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Alright, ladies and gellyspoons, are we ready for the next fun filled installment of “Oh, the horror”? Because I have no life, below you will find over 30 movies in varying states from blindingly polished to mouldy dust bunnies, enjoy. :P

Oh, the horror, or not, Pt V )
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Greetings and salivations! So, it's been awhile and I needed a break from constantly having cops instead of anthropologists fall out, and from getting annoy over... well, that can go in a post tomorrow. Right now all you need to know is I bring horror and not so horror and epic, epic soundtrack vids/songs. Without further adieu, I give you 18 varying states of horror and not so horror. ;)

Oh, the horror, or not Pt IV )
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You know, I was just gonna include this on my next post... then I realized how bloody long it was and figured I wouldn't subject ppl to it unless they wanted it, lol.

Oh, the horror (or not) Pt III now with added sci-fi/action/thriller! )

(on a side note movieweb.com lists Stonehenge Apocalypse under the horror section… bawahahahahahahaha)

I was talking to MM about horror movies and somehow wound up asking her about Phantasm and Puppet Master… I got frighteningly blank stares at both and slanty, cock-eyed looks upon trying to explain the Phantasm orbs. This set me about trying to get ahold of said films. I did (and since when are there 11 Puppet Master movies, and how come I hadn’t seen the last 4, though really 8? Should that even be counted as a movie… it was more like a really long set of visual cliff notes that tried to line up all the storylines from all the films, even though there are at least 3 separate timelines/verses/versions that are contradictory to each other… but I digress) and have spent the last few days gorging myself on them. Phantasm 2 and 3 and Puppet Master 3 are still my favourites… they make me happy; I’m gonna try to get MM to watch them with me one day.
I’ve also decided I want a Phantasm orb. :P~


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