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Okay, now that I’m calmer, I’m gonna try to look at this whole mess objectively. We’re gonna start with some of the stuff I’ve already discussed with Mia about Sign of Three and hopefully go from there.

***SPOILERS*** for S03E02-03 )

Okay, I’m going to go stealthily slit ppls throats on Uto, take out some of this lovely aggression. Still, hate them, still pissed, but more rational, so, it’ll get there.


Jan. 16th, 2012 09:16 pm
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... )

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Okay, you ppl know I don't do reviews or anything as a general rule, but I just gotta *squee* a bit... )

So as a result of yesterday's blow-up the childer have been on a mad dash of house cleaning... it's scary. But hells, maybe once everythings caught up they'll actually be able to help me keep up with all their mess. Okay so I know it's about as likely as Misha or Colin or Benedict or even James showing up on my doorstep, but a girl can dream can't she, lol.
I have also modified my "Reluctant Heroes" playlist for the first time in like five years. I may subject you ppl to it later, again something I seldom do, but it kinda feels right for this, ya know. Sometimes I think I should just send anybody who wants to 'friend' me a copy so they know what they're getting into with me, lol.

And I just wanna say again thank you ALL for the hugs last night, I so needed them... *hugs her f-list* You guys are awesome. :)
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Fair warning, I will be spamming today... if you can call three posts spamming...

Spoilers and a mini-rant )

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Fangrrl moment!!!!!!!!
I met Michael Shanks. :) He's sweet, and gorgeous, and just a little twisted...
And this is why Mys should not be allowed to meet ppl, lol )

Other wise it was pretty much what I expected for their version of a con, mainly dealer space and stuff, none of the really fun stuff, but it was still fun and a trip...


possible spoilers (SPN) )


To two certain special ppl on my f-list- I hate you. I'm having bunnies! *GRR* Well, one real bunny and a couple bits of short angstiliciousness that keep trying to write themselves in my head. I have a feeling I will be e-mailing one of you, you know who you are, about this in the next few weeks (hopefully you will talk some sense into me *head desk*).

In a related note, Benedict Cumberbatch has the most beautiful voice... it makes makes me all warm and fuzzy- I have added him to my list of ppl I'd listen to read a phone book, lol.

Speaking of I really need to put Dead Beat on Colin to listen to... just wish I had a copy that was chaptered :( and not well, not in two 7 hour blocks, but still, James' voice is worth it (and I love the books anyway, though really WHY did he have to make Thomas and Harry brothers? I mean, my head was all ready to go there, then he does that *piffle* waste of a good pairing that was, lol).


I think 'm gonna have to withdraw from one of my exchanges... don't wanna, but the words won't come and I don't think my heart is in it :( I even have an idea and it should be easy to bang something out, but every time I open the file it just sits there and taunts me. Not of the good. 'm gonna give it until morning, if nothing comes I'll do the horrible and withdraw... I feel like 'm doing that a lot lately, DNW :((

And now I am going to go fight with printing out these SSDI papers, so I can have a nice panic attack or 50 over that... yes, lovely way to spend my time- 's no wonder the muses are being fickle. *humphs*

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*may contain traces of nuts spoilers*


Why the fuck do I still bother watching telly any more if they're pulling this shit with both of my shows? *snuggles deep in her head canon and locks herself in her fandom bubble*

And if ppl are wondering yes, I was serious about the SPN question. *pouts*

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Well, then. So, I just finished watching my illicit copy of Island, my copy still hasn’t shown up yet, grrrrrrrrrrr, but anyway, yeah just finished and, well…
Possible Spoilers for Island )

To sum up, as if anyone’s actually reading this, lol-
Island on the whole is okay, but it makes more sense if you’ve read the book, which is a big negative for me.
Colin is totally unequivocally worth seeing this movie for, if only to see how it should be done.
If you’re watching this to see “Colin” or “Merlin” you’re gonna be disappointed, if you’re watching it to see a truly proper portrayal of a character, omgs, heaven.

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Well, I just finished Island and… not what I was expecting exactly. I think I liked it, but I didn’t love it. Can’t wait to see how they translated it to film, though, ‘cause I could see it being so much more than it is if done right (and gods, I HAVE to see Colin in this, like life’s blood have to!*).

***POSSIBLE SPOILERS*** Mys' thoughts on Island )

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Okay, Mys is trying to cheer herself up... she accidentally got double spoilered over the last couple days and is not a happy camper- no 'm not saying what it was or what fandom, just that 'm not happy with it. Grrrrrr- see 've moved from OMGs NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to GRRRRRRRRR with a bit of denial ('ve already created my own personal head canon to explain away the evil, lol- and it's not even in the sticking my fingers in my ears and going LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA until it goes away way, lol) thrown in for good measure. :D


WARNING: Beneath this cut lies the ponderings of a fangrrl, there may be spoilers for those not up to date with SPN- CONSIDER YOURSELVES WARNED )

TVP shite )

Now, I am off to make gifs and try not to get distracted, okay, too, distracted, by Merlin and Arthur, being well, Merlin and Arthur, lol (and possibly the stray icon, and maybe finish up the other icons I was working on... but probably not... probably just the gifs :P ) Anyway, off to the world of GIMP and a hopeful lack of nightmarish spoilers!
*hugs her f-listies for putting up with her weirdness*

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So, after the Selby v Hendry match when it was made known that Hendry was seriously thinking about retiring, I realized that I didn't want him to. This is only odd in that, while I respect him, he's not one of my players, but I think, that's just it. I came into snooker like 6 years back and slowly figured it out and began following players and tourneys- harder than you think when it's all in Swedish, lol. Anyway, I just mean, that I as someone 'new' to the game would so miss out if Hendry retired now. Needless to say I was more than excited when he came out today saying he had decided he was still in the game and still had something to offer. I was damn near giddy, lol.

I have also discovered that I prefer the Beeb's broadcast to Eurosport, even if you get random comments like, 'the royal wedding being shown on this channel,' which is slightly disturbing only because it seems to come at the most random moments, lol.

'm actually rooting for Williams now. I don't mean anything against Higgins I do like him, he's one of my boys, but so's Williams and I think he's playing really superb this year and deserves it. But of course they're in the semi's against each other and not the final so we'll see.

And yes, 'm avoiding talking about Trump 'cause he usually fascinates me and I count him as one of mine, but I feel like he's being cocky- possibly quite deservedly- and that annoys me, still he has fun at the table and that counts for a lot with me, so...
Hmmm, I guess I didn't do a very good job of avoiding, huh?

Moving on...

Arthur made me a video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'cause she loves me and wanted me to know she's always there. *snuggles*

ZOMGs I just realized they did the final of Körslaget this past MONDAY not this coming Saturday! *squeals and runs off to watch Saturday's and Monday's- crosses everything possible for Team Andreas*

***This Post Shall Continue Shortly
We're Sorry For the Inconvenience***

Well bugger, I can't get the bloody embeds to work AGAIN!

Umm, anybody got any advice on that?


Team Andreas "Viva La Vida"

*flail* Andreas singing "Imagine"... I think I just fell a little more in love... and I don't even like "Imagine" that much *wibble*

OMFGs, okay, Team Andreas deserves to win just for this, my gods, it's beautiful!

...and this *wibble* "Halleluja"

Okay I was trying to avoid this, but they don't have the single clip...57:50 I about died because I am a crazed fangrrl first and foremost, lol. The Merlinites will understand. :D

sudgfuaqfah in case anyone who cares doesn't know who won I give you LJ cut :) )

Umm, yeah, in Thorn Valley news, I have started having nightmares about how things are *mrphle*
I have however finished one of my peasant blouses, though I admit I was channeling my inner Morgana or at least Katie's wardrobe mistress- sleeves thy name are chiffon, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, lol. And 'm almost finished with the skirt... gathering just over 10yrds of fabric is very time consuming... and I still have another 15yrds to go... hopefully it'll be done tomorrow, then 'm fixing the other bodice (or scraping it/giving it to one of the childer who might actually appreciate it and starting a new one). Yay me, and yes I AM wearing it when we go to Gotland for Medieval week so bite me ppl who have issues with it!

Now, I am going to go work on said skirt, watch the Higgins v Williams session while alternately staring at that pic of Colin [livejournal.com profile] colinm_fans posted a couple hours ago while my brain proceeds to melt at all the squee I've had today, lol.

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So, first things first, SNOOKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, 'm that big of a geek for those just recently joining our program, lol. The good news is you shouldn't be subjected to too terribly much of my snooker ramblings, thus far I have managed to keep most of them hidden or occasionally set free upon the Twitterverse. :D That said... Robertson/Trump yummy though I will without doubt pout and rant if Robertson looses this match 'cause seriously it's ROBERTSON he's like the best, okay maybe not THE best but he's one of my top 5 players, ya know him and Selby just make the game love for me. Anyway, I'm kinda looking forward to the O'Sullivan game, though I have to admit 'm kinda hoping he gets his ass beat again, he's gotten a bit too cocky. You know those players who yo love to watch play because they are masters of the game, but they really kinda annoy you otherwise? Yeah, and the more I hear about him the worse it gets... he was probably better off before I found the English streaming feeds and only had Swedish Eurosport, then all I had to go by was his playing, lol.

And in a mindless distraction I snagged this from [livejournal.com profile] silkmoth101
Here there be 'kink' memeage )

On a slightly related note, I decided I needed to look at my Merlin BB like I looked at my D/C BB last year. I know, I know, I signed up for the Mini-Bang which was like 10k (or 15k I can't actually remember, lol), point being it was the largest single work I'd ever done and getting close to, let alone hitting, the 10k mark shocked me, but I did it and then hit 15k (and upgraded to the full BB- yay, me- lol) and then 20k and then whatever I finished at, lol. Anyway, I decided I need to look at my Merlin BB kinda like that. Not thinking about never reaching 30k Oh my gods, I'm NEVER gonna hit 30k ever, ever, ever!!!!!!!!! Sorry, minor freakage, it is to be expected. *deep breath* Where was I? Oh yes, I decided I need to just look at those (relatively) little markers like last year. I'm getting close to 10k and I have a lot of flushing to do and I haven't even hit the crux or started towards the end half of the story, so I should be happy and bugger the rest. 'm also trying to take the bits and bobs like last year. I have two different tracks that will be running together and there's no reason that I HAVE to work on them together, I know what needs to happen in both while they are separate so I can work on those bits if that's where the muses want to play! So far this is helping a LOT, I don't feel nearly as overwhelmed and hopeless as I was last week. And as crappy a word count as it is, I'm still pushing 10k and got 1k words in over the course of two days last week, which for me is awesome! So yeah, keeping to the small victories until I look up one day and go 'Holy fuck! I did it!'

If you are not caught up with S6 of SPN

&@^@*%y(%)&@(!%)@&%!^)!_!)^()!%& )

And really after THAT how could there be anything else?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Okay, I wouldn’t normally do this, but [livejournal.com profile] rainbow_connec wanted to know what goes through the mind of a Arthur/Merlin shipper when confronted with a heavy Arthur/Gwen ep, so here goes…

Oh, and this is basically the way most of my play by play posts go, so if you haven’t seen the ep recently or aren’t uber familiar with it it probably won’t make much sense (I try to leave out specifics in case someone accidentally trips over this and manages to miss the whole possible spoilers thing *rolls eyes*), and it doesn’t include just the ship reactions, it’s everything, lol.

SPOILERS for those who haven't seen 3x10 yet

Mys’ play by play reaction to 3x10 “Queen of Hearts” )

And that ladies and gellyspoons is what goes through the mind of an Arthur/Merlin shipper when confronted by Arthur/Gwen… as horrible as you thought????
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MerlinMerlinMerlin plsssssssssss nononononononononononononononono!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*flails around* Damn-it! I DID NOT NEED TO SEE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if it was just random stills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *flails*
*hides from the scary thing (even if it's only scary to Mys)* (S3 spoilery-ness) ) I need chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate... *wibbles*

Ded Mys is ded...
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Greetings and salivations!!!!! Mys is finally jumping off that bridge and watching S6, now we all know what that means- Mys' nonsensical episode posts!!!!! So yeah ignore this or be warned there will be spoilers! Well, if you haven't already seen the ep(s) that is. :D

Oh, yeah and for those who haven't experienced this little spot of Mys!dom, this *points down* is what Mys does to keep herself from rambling all over Twitter and spoilering the unspoilered. This will happen with varying amounts of regularity and length. Just so ya know what it is. :D

Possible Spoilers and Definite Ramblings Enter at Your Own Risk )

Season 6

Jul. 16th, 2010 05:30 pm
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Okay, not like I need a reason to rant about SPN, but this one is actually kinda relevant. See, I saw (as I'm sure many of you have) this little thing on BuddyTV (or the full original interview) and it struck a cord.

Ohh, look, it's a spoiler! )

Now back to dinner. *waves*
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For starters, the router is now up and running and Mys is now coming to you live(ish) from her laptop!
Turns out the router was faulty and that’s why we couldn’t get it to work. Went and exchanged the bugger and within 20 there was net to be had, lol. See, it’s not always because I’m a relative computer idiot.

One weird thing, I accidentally, sorta, set the keyboard to US… yeah I’m having to re-re-learn the keystrokes, I’m doing pretty good, but if you guys see funky symbols showing up that’s why, lol.

Anyone know how to set the auto cap on VLC? When I dl\d it, it was a newer version and now I can’t find the “Image Video Output” option. I can find where it should be, I just can’t find it.

So semi/finals of the tourney and the match I was worried about went down easy (comparatively), and the match I wasn’t worried about is not, lol. On the upside, we DO get Robertson in the final, *dances* On the other side, Selby isn’t doing that well, he’s down 11-14, but it’s first to 17 so there’s still hope.

Alrighty, it’s now time ladies and gellyspoons for Mys’ weekly(ish) SPN babble, so grab your seats and the Ban and Jerry’s and prepare to be bored stiff at my randomness!!!!!!! *mawahahahahahahahahahaha*

believe it or not I’ve actually had the ep since yesterday, I’ve just been too nervous to watch it, lol. I keep having the irrational fear that Cas is gonna come back completely Fallen and I just can’t handle that. Yes, I’m that pathetic, shut it!

Anyway, without further ado, the babble…

Geez, Mys can be quiet sometimes... )
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FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something had to be good today! Robertson pulled it out *bounces* 12-12 to the final frame and he pulled it out!!!!!!!!!! He’s through to the 1/4 finals!!!!!!!!!!!!! But damn that Davis-Robertson match is gonna be sweet, I will have to kill all those who keep me from seeing it! Of course, I’m also hoping for another Selby-O’Sullivan match because they just make me happy, but the jury’s still out on that front. *cackles*

Random fandom note- it is very disturbing to be on the train in the middle of the night after spending a long day in Stockholm only to look over with your fried brain and see a large sign purporting the virtues of Jensen Gymnasium (basically Jensen High School) sometimes I forget the name’s actually Scandinavian, lol.

So, now that 16 hours have passed, I think I'm calm enough to finish my ep babble, which shall only include one thing-the one thing )

I’ve spent the better part of the past four hours drawing nekid angels with iridescent wings and Fenris- not like together, I’m not THAT big of a perv!
That in and of itself is weird since I can’t draw. Well, not like draw draw, I’ve been known to sketch out the occasional dress design or copies of other pictures or paintings, but just drawing- not gonna happen. So yeah, wiggy.
I spent the rest of the day in the oh so productive state of wallow, lol. It’s been kinda funny, I kept randomly jotting notes about the ep, the various mythos and such down on convenient scraps of paper… the great end of which left me feeling like Jack Ryan in Hunt for Red October:
“‘The average Rooskie Archangel, son, don't take a dump without a plan.’ Wait a minute. We don't have to figure out how to get the crew off the sub he’ll get out of there alive. He's already done that, he would have had to. All we gotta do is figure out what he's gonna do.”
*shakes head*
Anyway, now I got these strange ideas floating around my head but can’t quite seem to make them coalesce into something that even resembles a plot bunny, it’s like plot sperm and I don’t even know if it’s a good swimmer yet…
I just have these thoughts about space-time and Norse mythos (Loki, Volund- long story, don‘t ask-, and Fenris to be precise). It’s kinda annoying too since, when I was a kid (like seven and checking out my first library books- what, I never said I didn’t have Sam traits!), I was fascinated by Norse mythology. Of course that was soon followed by an unhealthy fascination with different mythos and how they overlapped- probably a big part of why I’m a pagan… *considers being disturbed by that realization* Anyway, because it was so long ago I’m just getting whispers. Of course the other part of my brain is screaming to go read the Volundra and the Eddas again- and I can’t remember WHY, I know there’s something there, but it just won’t come. And every time I try to grab that little tidbit… well, I wind up feeling like Tyr and Fenris.
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So ya ready for this, Mys is gonna ramble about stuff other than SPN! Okay, so she’s gonna ramble about that, too, but you get the idea, lol.

First off, I missed a whole day of my tourney damn it! But it was for a good cause- Stockholm :D
...sci-fi bookstore- walls of Terry Pratchett, literally, and THREE displays of the Dresden Files *flails* and I even managed not to squeak toooo loudly when I turned around from one such display only to come face to face with a whole row of Supernatural books! I’d heard of such things, but I’d never actually seen them before, lol. Oh, and for you ppl who think I‘m THAT obsessed, NO, I did NOT buy any SPN books, I didn‘t even look too closely, so there. :P I did however buy Pratchett and Gaiman books and grumbled because they still don’t have the most recent P.N. Elrod books (and does someone wanna tell me why I always have the urge to buy the Lovecraft books, even though I already own all of them?) - see my scope does actually go outside the world of SPN... It might not stray too far away from the sci-fi/fantasy/horror sections, but it does go outside, lol.
...and Alice!
Yep, I finally saw Alice in Wonderland, and, damn, it was way better than I expected, lol. Now, don’t go getting your panties in a twist, let me explain, see, I never got into the whole Alice in Wonderland thing, I’ve been intrigued (to say the least) by Alice Through the Looking Glass- I’ve always found the premise much more interesting and well creepier and in my book that’s a good thing, lol. Anyway, what that means is that when ppl say Alice in Wonderland I think they mean Alice in Wonderland, so yeah, interesting but not all that, so when we got there and are watching it and I realize holy shit it’s Alice Through the Looking Glass I get a whole new level of interested, lol.
That side note dealt with... it was great! Though for a brief and completely insane moment I had the disturbing urge to find Alice/Hatter fic, but thankfully it passed by morning, lol.

And now that I have shocked and dismayed you by NOT going on about SPN, I shall commence going on about SPN!

Wherein Kripke reads too much Gaiman and Mys has a breakdown before it's all over )
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Okay, I normally avoid spoilers, esp if they are for a big ep- I mean I've only seen one of the clips (bookmarked most of the others, but haven't watched them; I do have a wee bit of self-control)... behind this cut, there be SPOILERS )


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