Jul. 3rd, 2014 02:27 pm
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...but someone pls kill my brain.
I've just finished the fic of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.
My world is getting weird. I've started going to the gym and swimming again. I went and did the initial testing for the damn Swedish class. (Which was funny since I had to write this blurb "about yourself" in Swedish, and I ended it with "I don't think my Swedish is very good and I'm starting to have a panic attack because of it." in Swedish of course, then had to do the computer part and the lady wound up saying, "you know a lot of Swedish.") And on a more playful(?) note, I have somehow managed to become a central leader in Uto. Do not want! But it's one of those things where no one else will step up and do the job. Like Juke doesn't really want to be monarch, but no one else will do it, I don't really want to be steward, but no one else will do it, HD doesn't want to be monarch or steward, but he winds up doing the latter during wars. The fucked up bit with that is that it actually works for us, well, the KD, lol.
And let's not even touch the headachy bit (much).
But all I can think of is another fusion, a proper fusion this time and it's the most... I mean... well, on one hand I can't believe it hasn't been done yet (yes, I checked), on the other all the bits just fall into place so bloody well! Oh, and I think it's gen... maybe... probably... possibly pre-slash... definitely bonding- not BONDING bonding, just normal friendship bonding.

Okay, no laughing, but it's a Doom-Almost Human fusion. I'll have to tweak the dates by 5 years, but I poked around some of the actual "Doom" based stories (we were at the Sci-Fi Bookstore and I figured wths I could take a look since they were literally right in front of me, lol) and they vary widely in their dates and general timelines, so I'm taking a bit of artistic license there. But I can totally work it out, I even got the name covered- since Reaper and Sam's parents died when they were young they went to live/were adopted by their only living relative, an uncle on their mother's side ie uncle/daddy Kennex, covers John taking his name when he got back and the history of John's cop father. And I got how to get John to where he is in AH from where Reaper was at the end of Doom.
The Wall was built to keep the C24s out.
Rudy can hack the medical check-ups and physicals. And I'm figuring if there is tech to isolate the C24 to begin with and, in theory, similar tech used to make Chromes that Rudy could probably run some... something to remove the C24 from his bloodwork (I'm thinking they'll need this to keep John's secret while he's in the coma).
And the coma- brain injury, I'm thinking something like bone fragments lodged in his brain keeping the uber regen from working at full speed; basically there's something (bone) in the way of repairing the neural pathways and his body's having to either create full fledged new pathways or do something to work the bits of bone out. I mean, in theory the regeneration could put pressure on the fragments and slowly work them out, but that gets weird because it would mean that the regen process would basically have to 'think' about removing it, unless of course I simply saw it as a path of least resistance, which could actually work...
Anyway, Maldonado would have to know, and Pelham, but since he's dead, I'm not worrying about him much. But that could be why she paired him with Dorian. Since we know from canon that Dorian can and has chosen what to report and not report about John's condition. So yeah...
And plot-wise I'm thinking something with Nigel and the Synthetic Souls and processors he stole. I've got this image of Maldonado taking John and Dorian aside and telling them she can't order them to go, but that they are the only ones remotely qualified to go or could stand a chance over the Wall.
And and and I love this part- I have always had this image of Dorian having basically an existential crisis based on the 'what did you differently' conversation he had with Vaugh. Now, who better to have that kind of 'talk' with than someone who we know has major issues of the 'why me' variety (as in 'why am I not a psycho mass murdering thing', not as in whiny 'why me'). Seriously, think about it, same issue different source, major bonding moment. :D
Unfortunately after that it gets a bit fuzzy. I mean, yes, they're going after Vaugh and his army of Danicas, but what does that entail... though I'm afraid if I start thinking about that too hard I'll actually start writing it. :/
So yes, somebody shoot me... ...shoot me now.

In other fun news, I finally sat down and watched Dredd. I think I'm in love. I don't know what the naysayers are on about, it was gorgeous. I also finally got to watch Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit and damnit all to hells they made a Jack Ryan that feels like Jack Ryan again- thank you Ken Branagh, proving once again, what I have known since 1989, that you are totally AWESOME! I want mooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee of both. Need more. *pants*
Watched a bunch of other Urban-y stuff too, but that's not for here; just really needed to mention Dredd- it makes me happy.
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