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Okay this is driving me insane- yes, I am aware it's a short trip-
I'm trying to marry the mythology (no offence meant) of "angelic hierarchy" with the right military hierarchy.
For example, Castiel was supposed to be the head of his garrison, right, but if you look up "garrison" it can be anything from a military unit to a fortification- major difference in how you rank that. And as I understand it Zach was supposed to be a Seraphim, so pretty high up there, which would suggest Cas wasn't quite as much of a 'soldier' and further up the chain of command, right? I mean, for Zach to pop in like he did in It's a Terrible Life, you're not gonna go from a Captain to a Four Star General, right?
*is confused*
Okay, check me here, by that logic, Cas would have to be something around the equivalent of a Colonel, which would make a garrison a post/fortification style thing rather than merely a unit (which makes sense considering a garrison as fortification is an older concept), yeah?

If that's right, then what would be the surrounding (upper and lower) divisions?
They don't exactly list "garrison" in most military hierarchy breakdowns...

ETA- sorry I didn't mean to imply that I was sticking by any one angelic hierarchy, I in fact prefer the Lesser Key's hierarchy, but want to keep my options open, so don't feel any fb needs to rely on one or the other, k. :)


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