Dec. 1st, 2013

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Why is it that She gets persnickety over my amt of tv/film knowledge then gets upset when she comes barging in declaring so-and-so is dead and I look at her like she's grown another head ('cause usually it's someone I've never heard of or don't care about- in a proffessional/theatrical sense)? Or in this case- "That Fast and Furious actor is dead." "Vin Diesel?" "I don't know that Fast and Furious actor." At which point she walks off in a huff... It was Paul Walker for anyone interested, not Vin Diesel.

Before that, like minutes before, I was asking what she thought of the Christmas tree... she declares she's not looking at it and doing her best to ignore it because it goes against everything she was raised with. <---that's pretty much a direct quote And then she starts muttering about 'bling-bling'. I just... I wanted to have a proper Christmas this year. A properly decorated tree with bits of Swedish tradition and what I grew up with. That's why I got HRH and MM to help me and go picking out decorations with me, so we'd have both. But no, she's not happy being all fucking bah-humbug at me for wanting to do Christas to begin with she has to be a fucking bitch about the tree! I'm the one who put it up, I'm the one who bought the lights and ornaments and trimmings, it was MM and me who decorated it, she doesn't like it fucking fine, but she doesn't have to be a bloody cunt about it. And yes, I just said cunt- I'm upset!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday it was trashing my music. I've been on this weird ass country kick the last few weeks and she gets all in my face about it; then she tells me I'm getting old because I only listen to music from the 60's and 70's. Which seriously, since when is DCFC 60's and 70's, or Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly or Barleyjuice... at least she could move it up to the 90's with my LoA, Bloodhound Gang, Sisters, KMFDM, Rage Against the Machine, Book of Love, etc... etc... etc...

And after that we were watching something, I don't even remember and I was shutting down the DVD player and said something about checking my prov and I decided (I'd been debating it for a while, but I finally bit the bullet) that I'd try to broach a wee bit of my on-line world to her (she's always saying how I'm all secretive, which really, if someone gives you grief every time you bring up something are you gonna be all going outta your way to share that something with them in the future????????). Anyway, I figured the KD based on that Vikings tv thing from History Channel whould be a good tidbit to test the waters with then maybe the Sherlock Holmes KD from a couple Ages back just get the idea out there. But no. She comes at me saying something about "It's sad when 38yr old women play with fiction characters." And then something about being a delinquint or crazy- the drooling over your apple sauce kinda crazy, I was already shutting down at that point so it kiinda got lost in the roaring of my head trying not to react.

Anyway, I just get the feeliing this weekend was some sort of Bash the Mys celebration. Could've at least given me a nice last meal or something. :/

And I'm almost outta my meds and I still don't understand why the fucking asshat doc couldn't just write the prescription last month when I asked, which means I get to spend the next week trying to get up the nerve to call them again.
And I'm late on my Secret Santa fic.
And WMTDB has gone down for some reason and I was right in the middle of a fic!
And in another (albeit unintentional) kick the Mys while she's down move, my only other real friend in my game is quitting after this Age. I mean, sure, I talk with a couple other guys, but he and Tam were the ones who I could go to with questions and who knew about the r/l stuff that got in my way sometimes. Tam left last Age. There's only two other ppl who've been around this KD as long (longer actually, in at least one case much longer) as me and neither of them know my extenuating circs and at least one of them isn't going to know and I don't think the other is in enough of a position that he needs to know. I'm feeling kinda lost... :(


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