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Have I mentioned how much I HATE the Swedish medical system?
I mean, I know it's supposedly way better than in the US and in some ways it is, but fuck at least in the States you can find docs that at least pretend to give a shit.

But here, no, it's all:

  • Oh, we think you may have AS. We'll refer you to the eval offices.

  • No, let's wait on a therapist until we get the eval.

  • P-doc transfers to ER Psychward

  • New p-doc is awesome!!!

  • 3 months later new p-doc no longer works there.

  • New p-doc the 2nd is a git, who still won't get me a therapist.

  • 3 yrs after the fact get eval.

  • Get new dx of AS!

  • Have to change p-docs 'cause he 'doesn't treat patients with AS'. *head desk*

  • Oh, and the new p-doc will set you up with a therapist now that we have the new dx.

  • 6 months later see new p-doc (p-doc m2).

  • No, we won't set you up with a therapist until you go over here to this other place I'm referring you to.

  • And by the way I'm going to refuse to see you for a minimum of 6 months and only give you enough meds for 2 months.

  • Get letter from referral place saying it will be 5 months or more before anyone can see me. *grinds teeth*

  • Call for meds to find out p-doc m2 has quit and not left anything about needing meds...

  • ...still won't give me more than 2 months worth.

  • Finally get appt with replacement p-doc m2 the 1st, 7 months after requested.

  • Get call this morning cancelling appointment to be rescheduled at an unknown time...

No, it's not like I NEED HELP. Or I'm ACTUALLY ASKING FOR IT, DAMN YOU!!!!!! Or that I've been BEGGING for 4 years- fucking BEGGING!!!
Nooooooooooooooooooooo, Mys isn't important enough to even keep an appointment she's been waiting 7 months for; an appointment she asked to have 4 months ago and was told she couldn't. Now? Fuck knows!
And the mysterious other place the p-doc m2 referred me to? Haven't heard fuck all from them.

Mys, pissy? Moi? Never... wanting to rip people apart limb from limb after slowly flaying their skin from their bones... now that, that sounds more like me.

It's fucking depressing to think that I'd be getting better mental health care while on Soc Sec Disability in the States than I am here.


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