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Sorry, random exclamation is random.

When HRH and Fuckboy got kicked out last year they put all their shit in our storage room without any concern as to the stuff we (read I) needed to get to. This included the Christmas stuff, which since Pup has gone all bah-humbug, hasn't been much of an issue, until now...
Anyway, I've been begging for help to get into the storage room and find at least the tree. Today I gave up and attacked it my myself and after much manhandling of random furniture, I emerged victorious! Receiving much bah-humbugging from Pup when I came in with the box, beaming like a fool, and proclaiming my tree gathering prowess. But you know, she can bite me. I have gotten prezzies for her, MB, MM (who is either gonna kill me or kiss me), and I'm about 1/4-1/3 done with HRH's, which just leaves the Evil One and you have no idea how much I just wanna drag out one of the stockings (I have a couple in my stuff for some reason, lol) and stuff it with coal, but the significance would be lost on her.

Anyway, one dragon slayed, off to face the next one... and the next... and the next... mardi-gras


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