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ANDREAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dancesflailsdances*


Reichenbach *flailsCRIESflails*

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Andreas Johnson is HOT... I just haven't said that in a while and with the new wave of Scorett commercials I deemed it worth mentioning.

I'm being an awful horrible f-lister more than usual because 'm avoiding all the spoilers and speculation and whatnot from SPN and Merlin which pretty much knocks out ALL of my f-list. No offence to anyone, 'm just trying to live in denial as long as possible. :/
I really don't like being two shades away from tears over my shows, esp when one hasn't even started yet... *head desk* I need a life. I need to not have strange nightmares about not getting lost in St Louis and those being the nightmares you "wake up to" when you're having nightmares about the horrible places you mind can go with what they're doing to my Merlin this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your shows... and it's one of those nightmares that circles in on itself like some great dreamworld ouroborus.
Even fic isn't helping... I need some loving B/C fic if anyone has any lying around... *pouty lip*

I do not like this whole thing with the AL and NL wild card spots... it's supposed to be Red Sox and Braves *grrrrrr* (and no it has not escaped my easily amused mind that they were once both based out of Boston, and really that has nothing to do with it...)

*goes back to looking for more Andreas... Andreas makes things better*

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So, after the Selby v Hendry match when it was made known that Hendry was seriously thinking about retiring, I realized that I didn't want him to. This is only odd in that, while I respect him, he's not one of my players, but I think, that's just it. I came into snooker like 6 years back and slowly figured it out and began following players and tourneys- harder than you think when it's all in Swedish, lol. Anyway, I just mean, that I as someone 'new' to the game would so miss out if Hendry retired now. Needless to say I was more than excited when he came out today saying he had decided he was still in the game and still had something to offer. I was damn near giddy, lol.

I have also discovered that I prefer the Beeb's broadcast to Eurosport, even if you get random comments like, 'the royal wedding being shown on this channel,' which is slightly disturbing only because it seems to come at the most random moments, lol.

'm actually rooting for Williams now. I don't mean anything against Higgins I do like him, he's one of my boys, but so's Williams and I think he's playing really superb this year and deserves it. But of course they're in the semi's against each other and not the final so we'll see.

And yes, 'm avoiding talking about Trump 'cause he usually fascinates me and I count him as one of mine, but I feel like he's being cocky- possibly quite deservedly- and that annoys me, still he has fun at the table and that counts for a lot with me, so...
Hmmm, I guess I didn't do a very good job of avoiding, huh?

Moving on...

Arthur made me a video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'cause she loves me and wanted me to know she's always there. *snuggles*

ZOMGs I just realized they did the final of Körslaget this past MONDAY not this coming Saturday! *squeals and runs off to watch Saturday's and Monday's- crosses everything possible for Team Andreas*

***This Post Shall Continue Shortly
We're Sorry For the Inconvenience***

Well bugger, I can't get the bloody embeds to work AGAIN!

Umm, anybody got any advice on that?


Team Andreas "Viva La Vida"

*flail* Andreas singing "Imagine"... I think I just fell a little more in love... and I don't even like "Imagine" that much *wibble*

OMFGs, okay, Team Andreas deserves to win just for this, my gods, it's beautiful!

...and this *wibble* "Halleluja"

Okay I was trying to avoid this, but they don't have the single clip...57:50 I about died because I am a crazed fangrrl first and foremost, lol. The Merlinites will understand. :D

sudgfuaqfah in case anyone who cares doesn't know who won I give you LJ cut :) )

Umm, yeah, in Thorn Valley news, I have started having nightmares about how things are *mrphle*
I have however finished one of my peasant blouses, though I admit I was channeling my inner Morgana or at least Katie's wardrobe mistress- sleeves thy name are chiffon, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, lol. And 'm almost finished with the skirt... gathering just over 10yrds of fabric is very time consuming... and I still have another 15yrds to go... hopefully it'll be done tomorrow, then 'm fixing the other bodice (or scraping it/giving it to one of the childer who might actually appreciate it and starting a new one). Yay me, and yes I AM wearing it when we go to Gotland for Medieval week so bite me ppl who have issues with it!

Now, I am going to go work on said skirt, watch the Higgins v Williams session while alternately staring at that pic of Colin [livejournal.com profile] colinm_fans posted a couple hours ago while my brain proceeds to melt at all the squee I've had today, lol.

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OMGs they found it!!!!!! Okay, so it proves I really do need these damn reading glasses, but still. After months of searching, I went and asked over at [livejournal.com profile] merlin_finders and within no time got an answer (from [livejournal.com profile] gealach_ros, who else, lol). Oh, and if you're wondering what 'm on about- HERE look and feel free shake your head in concern at my insanity. FYI- it was this set by [livejournal.com profile] pink_martini2

Between that and [livejournal.com profile] kina54 finding Körslaget for me, Mys is feeling much better (ie she is ignoring r/l and her BB and basking in the love of fandom- quite a feat considering, lol- can we say "mixed state" anyone?).
Now if only the freaking deposit into Mom's PayPal (yes, 'm that lame I've never had to use PayPal before and thought it was stupid to open an acct for one bleeding purchase) would go through so I can get the new cord I need for Colin... and thus, hopefully restoring what remains of my sanity by next week- you know it's bad when you start humming THOSE kinds of songs to yourself to get to sleep at night, lol- it's even worse when you remember the lyrics!

Oh and in one of her great hypcritical moves, Pup asked me if I knew if there was gonna be more Sherlock... *rolls eyes* Yes, she HATES fandom and threatens to stop watching shows if I'm a part of their fandom, but when it suits her to know when the next series of Merlin is coming or how many seasons of Dexter and Seeker there are or if there's more Robin Hood or if there's gonna be more bloody Sherlock it's totally cool. *head desk*
Yes, dear *adds to ever growing list* that's 'hypocrite' h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e, you may want to look it up sometime. *growls and sets about finding out the whens and how manys of the next series of Sherlock*

So, yeah anybody out there know the when's and how many's for the next series of Sherlock?
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*SQUEEK* I'm just now getting to watch Körslaget from Saturday, apparently the theme was Melodifestivalen songs, at first I thought it was songs by the directors, which really, the same diff for the most part, lol (that I recognize this in and of itself should scare me, I shouldn't know that much about the Melodifestivalen...)... and... and... and...

ANDREAS DID "SING FOR ME"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It probably has that damn 'outside viewing area' thing but just in case it doesn't Körslaget 's around min 42 :D

herein lie lyrics that you really don't need to see, but they make me happy and it's my LJ, so I posted them anyway :P )

Just finding that out was enough to actually cheer me up a bit. :D

On a side note, much as I'm kinda, sorta rooting for Team Jakob (after Andreas OBVIOUSLY) "Night of Passion" really doesn't lend it self to choral performance, at least his arrangement didn't. :(

There's a bunch of shit going on I could rant about, was planning to yesterday, even, but you know, ANDREAS!!!!!!!!, so bugger that shit!

*runs around singing "Sing for life, sing for joy, sing for every man and woman, girl and boy. Sing a song a simple melody. Sing out loud or just hum. Sing for moments in the past and times to come, sing for history and destiny! Won't you siiiiing foooor meeeeeee!!!!!!!"*

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*squeak* Andreas... 'nuff said, lol.

Nah, I pulled up tv4's replay thingy of Körslaget :) and got to watch Andreas. *happy* He just gets so INTO it, like it's his very soul and he puts it all out there and he has FUN!!! *sigh* What? I get to get sappy over Andreas, I don't get sappy over many ppl, but like Andreas and Todd get me all girly squee.
Mys loves Andreas 'cause she's weird that way... I need a Team Andreas icon, but that involves getting some good quality caps and not the crappy thing on the replay... 'm hoping somebody will upload it to YouTube or maybe even put up a torrent for it- I even checked the Swedish torrent sites and nothin'. I would just watch/record it, but the Clan would get weird about it, well, maybe not MM, but that's 'cause she wants to see what's-it from The Poodles, lol.

Considering all that, I shouldn't really be surprised that listening to Andreas actually made me feel like writing my BB. I think he and possibly BWO will be my Merlin Big Bang music, I just feel like writing even if it's vague, you know the kinda thing that starts with a word or a sentence and turns into a whole paragraph or scene... then you just have to figure out whether or not it's relevant, lol.
'm debating making a BB icon for this year... Last year, I just used a stock one for the Dean/Cas BB.

I FINALLY FINISHED S3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was... impressive. Not what I was expecting, and 3x13 had so many plot holes and unanswered questions it was mind-boggling.
Like Percival, wtf? I mean 'm all for him, but, but you know him for two seconds and just because he hangs with Lance you knight him, too????? Wouldn't it be good to get some background? Not that hanging with Lance isn't a MAJOR tick, or five thousand in the 'reasons to knight' column, I'd just like to know a wee bit more, ya know... it just didn't make sense.
And some more exposition as to Arthur's thinking with the whole knighting thing. 'm all for it and then some, but I don't know, it's one of those situations where seeing how he was thinking would've been so powerful. Can't you see the talk he'd have with Merlin and the growth Arthur'd show in believing so strongly in those men and the decision to knight them, and how proud Merlin would be at seeing Arthur like that, seeing him being all fair and true and noble and KINGLY. Gods, they missed such a great opportunity. It just would've been a beautiful and emotional thing; I really think it was a big mistake not to include something like that... and not with Gwen, not that she couldn't have that conversation, but having it with Merlin would be more meaningful and move towards (show) the Merlin as advisor thing. And 'm not just saying that because 'm a Arthur/Merlin shipper, I truly think it would've move their bond/relationship further.
And okay they gave Gwen her spine back for like 15mins, which was nice, but then, like nothin'.
And Gaius, how the hells did he get into the castle?
I was impressed that they managed to not wig me out with the whole Lady of the Lake thing- don't ask, just accept and move on; It'll be better for everybody that way, lol.
Though I must admit that all the plot holes and questions were made up for by the mere sight of Merlin wielding Excalibur *sighs* that was intense to me for some reason and the absolute best part of the ep. :)

And 'm sitting here listening to BWO and I keep wanting to break into song. Gods, 'm a geek, lol.

Okay, time to straighten the neckerchief and possibly, hopefully after that get some writing done.
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Well then, hi, *waves* for those few new ppl about this is what you will normally find in my posts, except when it isn’t…

Wherein Mys babbles and babbles and babbles and ba... well, you get the idea )



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