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made for me by my wonderful KyoKohitsuji *hugs*

*waves* Okay, first things first, I’m Mys to most ppl, and I am a real live boy, erm, girl, erm, angel!fondler, and this LJ will be for whatever the heck I decide it’ll be for, lol.
I write fanfic for SPN, BtVS/AtS, and Merlin mainly, though I have been known to play with Torchwood, Dark Angel, Criminal Minds, and Smallville (‘cause Brainy and Jason are adorable!). The Sentinel and SG1/SGA are favs, too, though I haven’t and don’t plan on writing for them. And 'm currently fighting for dominance with a certain sociopathic consulting detective... we'll see how that particular cage match goes, lol. I lost.

For those who know me from elsewhere, well, 'm testing the waters over here. Among other things 'm gonna back-up my fic comm here, too, so as one might expect ALL my fic will be posted at [community profile] ontherazorwire, now, as well as my LJ comm, I’ve also moved copies of all my older fic over there (thank you community import feature ♥), so it'll all be in one place. *shockgasphorror*

My graphics and slightly psychotic collection of caps will remain at Mystic Artefacts (though some parts- not the master cap posts- will be going Friends Only)- sometimes there’s just toooooooooooo much to move, lol.

I've decided that I am going to attack ppl with fanart here (mostly Kyo's), too! *mawahahahahahahahaha* You can't stop me! You can't!!! No one can!!!!!!!!
(okay so maybe if ALL the boys ganged up on me I might stop... if they made me a good enough offer *wiggles eyebrows*)

Unless otherwise credited, everything below this line was made by KyoKohitsuji


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alec/ben, alec/logan, alfred hitchcock, angel, anthony andrews, anthony head, arthur pendragon, arthur/merlin, ats, ben/alec, benedict cumberbatch, blair sandburg, blair/jim, bobby singer, books, bradley james, btvs, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, camelot, castiel, castiel fanfic, castiel icons, castiel/dean, christian bale, colin morgan, criminal minds, csi, dark angel, dean winchester, dean/castiel, dean/jimmy, derek jacobi, discworld, edgar allan poe, fanfic, fanfiction, forensic science, gabriel/sam, gil grissom, good omens, groucho marx, history, horror movies, icons, indiana jones movies, james marsters, jason gideon, jensen ackles, jim ellison, jim/blair, jimmy novak, jimmy/dean, john watson, kenneth branagh, macgyver, mark gatiss, martin freeman, matthew gray gubler, mel brooks, merlin, merlin/arthur, merthur, michael shanks, michael weatherly, misha collins, misha dmitri tippens krushnic, misha's minions, movies, neil gaiman, neverwhere, nicholas brendon, old movies, pendragon, princess bride, reading, red dwarf, richard dean anderson, rockabilly, rocky horror picture show, sam winchester, sam/gabriel, sci-fi, sentinel, sg1, sga, sherlock bbc, sherlock holmes, slash, slash fan fiction, slash fanfiction, spander, spencer reid, spike, spike/xander, spn, spn fanart, spn slash, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, supernatural, supernatural fics, supernatural slash, television, terry pratchett, the marx brothers, the pretender, the sentinel, theater, torchwood, william petersen, writing, xander
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