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RALLY SQUIRRRRRRRREEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
I want a rally squirrel. *nodnodnod*

I think my brain is going to explode soon, 've been ficcing my head out and watching the post season games... GO SQUIRRELS CARDS!!!!!!!! :p~
Pup doesn't get it, she's trying, but she gets so confused when I like multiple teams. *shakes head* What's so hard to understand that you have a pecking order, she gets it with my snooker, but for some reason she doesn't with baseball. Like she doesn't understand that I was rooting for the Braves over the Cards, the Cards over the Phillies, the Brewers over the D'backs, the Cards over the Brewers, and either the Cards or the Brewers over the Tigers or the Rangers [and lets not go into the Tigers/Yankees things 'cause that just gets totally screwy since she was rooting for the Yankees and now is rooting for the Tigers... THAT makes sense, but mine doesn't? WTHs... it should probably say something that she prefers AL teams to NL teams- heathen, lol (pls remember that I also root for the Red Sox, so there are always exceptions, :p~) ...I guess I did go there, lol.]

Anyway head exploding... 5 fics (4 completed) and one niggling idea that I think 'm totally outta my depth on writing...
pokes at cut )

And not that it's any surprise, but Colin is frying my brain... I so wasn't prepared for the Late Late Show pics... I still haven't ventured to actually watch it... I keep squeaking and it scares the childer, lol. Is it too early to break out my Christmas icon Arthur made me last year? 'cause really I still want, lolololol.

Is it bad that 'm sitting here watching last night's Cards/Brewers game switching over to SVT2 every now and then waiting for Dragoon to show up? ...while making sure HS isn't paying attention or she'll start squeeing Though she still hasn't forgiven me for Island... 52 minutes of her staring at the telly and at me and at the telly and at me and finally "He looks like Murhlin" "Oh..."
Woohoooooooo!!!!!! Stalling tactics worked, and she didn't bat an eye, *snickers* Gods I love that look Arthur gives him Bawahahahahahahahahaha! Okay, my world has just been made exponentially better. :}

And I am officially ignoring S7 until further notice, much to Fanboy's horror and dismay *shrugs* but I figure I watch my shows to make me happy and if that woman is buggering my show I don't need to deal with it, not just yet at any rate. I'm still collecting the eps so I can watch them when I decide to, whenever that may be.

Alrighty, back to the grindstone, mayhaps there will be posted fic in my future. ;)

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So, Mys needed more distraction from her meltdown, and she'd gotten the idea in her head to make some audio rips of Island, specifically some of the stories Calum tells. I have no clue if anyone but me would be interested, but here they are, well a couple of them... oh and since I only wanted the stories I edited Nikki out.

nifty embeds and DL links )

(FYI- I really need to get on that Colin-fucking-Morgan icon making, lol.)

ETA- Guh! Why didn't anybody tell me the DL's weren't working!?!?!?!?!?! They're fixed now. *grrrr*

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Mys was bored and needed a break from her [livejournal.com profile] merlin_muses fic (5k and I just got them speaking to each other), so of course what better way to chill than making Island gifs... yeah, I know, anyway, 's only two atm, but it's my fav scene and it makes me happy, so...


And if I may tangent/rant about Colin's awesomeness... *points at scene* See that thing he does with his eyes, that's what does it for me. He's not seeing Nikki or the world around him, his eyes are trained on the story, they never move from the spot he's talking about even when turns towards Nikki, his eyes are still focused there, right up until he turns completely, physically, to her that's the only time the spell breaks. That is magical and that is acting.

'k 'm going back to my fic now, wish me luck, I still need to get them actually on the date that's the entire point of this damn fic! *Grrrrr*

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Well, then. So, I just finished watching my illicit copy of Island, my copy still hasn’t shown up yet, grrrrrrrrrrr, but anyway, yeah just finished and, well…
Possible Spoilers for Island )

To sum up, as if anyone’s actually reading this, lol-
Island on the whole is okay, but it makes more sense if you’ve read the book, which is a big negative for me.
Colin is totally unequivocally worth seeing this movie for, if only to see how it should be done.
If you’re watching this to see “Colin” or “Merlin” you’re gonna be disappointed, if you’re watching it to see a truly proper portrayal of a character, omgs, heaven.



Aug. 16th, 2011 09:07 pm
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A) Arthur and Dean snarking in my head sounds way too much like Arthur and Gwaine snarking... I am scared. I have also decided that Gwaine and Dean need to get sloshed together and start a brawl, whether or not this will happen is uncertain, but it needs to happen.
B) I have gotten tired of waiting and am currently DLing not one, but three, yes, 3- one, two , three- copies of Island... I am not feeling the least bit guilty 'cause it was supposed to be here yesterday at the latest, not that I would feel all that guilty otherwise, but just saying.
C) If anyone reads the fic I'm currently working on for one of the challenges/exchanges/things I have going and decides to stalk me, I may have written down my address for them... thankfully it's an address I no longer live at :P
D) Cas keeps getting unplugged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *grrrrrrr*
E) I have a letter from my doc, a printed page from one of the fics 'm working on, a receipt, one 2.5x4 inch scrap of paper, and one 7x5 inch scrap of paper all shoved into my notebook and covered in parts of no less than four different fics incl two complete fics and four scenes from one fic... none of this was actually written on the actual paper in the notebook... why do I even bother with the notebook?
F) Colin is evil
G) I have no idea why I decided to list these things... but I am returning to one of these fics now.

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Well, I just finished Island and… not what I was expecting exactly. I think I liked it, but I didn’t love it. Can’t wait to see how they translated it to film, though, ‘cause I could see it being so much more than it is if done right (and gods, I HAVE to see Colin in this, like life’s blood have to!*).

***POSSIBLE SPOILERS*** Mys' thoughts on Island )

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OMGS I WROTE SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, it wasn't a lot, like less than 1000 words, but I actually LIKED it!

In other news, Name of the Rose was on tonight and I made Pup and MM sit through it because I still love that movie, thank you very much, with commercial breaks to check on the never ending Sox game on ESPN America, but that's neither here nor there, lol. What I was gonna say was, ya know you have it bad when every time they do a quick shot or they film baby Christian Slater with that damnable bowl haircut in just the right way (usually involving him looking up from those not quite full enough lashes with the shadows delineating his otherwise non-existent cheekbones) your tummy flips and you have instant images of Colin doing Adso and IT WON'T GO AWAY! And once it settles you're brain starts going, 'no, no, no, that's not the way he'd do it at all' or '*squeak* guh, he'd be making that face, the one from 2x09 when EVERYONE'S heart cracks'!!!!!!! Yeah, bloody Irish git has now corrupted (although I must say if I let my brain follow that route, much improved) the movie for me forever.

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Incoming fangrrliing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Erm, not so much once it was written, lol.
Well, sort of, I mean it's more outward non-character/show specific fangrrling than I normally do.

ANYWAY, I used the last of my Amazon gift cert from Christmas to pre-order Island when word came down it was available- seriously, I like got the e-mail note from one of the comms went click, click, put in basket, checkout; the entire process took less than five minutes, lol. It's no secret, or wouldn't be if anybody asked or anything that I was holding onto the last bit of my gift cert on the offhand chance that pleasepleasepleaselettherebereleasespleasespleaseslettherebebloodyreleases Island and Parked got DVD distributors, though I admit I had been hoping for Parked, not that I have given up or anything merely that I had hoped it would get a distributor first. Yeah, well, anyway, Island's on pre-order for July, so Merry Christmas to me, lol.
Though I swear I sometimes wonder why I want these things since the mere thought is usually enough to have me fighting back tears- I really was serious when I said that was why I only had three Cathal icons in that set. I start working on them and, well, 'm fine as long as I don't actually LOOK at the pic, lol. You know how you can look at something without seeing it, just take in the bits and bobs of it, colours and shapes, stuff like that. That I can handle, but actually looking at it, seeing the whole thing (or really anything that has to do with his eyes or the set of his jaw) just breaks me and I can't focus... bastard.
I mean at least OPL I don't know enough to let it get to me fully, I know a bit and that's enough, but 'm afraid if I actually knew what was going on... I think I'd be gone on that one, too.
*thanks the gods she doesn't know enough about the other plays or else she knows, just KNOWS she'd burn out*

But I digress, actually, I tangent, which isn't quite the same since it's still very close to the topic I was trying to get to. *shakes head* Anyway, where I was going in my round-a-bout fashion was Island, see, I read this fic- now shut it and don't judge, okay, just go with it- yeah, I read this fic, which was, well, it left you kinda going 'wha...', so not exactly high on my list, actually rather low, which is annoying 'cause it was really well written otherwise. Yeah, k, point, throughout this fic there was a lot of emphasis on Island and a lot more detail in regards to the book/film itself then 'm used to encountering and damned if the thing hasn't left me wanting to read the blasted thing. But really, if it's as intense as it's made out to be it's gonna be the dramatic equivalent of "Song of Ice and Fire" and 'm gonna be in tears or at the least all uber-emotionally charged... I mean, I was on edge when I read The Unbearable Lightness of Being, which, btw, is a helluva read, and this feels like it could go that direction.
Yeah, I know, 'm not the best judge on these things 'cause yeah, I read a lot, but mostly I stick to fantasy, horror, or mystery or all of the above, which I know doesn't exactly put Island that far outta my comfort zone, but it's teetering and like I said it feels a little heavy. I don't know this started out as a rant about the evils of Colin Morgan and the proofs thereof, now it's more of a debate about actually reading this thing, lol.

Well, since I seem to have gone in that direction, I might as well ask- any of you lot read this? Thoughts? Opinions? Should I give in and buy it?

*NB- Just to clarify I still love Colin, if anything moreso for this "evil", just wanted to make sure ppl knew that, k.


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