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Okay *breathes* the last three days have been INSANE!

Yesterday, I spent over 6 hours running around with 17 cans of Mtn Dew strapped to my back and that's not including the clothes shopping Pup and MM did that I wound up carrying, lol. AND I was forced to sit through bloody Twilight or Eclipse or whatever the blasted thing was called- though I did get 22 cans of Mtn Dew out of it, and a rather interesting discussion about vamps and whether or not the close-ups of what's-his-face made him look like Tom Cruise in Interview. >:D
Cut for things that will probably offend some of my f-listies )

Day before, I spent eyes deep in trying to suss up a character app for an RP (still haven't finished, but then again I've been on the go for most of the time since, lol). Yeah, I know, me RPing scary, lol.
And thanks to that, sorta (long story), I now have a new 'ship... wait for it... wait for it... Daniel/Jacob! *flails* And yes I know most of you will have no idea what I'm on about, but those who do- you know you want it, you know you've thought it...
It MUST be done!!!!
I must make icons for it. *nodnodnodnod*
I blame Misha. Everything is Misha's fault, I have decided this. I could probably prove it scientifically if pressed, until then it's just something I have faith in. *nods solemnly then breaks out in laughter*

And today... ugh today I had go help MM find a laptop *rollseyes* when did I get labelled the laptop Guru? I know shit, I mean, yeah I picked out MB's but that doesn't mean I kept that knowledge or that it's the same knowledge she needs. And now at 1 something in the AM I'm trying to sort out Office for her... in FREAKIN' SWEDISH!!!!
Oh and I bought a mouse. For the computer, siollies, besides Pup won't let me have a mouse, she's a rat person. And she refuses to let me name any of the rats Nicodimus or Jason. Meanie, lol. Anyway it's purple, a nice deep bright purple. I figured I could actually use one to help with my graphics stuff, though I do get some awesome control when I'm working with layer masks freehand, but the placement really needs the mouse.

Tomorrow, more of same, we're going to a discount grocery to stock up, so gods know when I'm gonna have time to do shit. And don't get me started on my mini-Bang, it's well over the 10k, but it's not finished by a long shot and drafts are due in like 3 days. *headdesk and repeat*
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Random rumours of an SPN nature )

...uhh, sorry for the excess of exclamations this just wigs me and messes with the natural order of my world.
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See, I was trawling screencaps for my [livejournal.com profile] spn_30snapshots table and I was prowling through Marishna's set from 5x04 (that pic in particular) and I just had the unrealistic urge to do untoward things to that shirt (like biting the buttons off and nuzzling against the flesh it exposed)... yes, we've already established how sick I am.
Well, like I said random...

Look-it, tell me that doesn't SCREAM, 'bite my buttons'!
ya know ya wanna bite 'em )

and the gratuitous Mys-needed-to-icon-it-for-no-good-reason-but-then-realized-it-would-be-perfect-for-the-"crave"-prompt-(bonus!) icon:

I was saving this until I got some more sets of caps ready, but I figured I shouldn't let Misha hog all the glory of this post, too, so...
Lie to Me

still bloody gorgeous )
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Okay, okay, I just got a hold of those ER eps, and I'd seen the pretty's, but never HEARD the scenes... ROFL, I suddenly have the urge to go rewatch "Crossroad Blues", lol!
Okay Misha talking blues is now, right up there with Dean talking cars on the swoon-o-meter- don't worry though, they're both still below (if only just) Jameses talking science, esp physics *flailswoon*.

Anyone else go from "band-aid" to "cookie dough"?

Why is the ACT of Misha eating sexy? *shakes head* And here I thought it was just a Jimmy thing, but no, Misha+food=*wibble*.
Hmmm, and now I have the urge to see him in that damnable maroon suit from Chicago Con eating a burger, just the images of that thing his throat does when he swallows and then licking the corners of his mouth. *sigh*

Someone wanna tell me why I never realized how completely SLASHY Alias Smith and Jones is? It's practically bloody canon!!!!

Enough fangrrling, on to the important stuff...
Misha caps from ER .avi scenes included
ER S11E15-16 (E)
ER S12E11 (E)
and the requisite Misha!spam

GUITAR ENVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I'm gonna go listen to Death Masks, it finished just before ER so yeah, yummy attack! *hopes for more Latin*
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*squeak* So I was watching my 'string o' procedurals'- the period between 11pm and 12:30am where NCIS, Crossing, Jordon or Numb3rs, and some form of CSI are all on at the same time. Anyway, I was sprawled on the sofa working on my wing!porn (really I was, Cas had Dean wrapped in his wings and they were trying to make with the snogging) and vaguely listening to NCIS when I hear something about a stolen minivan, I look up and *squeak* "Misha! It's Misha, Misha!mugshot!" *squeak* And we are not even going into the looks MB gave me while watching this little play 'cause for the next ten minutes I just sat on the couch bouncing going "Misha. Misha. Misha."
Sometimes I think I need serious help, but it was MISHA!

Of course, it should probably bother me more that I got stranger looks yesterday for watching Man of LaMancha than bouncing chanting "Misha", but that's beside the point.

Oh and on the 'scaring of the f-listies' front, I actually got to see the Master's Final between O'Sullivan and Selby. *fans self* Gods that was a great match. I wish I could've seen the O'Sullivan/Robertson game though, but the heathens tend to scream if I watch my snooker during the day, so I missed it. Still got to watch most of the big ones, missed the Selby/McGuire game though. One of these days, I'm gonna find one of those on-line game watching sites that my compy actually likes and doesn't cost a fortune just so I can see my snooker and the Clan can bugger off, lol.

ETA: Why do ppl comment saying they want more, when the fic says it's COMPLETE in big shiny letters at the top? Once again Mys is baffled by fandom.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] candygram_5000 for sharing the vid with me. *hugs*
Girl, Interrupted (E) It's a short scene, blink and you'll miss it, but... maybe it's the crazy person in me talking, I just wanna snuggle with him, lol.

This spam thing is becoming a trend with me I think, but how can you deny THAT face!!!!!!!

This pic has been edited!
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Okay, peeps, I FINALLY got to look at the Finding Home DLs and figure exactly WTHs was wrong. As far as I can tell something in the codec didn't rip properly, so I'm ripping another copy tonight and hope to have new links up by tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'll try to PM those of you I know have had trouble with it. *hugs her f-listies and lurkers for being patient*
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...I would apologize, but I'm not really sorry. My journal just felt nekid without Misha!spam.

Because it came up at dailymisha )

It's Misha, do you need more reason? )

Mys' smirking eviiiiiiil Misha of doom )

Okay, so it's not Misha, but it is much with the happy making and I like to be able to find it on my journal, so there :-P
Too Many Enemy Tampons!!!!!!! )

And Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays f-listies!!!!!! *hugs and homemade eggnog all around*


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