Jan. 18th, 2014

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Okay, it's almost week on and I finally watch HLV again. And, well, I can say this, my head canon is still going strong... it was forged in the fires of Kripke hell and survived the age of Gamble the Destroyer, now it is taking on that deepest of evils- Moftiss.

Nah, you know that little part of you that just has to find a way to explain everything, a way to make Dean treating Cas like shit 'alright', and Cas being an evil psycho angel who didn't go to Dean in the first place *head desk and repeat* be understandable and more to the point fixable (and by the way PTB, we of fandom could have offered you many, many suggestions on how to do this), a way to bring Gabe back, a way to explain Lisa without being all bashy... yeah, that kind of head canon. It's been going to work on all the wtf bits of HLV, and slowly I am coming to terms with a lot of it (my brain just kinda short-circuits when it gets down to what Sherlock knew about Mary and can't get past that, but give me time, I'm sure I'll come up with something before series 4 comes along).

Anyway, just putting that out there. 'm gonna go back to oogling tumblr and being sick... though surprisingly these two things are not related... at least this time they arent't.


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