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So, 'm sitting in the bedroom having gotten mad as hells 'cause I was TRYING to watch a movie in the living room and no one would shut the fuck up (I spent more time rewinding it than actual time had elapsed in the film *grrr*). Anyway, in the bedroom watching my movie on Cas instead and I hear from the bedroom HS telling Pup in no uncertain terms that she "wants to see Wa..Whaur... WAuR Horse, it has a movie premiere the 2nd of February" 'cept in Swedish of course, and 'm sitting here trying not to bust up laughing or maybe snickering, lol.

*shakes head* See, this shit just doesn't happen to other ppl...

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WAH! I finished S3 of Cabin Pressure this evening... *grabby hands* More, pls, now, pls.

I'm writing the worst thing 've ever written... I hate it, my voices sound off and the pace is too fast and it's just so not my cuppa, but I was supposed to have something done a week ago at the latest, so... 'm just glad I don't have to claim it when it's all said and done. Hopefully, I can do this, finish it off and try to do something for the Pic Spam Challenge at [profile] merlin_land (erm, that's an LJ comm, not a DW one, just saying since it converts it automatically) before the time runs out.

*sighs* I feel like my muses are on strike and I don't know why. Just nothing feels right... 'm debating posting some of Silence as individual fics rather than continuing to try to put them in a cohesive unit. I just don't know... maybe I'll put them here for the time being, I just don't know. *Mys, have security and self-confidence issues? Never.*

I love how if it's something that messes with her routine there's no way in hells it'll get done, but if it messes with mine then I can go fuck myself!

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Dear lords, help me... 'm watching The Last Enemy and first I get totally distracted, not by his ass, but his chest, I swear I had to rewind that scene 3 times before it made any sense and it wasn't like it was that complicated! THEN... THEN... he starts speaking science jibberish and I just about came in my pants. Just that voice and equations and, guh, it's like when Reid goes on one of his weird tangents that only he finds amusing- total geekgasm.*head desk* And yeah, 'm only like 30 mins into the first part. *flails*

OMGs, I just realized HRH is watching Ali G Indahouse... and I look up from TLE to see... gods, he was such a baby face... *face palm* not what I needed to look up and see, now my brain hurts. *turns up sound on Cas and goes back to geekgasming*



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