kielbasa and proper sausage, or even like sausage patties or links, but like well, it's more like a huge arsed hot dog, which I only like beef hot dogs for all that's worth- anyway, a few weeks ago I finally got tired of the sausage and told her, she hit the roof and is still being uber-bitch saying I don't like her cooking. I just mean how dare she say she 'watches what she says so not to offend ppl' when she sure as hells doesn't do it now, at least with me. And let's not even talk about the part where she said "ppl", meaning me are, "over sensitive". *head desk and repeat*

Ohhh, and in the realm of completely useless and of zero interest to anyone- I now have a Sherlock Heavenly Bodies icon, yay, me! It also seems that in my head Sherlock is green... well, I mean, Spander is red, Dean/Cas is blue, Arthur/Merlin is kinda an amalgam of blue and red (I blame the neckerchiefs... and Arthur's blue sex shirt), and apparently Sherlock is green... I should probably examine that more closely, but right now I'm just gonna go with it, lol.

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Guh! I hate our net provider, bloody thing went down AGAIN last night!!!!!!
Okay, 'm feeling better with my little fandom crisis (I think, I read fic yesterday and today- my footie!au got updated!!!!!!!!!!- and played with the RP yesterday, and would've done more if the damn net hadn't gone down), so yeah, I think we're back to being okay, lol.

In other news, I got Island yesterday, yay! Gonna tuck in with that today hopefully and read and probably cry and just, yeah, good things, lol. :D
Also, I committed fanvid. Yes, me, miss graphically challenged made a vid... I had to, just, go with it, lol. The day after the meltdown I was listening to my music and 1953 came on and I just had all these flashes of Arthur+Merlin and yeah, spent the last couple days fighting with a constantly crashing Windows Live Movie Maker, but I have achieved video, so... not saying it's good or classy or anything, but it's mine *cuddles crappy vid* It's over here if anyone's interested.

Yes, well, probably other things, but I have dishes to do and the RP (hopefully, grrrr) and probably something else that 'll get yelled at for in a bit when ppl get back from the store- I already got the new "I'm bitter about my life because I don't have a blog or LJ or anything to whine about my problems on", which to MM's credit was met with a 'so get one', lol- anyway, grindstone's awaiting (and hopefully a baked potato, but that's another story, lol).

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So, how's tricks?

The ick )

Okay on to other things- fabricy stuff and sewing, much better topic, yes. :)
Yeah, so I made another bodice. :D I picked up a bit of fabric a few days (week+) ago, some luscious dark blue, not navy, more like midnight... I told Arthur it was the colour of Merlin's eyes, lol. Thing is, it really is, that dark blue they turn when he's being all intense, anyway, fabric, turned out there was this fault in the fabric so I had to do some creative cutting but I got it. 'm actually really proud of it, finally got all my adjustments right.
I think I mentioned that Pup and HRH sprung on me that they wanted me to make HRH's graduation dress... and when I wasn't all hoo-rah about it, I got the behind the back insults, so yeah guilt tripped me into doing it. BLEH. Well, I finally sussed how to do the design she wanted since 'm sans pattern and they don't exactly have pattern stores or patterns at the one fabric store I've found, so yeah. Anyway we're at the fabric store (thankfully Fanboy was there, too so I got to distract myself comparing notes on Irish rock/punk bands, while HRH was being indecisive, lol) and I mention an alteration I need to make on her design idea, which somehow turns into her COMPLETELY REDESIGNING THE DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, thank the gods for Fanboy otherwise I might have strangled her, but everytime it got close he cranked Colin up (he stole him and that should tell you just how much I trust/like Fanboy- I NEVER under ANY circumstances let other ppl use my earphones or run off with my music makers, even if by run off I mean still staying in sight usually right next to me, lol) so I could hear my music, lol... I doubt he completely did it on purpose but it was still a welcome respite, lol.
Really there is a point to this story, ok maybe not directly, but still, see after our big to do t'other day Pup's been trying to, well, I don't know, but she's been trying, anyway one of the things that came out of it was that she told me Monday that she was the one who suggested I make HRH's dress and she did it 'cause she thought I'd like it, and she was trying to pay me a compliment... I kinda told her it didn't work, but I appreciated the sentiment. All in all it was kinda nice. Good stuffs. Except that, well, 'm now hip deep in making a dress that I have no clue how to make, lol, but I will fight through it if it kills me and her and any stray bystanders, lol.

I made icons! Lots of them (by my standards, lol), lots of Colin... and his hands for some reason... I think I've found a not-so-new-but-suddenly-very-much-demanding-attention kink, lol. And his neck, 've become obsessed with his neck in OPL, it just kills me.
*points* I mean just LOOK AT IT!
Anyway, icons, yes, I know they're not great or anything, and I think 'm gonna go back to just hoarding my secret collection... I'm just not up to the whole nerve wracking process with sharing them, at least sharing them publicly (and let's just see how long that lasts, why is this the one thing I can be totally fickle about?), you guys might get saddled with them, though, lol.

And yes, 'm avoiding SPN, I don't think I can take the possible badness atm, lol.
Oh, and seriously, ppl, it's no secret that 'm a huge CM fan, yet somehow, somehow, no one bothers to mention ANYWHERE that Sebastian Roche did a stint on CM!?!?! We're just getting there here and Pup thought I was nuts because I look at the tv and go "They're gonna kill Balthy!" Well, I assume he's not gonna last, but I could be wrong... anyway then I had to explain wths I was on about which got me the calm nod and quiet she's-being-fandomy treatment, but it wasn't the hateful one, it was the slightly annoyed humour-the-crazy-woman one, which all things considered, I'm good with, lol.

And as had been noted elsewhere, me and my BB are not getting on. Though I did send some of the main bits off to Arthur and she really liked it, pointed out a couple issues I was already having, but you know, nice to have it confirmed that it was in fact awkward. 'm hoping we can talk some stuff out and get the muses to fill in the blanks. Which reminds me, Rainbow, if you're reading this I'd love to get your input on something ficwise if you don't mind- I need someone who's used to playing in Gwen's brain.

Oh yes, Barleyjuice! (I wish I had better linkage 'cause really that does NOT do them justice. Hrmph.) I have discovered several happy bands through this nifty internet radio thing and well, yes, Barleyjuice, Barleyjuice makes me HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! I even told Pup about them and that I wanted to get some of their albums; they're not exactly mainstream so my parrot's finding it hard to find them, only found one full album, but that's neither here nor there, point is I told Pup and she ordered me one of their albums for my birthday!!!!!!!!!!! *is happy*
*is having way too much fun with her Celtic rock (pub) radio station* And seriously how can you NOT like a band called Enter the Haggis ('s my favourite of theirs).
Though on the, uh, creepy side, I think I now know all the lyrics to (and several versions of) "Black and Tans" and "Broad Black Brimmer", and yes I do know the difference in incarnations and meanings involved; it's still creepy on some level, esp when you're used to being around ppl who DON'T understand the difference, lol.
Here, this is a bit uncouth (and is yet a third band) and I love it: )

Anyway, 'm probably forgetting something, but 've probably tortured you talked your ears off enough for awhile, yeah.

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Okay, so most of you know how I do gifs for the [ profile] merlin_land challenges, yeah. Well, I made one for this last group, one of my extras, and I just wanna post it here, too. 'cause, well, I think ppl who know what it's from, the scene and all, will understand me if I just say this is how I feel, more often than not.

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Okay, Mys is trying to cheer herself up... she accidentally got double spoilered over the last couple days and is not a happy camper- no 'm not saying what it was or what fandom, just that 'm not happy with it. Grrrrrr- see 've moved from OMGs NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to GRRRRRRRRR with a bit of denial ('ve already created my own personal head canon to explain away the evil, lol- and it's not even in the sticking my fingers in my ears and going LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA until it goes away way, lol) thrown in for good measure. :D


WARNING: Beneath this cut lies the ponderings of a fangrrl, there may be spoilers for those not up to date with SPN- CONSIDER YOURSELVES WARNED )

TVP shite )

Now, I am off to make gifs and try not to get distracted, okay, too, distracted, by Merlin and Arthur, being well, Merlin and Arthur, lol (and possibly the stray icon, and maybe finish up the other icons I was working on... but probably not... probably just the gifs :P ) Anyway, off to the world of GIMP and a hopeful lack of nightmarish spoilers!
*hugs her f-listies for putting up with her weirdness*



May. 6th, 2011 04:33 pm
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You wrapped your arms around me.
I wish you'd never found me;
feel like I'm going down the
the words you said were made to drown me.
Don't act like you're offended
as if it's unintended;
feels like you specialize in pain

Should I feel ashamed?
Should I feel abused?
I know that I've been lied to, I know that I've been used.
Why can't I feel adored?
Why can't I feel like you still love me, too?

You seem so never-ending.
I'm bleeding and I'm bending,
my self-esteem is ending
every minute I'm pretending.
This feeling overwhelms me,
I wish you'd never held me-
ten million pennies down the drain.

Why should I feel abused?
I know that I've been lied to, I know that I've been used.
Why should I feel ashamed?
Why should I feel abused?
Why should I take the fall on this one?
Why can't I feel adored?
Why can't I feel like you still love me, too?

And I feel ashamed,
I feel abused.
I know that I've been lied to, I know that I've been used.
Why can't I feel adored?
Why can't I feel like you still love me...
you still love me...

"Adored"- The Getaway Car- music and lyrics Chris Reardon

Somebody let me know if the embed works, yeah.
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So, after the Selby v Hendry match when it was made known that Hendry was seriously thinking about retiring, I realized that I didn't want him to. This is only odd in that, while I respect him, he's not one of my players, but I think, that's just it. I came into snooker like 6 years back and slowly figured it out and began following players and tourneys- harder than you think when it's all in Swedish, lol. Anyway, I just mean, that I as someone 'new' to the game would so miss out if Hendry retired now. Needless to say I was more than excited when he came out today saying he had decided he was still in the game and still had something to offer. I was damn near giddy, lol.

I have also discovered that I prefer the Beeb's broadcast to Eurosport, even if you get random comments like, 'the royal wedding being shown on this channel,' which is slightly disturbing only because it seems to come at the most random moments, lol.

'm actually rooting for Williams now. I don't mean anything against Higgins I do like him, he's one of my boys, but so's Williams and I think he's playing really superb this year and deserves it. But of course they're in the semi's against each other and not the final so we'll see.

And yes, 'm avoiding talking about Trump 'cause he usually fascinates me and I count him as one of mine, but I feel like he's being cocky- possibly quite deservedly- and that annoys me, still he has fun at the table and that counts for a lot with me, so...
Hmmm, I guess I didn't do a very good job of avoiding, huh?

Moving on...

Arthur made me a video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'cause she loves me and wanted me to know she's always there. *snuggles*

ZOMGs I just realized they did the final of Körslaget this past MONDAY not this coming Saturday! *squeals and runs off to watch Saturday's and Monday's- crosses everything possible for Team Andreas*

***This Post Shall Continue Shortly
We're Sorry For the Inconvenience***

Well bugger, I can't get the bloody embeds to work AGAIN!

Umm, anybody got any advice on that?


Team Andreas "Viva La Vida"

*flail* Andreas singing "Imagine"... I think I just fell a little more in love... and I don't even like "Imagine" that much *wibble*

OMFGs, okay, Team Andreas deserves to win just for this, my gods, it's beautiful!

...and this *wibble* "Halleluja"

Okay I was trying to avoid this, but they don't have the single clip...57:50 I about died because I am a crazed fangrrl first and foremost, lol. The Merlinites will understand. :D

sudgfuaqfah in case anyone who cares doesn't know who won I give you LJ cut :) )

Umm, yeah, in Thorn Valley news, I have started having nightmares about how things are *mrphle*
I have however finished one of my peasant blouses, though I admit I was channeling my inner Morgana or at least Katie's wardrobe mistress- sleeves thy name are chiffon, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, lol. And 'm almost finished with the skirt... gathering just over 10yrds of fabric is very time consuming... and I still have another 15yrds to go... hopefully it'll be done tomorrow, then 'm fixing the other bodice (or scraping it/giving it to one of the childer who might actually appreciate it and starting a new one). Yay me, and yes I AM wearing it when we go to Gotland for Medieval week so bite me ppl who have issues with it!

Now, I am going to go work on said skirt, watch the Higgins v Williams session while alternately staring at that pic of Colin [ profile] colinm_fans posted a couple hours ago while my brain proceeds to melt at all the squee I've had today, lol.



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