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The Evil One has been on us for YEARS to go to Liseberg, the big amusement park in Gothenberg, and then she found out Snoop Dogg was gonna be there and convinced Pup to let her go and sent me and MM with her... I will not go into it, but I was almost crying because of something that happened (nothing with them) within the first hour we were there. Spent the next 11hrs or so depressed as sin and fighting off near constant panic attacks. Thankfully, we'd agreed that I wasn't going with the Evil One to the actual concert, and since Pup doesn't pay any mind to things like letting a 12yr old run around an amusement park with upwards of 46000 ppl shoved into it unattended and I have long since given up trying to get her to listen to me, so MM and I ran to the other side of the park for the duration. Anyway, it should say something that the best part of my day yesterday was getting to the hotel, jumping on my phone, and discovering that our war in Uto had been won (finally!). *sighs*
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